Led Lights Catalog & Useful Report

Lightstec catalog 2019

Lightstec catalog 2016

Lightstec catalog 2013

Catalog:Led Strip Light,Led Aluminum Profile User Guide

Lightstec catalog is for client to know more about our products.We have many kinds of led lighting products.Such as flexible led strip light ,rigid led strip light .The led strip light is low voltage DC12V/24V. Led type from SMD 3528/5050/2835/3014/2216/5610/3030,etc. Led panel light,led aluminum profile,led floodlight,led down light,led cabinet light,led driver,led controller,led connector,etc.

LED LM-80 test report

LM-80 is for led light decay .From this report you can check our led products have a long-life guarantee.





Lightstec-5050RGB-LM80- test report

Lightstec SMD LED - 3 Step Mcadam VS 5 Step Mcadam VS 7 Step Mcadam

Lightstec using hight quality SMD led. All led are in 3 step Mcadam. The CCT control will good for project lighting.

Lightstec SMD LED - 3 Step Mcadam VS 5 Step Mcadam VS 7 Step Mcadam


Lightstec lighting sources SMD LED Data sheet

Lightstec using hight SMD Led as our lighting sources.







IC report for led strip light(Canada)



FCC report for led strip light (The United States)



IEC report for led driver

Lightstec led driver IEC

Lightstec kinds of led & led strip light

Lightstec -LED KINDS


Nano waterproof material

Parylene af4


LED Strip Light User Manuel

Strip user Manuel

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