10+ Led Aluminum Profile Ideas :How To Use Led Aluminum Profile In Lighting Design

How To Use Led Aluminum Profile? Design Ideas for Lighting Projects

2020 Ultimate guide for led aluminum profile ideas: Design Ideas for Lighting Projects

mini led aluminum extrusion with strip light 3LED aluminum profile is a very hot and very popular lighting material in lighting design. There are many design ideas of led aluminum profile in lighting projects.

LED aluminum profile also name LED aluminum channel, led extrusion, led profile housing, led strip light extrusion. It has many different sizes and different designs. Normally we offer 1 meter,2 meters, and 3-meter length. And we can offer custom-made services. We can cut the size for you.

LED strip light is a good partner of led aluminum profile. We normally using SMD2835-120LED/M-DC24V led strip light for the lighting source of LED aluminum profile.


1, LED aluminum profile design for wall lighting, home ceiling lighting

Many of our clients are from Canada,American,Dubai,UK,New Zealand,France,Gremany.They have many new ideas for using led aluminum channel in their lighting design.And made many amazing lighting projects all around the world.
Let’s see what led aluminum profile material we are using.
.Led aluminum profile
Led aluminum profile have many kinds for different function.
Surface mounted channel
Recessed aluminum profile
Pendant extrusion profile
Corner profile housing
Round led profile
Stair profile for strip light
Bendable led aluminum profile
Normally ,we are using bin size led aluminum profile such as Surface mounted ,Recessed and Pendant aluminum profile more for wall lighting and ceiling lighting.
.Led strip light
For project design request,different project need different brightness.And what use most is SMD2835-120LED/M-DC24-18W/M.And we can make according to request from 1W to 24w/m. Led need 120led/m,then dark dot can be not see from the led aluminum profile diffuser.
.Led power supply
We suggest using brand led power supply.Meanwell led driver is one of the good quality led power supply we have used.And for indoor use we suggest use LRS series.Out door use we suggest use LPV series.High performance cost.

You can see many of our client profile lighting project here.
They use the aluminum profile lighting in office lighting ,bedroom lighting design application,living room lighting,restaurant lighting,school lighting,kitchen lighting,bathroom lighting,hotel lighting,battery cabinet light,etc.Now lighting projects with led aluminum profile is in our life.
Let’s see how to use led aluminum profile light in our house.

2.Led aluminum profile lighting use in table lighting

Table lighting is a very popular design.Many of this design are using in commercial using.Such as company office,shopping mall checkout counter,hospital guiding service center,Airport reception desk,hotel reception,bus ticket center,railway customer service center table.
For the table lighting,some designs need color change.We can use RGB led strip light,RGBW led strip light,CCT change led strip light.Control them with a led controller.
Let’s see what material we need to use.
.Led aluminum profile
For table use,the led aluminum profile not need big size.Mini led aluminum profile and flat size led aluminum profile is suitable.
.Led strip light
.Led power supply
We have other post let you know:How to choose the right led power supply for your led strip light
.Led controller,led sensor
After material,we need to install them into the table.
Check the size of the led aluminum profile we need to cut.
Normally,the led aluminum extrusion material length is 3meter.We have to use cutting machine to cut them in the length requested.
.Cutting machine
There many kinds of cutting machine.Let’s show you how to cut the led aluminum profile.
Hand saw
If we not use often,we can use a handsaw.This is easy for use.But the cutting not professional












Electric saw
For cutting a bigger size aluminum profile, we have better using electric saw.Easy and better.Many electrician have this machine.













Bench(table) saw
For factory use,you need to cut the aluminum profile every day and need to cut the size exactly.You need to use a table saw.


Stick led strip light into the aluminum profile
After cutting the led aluminum extrusion,we stick the led strip light into the profile.And fix the diffuser.
Fix the profile in the table
Normally, the led aluminum profile have clips which is use to fix it.We need use screw to fix the clips first.Then install the led profile into the table.
Connect the led strip light wire to the power supply.Please make sure the power supply watts is 20% higher than the led strip light total watts.
Connect the led driver to the AC220V switch.Make sure the power turn off first.Check the led light.
Then the installation is finish.Not very difficult.
We can see from this video how to cut the aluminum profile:

3.Led aluminum profile use in stair lighting design application

Stairs are in every buildings.And it need to more safe in darkness.Especially in the place where people have lost of activity.Just like shopping mall,movie theater,auditorium,etc.
Because the stair is the place where people always tread. So the led light need very strong.That is why we need stair led aluminum profile.
Let’s see what material we need to use.
.Led strip light
.Stair led aluminum profile
.Led power supply
Material is simple.For the led strip light,we don’t need high watts,Normally,people use 4.8w/m led strip light for lighting.It is in every step.When installation, we need to think about

How to deal with the light leakage of led linear light

We can see from this video, how to install led strip light with led aluminum profile in stairs.

