What is led strip light?

What is flexible led strip light?

Flexible led strip light is widely use lighting fixture around us . It it make by flexible pcb ,SMD LED ,resistance and other electronic components .Led strip light is very easy install and connect for long length.It can easy use for your home lighting and project lighting .

LED STRIP LIGHTLightstec is a Chinese led strip light manufacturer , we are doing led lighting business more than 8 years .We know about the led strip lights.So you can order from us or connect with us for suggestion.We can offer more than led strip lights . we offer meanwell driver,led connector,led wires,led dimmer,rgb and rgbw controller,led aluminum profile,led linear light,led panel light ,led floodlight,led sensor for strip light.We also offer services for your projects.Cut the led strip light in different length.Make waterproof led strip light in IP65 vision , IP67 vision.

Our led strip light have DC12V and DC24V , also we offer 220V vision.

Lightstec also offer technical support and installation tips for all your LED projects. You can have some message from our blog or send us mail. You’ll get some useful advises and answers to your LED projects.

Our led strips are available in a wide choice of wattage levels.That means you can have many brightness levels. And the led strip light is flexible enough to fit any place you will install the strip light.It is a widely use for many applications and projects.

LED strip light can use in home,hotel,restaurants,KTV,bars,displays,lightboxes,lighting wall,TV back light,stair lighting ,mirror lighting,kitchen lighting ,cabinet lighting,cars lighting.

Our led strip light have many colour can choices. Warm white(2200k,2400k,2700k,3000k,3500k),Nature white(4000k,4500k,5000k),cool white(5500k,6500k,7500k,8000k,10000k),red color led, yellow color led ,blue color led,amber color led,purple color led,IR led,pink color led,RGB color led, RGB+warm white ,RGB+Nature white ,RGB+cool white,RGB+3000K,RGB+4000K,RGB+6000K.And magic color change .

Led strip light is very easy to install .It have 3M tape back side . We normally offer 3M 9080A,and 3M VHB for your choose.

Where are LED strip lights used?

art of led linear lightLED strip light now use in many many projects,It is according what you design and how you install.

Led strip light can use in wide variety of applications, kitchen ,bathroom,hotels,clubs,bars,KTV,restaurants,shopping mall,home,stations,museum,hospital and for cars,steamer,airplane,train and so on .

And if you are a DIYer , you want to lighting you home. Install led strip light under your kitchen cabinets and cupboards lights ,led strip light is a very good solution. Easy install and effect is very good.

Lightstec offer waterproof vision led strip lights for your choose. IP65 vision for moist place, and IP67 vision for raining place.

What is color changing led strip light?

magic color led strip lightColor changing led strip light can use a controller to change the color of the led strip light. Then can create any color you want.

Normally , there 4 kinds of color change led strip light

1,RGB led strip light

The LED have 3 chips inside. Red color , green color,blue color.The led strip light can change and color ,including white color by RGB controller.

2,RGB+WHITE led strip light

Now there 2 ways for RGB+WHITE color led strip light. One is using one RGB led +one white color led .Then then RGBW controller the led strip light to created the color you want . The other way is using 4 chips in one led.The led have red/green/blue/white 4 chips in one . Also can control by RGBW controller. The white color can select CCT of 3000K/4000K/6000K.

3,CCT change led strip light

Recently,Some led strip light using 2 kinds of CCT led in one led strip light , 3000k+6000k.Then using a CCT controller can control the color temperature from 3000k to 6000k.

4,Magic color change led strip light

We can control the RGB led with IC then we can control every led in different color . Then the color change can be more effect. Sometimes this magic color change led strip light also name addressable led strip light . It is also need a control to change the color.

Color change led strip light are widely using in some projects. Bars , KTV,and some festival celebrate place used.Before you are using this led strip lights , you can ask lightstec for suggestion.

How many brightness level of led strip light I can choose?

Led strip light brightness level is controlled by the wattage of the led strip light.

Of course there are different kinds of led , such as SMD3528 LED, SMD5050 LED,SMD3014 LED,SMD2216 LED, SMD335 LED,SMD2835 LED, SMD5630 LED, SMD3030 LED. Many kinds.

But the lumen output per wattage is almost the same . Approx 100-150lm/wattage. Normally,Led strip light wattage is measured by meter. And the led strip light is make by different quantity led per meter. It have 30led/m.60led/m,72led/m,96led/m,120led/m,240led/m,300led/m.It is according to different and different design.If you have project ,you can send Lightstec mail for request. Our led strip light wattage from 1w/m to 30w/m.And also can make according to your request.

LED strip light brightness by wattage

1,Lightstec SMD3528-60LED/M-DC12V-4.8W/M is one of our best selling products.The wattage is not very big.But it have 480lm/m.It always using in some cabinet lighting,show box lighting , inside car lighting .Because of the low wattage ,so the heat is less.

2,Lightstec SMD5050-60LED/M-DC12V-14.4W/M ,this led strip light is the other best selling products.Because it have 3 chips in one led, so the brightness is 3 times then SMD3528.And it is not easy have problem because of 3 chips. SMD5050 is a very popular led for customer. It have RGB vision. Brightness approx 1200LM/M.

3,Lightstec the other popular led strip light is SMD2835-120LED/M-DC24V-18W/M.It’s brightness approx 1800lm.SMD2838 is a very good lighting source.Using with aluminum profile can create a very good led linear lighting .This led strip light installing in the cabinet replace the T5 tube.

How wide are LED strip light?

led-strip-light-type-and-densityLightstec led strip light have many different size. The PCB wide from 5mm ,8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,19mm.We also can accept customer made order. We can make the pcb size not width than 250MM.

For the aluminum pcb , the size will more than flexible led strip light . We welcome if you have project request.

How long are the led strip light per reels?

Normally , Lightstec offer led strip light in 5meter per reel.

For installing , we need to think about the voltage drop. For 12V led strip light , we suggest 5meter connect the power supplier. For DC24V led strip light , we suggest max length is 10 meter(2 reels).

For projects, we can cut the length for you . For some hotel projects, for example, the hotel have 100rooms, and the rooms using the similar design . So the material is normally the same. We can cut the different length for the rooms. And we can offer meanwell driver for the same.

Does Lightstec offer aluminum profile for LED strip lights?

Lightstec led aluminum profile materialLightstec offer many kinds of aluminum profile for led strip light.Aluminum profile can improve the vision of the led strip light,the items will looks more professional. And aluminum profile can also better for the heat radiation for the led strip light . For high wattage led strip light can give a better protect and let the led strip light using long time.

Lightstec have aluminum profile design for surface mounted ,recessed mounted , pendant profile ,corner profile, round profile, stair profile and flexible led aluminum profile.You can check this all in our website.

Lightstec offer aluminum profile in different size:1meter,2meter,3meter. And also can cut the length according to your request.

Can I cut LED strip lights myself?

You can cut the led strip light easily.All of our led strip light have a cutting mark in the pcb board.And we offer the led strip light connector for you . For professional suggestion, you have better using soldering for the project use. That will never have problem happen.After cut the led strip light , you need to check if the connection well. If not lighting , you have to check if you are cut in the right point.

What led strip light colour is available?

what-cct-we-can-doLightstec have range of colors led strip light for your choose. Red,yellow,blue,amber,green,pink,purple,warm white ,nature white , cool white,RGB,RGB+warm white , RGB+nature white , RGB+warm white.

For the white color ,we offer this by CCT, the CCT have 2100k,2400k,2700k,3000k,3500,4000k,4500k,5500k,6500k,7500k,10000k.

And if you have different of the color temperature , pls send us sample, we can check the sample if we can offer a special made.

What color rendering index is available for led strip light?

Lightstec now can offer CRI>70,CRI>80,CRI>90 vision. Now CRI>70 will make less and less. Our normal led strip light are CRI>80. CRI>90 is also get more and more orders.

Is LED strip light easy to install?

Led strip light is very easy to install. First ,connect the led strip light to the power supplier. Second,connect the power supplier to AC220V. Then the install is finish.

And if you have project need different length,connect with us then we can make the length according to your request.we also offer power supply, controller, dimmer, connector, wires.That is easy for your projects, you not need to find different items in different factory.

Does lightstec have waterproof vision led strip light ?

Lightstec offer 4 kinds of waterproof level led strip light

led strip light waterproof type and level -1


This is not waterproof led strip light. This led strip is widely using indoor. And using with aluminum profile.


This led strip light is protect by silicon glue on the surface. This vision ,the lighting of the led will more even. And this vision can protect moisture.


This led strip light is protect by silicon tube. It is a very popular waterproof vision.It can protect the dust and raining water.And it not have the glue in the surface of the led. So it will hot harm for the led strip light.


This led strip light is protect by silicon tube with glue inside. This vision waterproof is good for using in kitchen,bathroom,outside door.For raining is ok. But not drop into the water long time.

What is the difference between SMD3528 and SMD5050 ?

5050-vs-3528The led have difference item no. So what is the different between them ?

1,SMD3528  the size of this led is 3.5mm*2.8mm. SMD5050 the size of this led is 5.0mm*5.0mm

2,SMD3528 wattage is 0.07w/pcs. SMD5050 wattage is 0.21w/pcs.

How long of the warranty you offer for the led strip light ?

Lightstec offer 3 years for all of our led strip light. Lightstec have make business in this area 8+ years.And the founder are working in led lighting more than 10 years. So we give a strong support for our products.

Is Lightstec led strip light dimmable?

Lightstec led strip light can dimmable.

2.4G grouping single color dimming controller LT-2.4G-DD1
2.4G grouping single color dimming controller LT-2.4G-DD1

There are 3 methods you can use to dim all of our led strip light.

1,Dimmable controller.

That is a easy way, 220v -power supplier - dimmable controller-led strip light. You can connect like this then the led strip light can dim by dimmable controller.

2,Triac dimmable driver.

220v - triac dimmable driver - led strip light.

This only need to change the normal led driver to a triac driver. And it will have a dimmer you can use for dim.

3,0/1-10v dimmable driver

This is widely using in project.Because this can use one dimmer for a range led strip light . We can send you files if you have this project request.


DMX dimmable will use DMX controller.


DALI dimming also a very good methods using in projects. Normally for big project and need to control the light in a center controller.

How long of the delivery time for the led strip light?

Lightstec is a led strip light factory ,we normally stock material. Because different customer have different request. So we not stock or stock less products. We can make the product in a short time . So if you have orders, pls contact with our sales first.Then we will give you a confirm delivery time.

How do I install my LED strip lights into position?


Led strip light using for cabinet1,Driver wattage need 20% bigger than the strip light total wattage

2,Driver output voltage need fit for the strip light input . DC12V or DC24V .


1,Applies to metal, wood,plastic,stone ect ,smooth and clean surface.

2,Not applies to oil painting ,rough ,powder surface

Heat Sink

If using the strip light more than 20w/m , good metal , aluminum profile needed for heat


Are there different grades of led strip light?

There are many different grades led in the market.So the price is very different. Lightstec’s many customer are Engineering customer,They are making many projects. So Lightstec quality request need very high standard.We are using a very led,The led is pass LM-80 test. And all of our led strip lights are pass CE/IC/FCC. That is means our led strip lights are high standard for commercial using.

Can I connect the led strip light without soldering ?

2 pin strip to strip connector
2 pin strip to strip connector

Lighstec offer led connect for using . It is easy to connect. We offer wire-to-tape connector,tape-to-tape connector.And have different for 8mm PCB,10MM PCB.Have single color led controller, RGB led connector, RGBW led connector.

Lightstec is a quality Led strip light manufacturer in China .We welcome client all over the world. Contact with us if you need any help: [email protected]

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