4. Led aluminum profile light using in shop shelf

When we go to book store by books ,the shelf is using led lighting.When we go to shoes store by shoes ,the shelf also using led lighting with led aluminum profile.
Led aluminum profile not light the T5 tube,the tube only have few kinds of size,such as 1ft,2ft,3ft,4ft.But the led aluminum profile can cut any size you want to design.
For the shelf size is different,so led aluminum profile lighting is very good for shelf lighting.
The shelf is easy touch by people.So safe is very important. Led strip light most is DC12V and DC24V,this is safe for people.
For shelf using ,we can use ultra-thin led aluminum profile.Such as LT-08,LT-1612.
After install the led strip light, People can not see the led dot from the led aluminum profile diffuser.That is better for people check the goods under led lighting.
Let’s see what material we need to use for shelf lighting.
.Led aluminum profile
For the book shelf lighting, it is better using mini led aluminum profile.Not very big,and it easy mounting the profile channel under the shelf.You just need screws to fix it under the shelf.
.Led tape light
.led power driver
Let’s see How is the retail store install the led strip light before and after.

5.Led aluminum profile light use in kitchen cabinet

A beautiful kitchen offers an interesting in cooking.Women are like a bright and clean kitchen.Just like my wife,she use many time in kitchen,breakfast,lunch,dinner.so we have better let the kitchen looks more bright and clean. Using a aluminum cabinet light is a good choose.And this is easy for us to do.No matter DIY for ourself or let professional to design aluminum profile led light in our kitchen.
Let’s look what material we need to prepare.
.Led aluminum profile
Normally,we install led aluminum profile light in the cabinet/under the cabinet/around the cabinet.We not need big size led aluminum channel.Ultra thin led aluminum extrusion is a good choose.It won’t take up a lot of space. And it looks good.LT-1612 and LT-1103 is a popular led aluminum profile our client choose.
.Led strip light
Strip light need high brightness.Normally we use LT-5050W60R-W12.This is 14.4w/m led strip light.And LT-2835W120R-W12.This is 24W/m led strip light.The output is enough for kitchen cabinet illumination.
.Led driver
We use Meanwell led power supply.Indoor use we suggest LRS series.It is a very good quality led driver and high cost performance.

6.Led aluminum profile use in advertisement signboard

Advertisement using many led strip lights. Aluminum is a very good material for heat dissipation and lighting.And aluminum profile structure is strong.And with silicon glue it can be waterproof.
Let’s see what material can be use in advertisement.
.Led Aluminum profile
.Led strip light
.Power supply
Advertisement display box need colourful and don’t want to repair it.So led strip light is a good choose.We can use SMD5050 rgb led strip light with a controller then can change color.We have many kinds of made in China led strip light for your choose.

7.Led strip light use in jewelry display case design application

We have made led aluminum profile for jewelry display since 2008.From the profile shape,the better is V and U shape.In this way,people not see the led dot when they see the jewelry.
Different jewelry need different CCT led strip light.
For diamond,silver jewelry,platinum jewelry,this have better use 7000-10000K CCT led strip light.
For gold jewelry,it have better use 2100-2700K led strip light.
For bowlder,jade,it have better use 7000-1000K led strip light.
The material we need to use is simple.
.led aluminum channel
.led strip light
.led power supply
Most of the jewelry display case is glass.We need to make a nice looking.Normally,we can not use screw and clips.We suggest using UV glue to fix the profile.Let’s check the installation process.Then you will know how to install the led aluminum profile in the jewelry display case.
.First,cut the led aluminum profile in the length we need.
.Second, fix the led strip light into the led aluminum channel.Make sure soldering the right connector and wires.
.Third,Apply the UV glue to the aluminum profile surface.
.Fourth,fix the aluminum channel with tape(this tape will tear after the led aluminum fix stronger with the UV glue).And make sure the aluminum surface which have UV glue stick to the glass surface closeness.
.Fifth,using the UV lamp to illuminate the UV glue.After few min, the UV glue will stick the led aluminum strong to the glass surface.
.Sixth, wiring the led strip light with power supply. Check all the connection is correct.
.The end,Tear the tape we use to fix the led aluminum profile.And clean all things.

You can learm more from this post:Led aluminum profile user guide

8.Led aluminum profile can use in furniture
Led aluminum profile can use in office lighting
Led aluminum profile can use in modern decoration
Led aluminum profile can use for DIY lighting

As we show the project we above.Led aluminum profile can use in many place and it is very good lighting material.
You will see from the project,some of them using pendant installation.They are using handing wire from the ceiling suspend the profile light.
Some of them using screw fix the profile in the wall.
And some of them cut a gap and recessed the profile channel in the ceiling.
The profile can cut and assembly to any modelling according to the design ideas.
Now,most of this material is using in indoor illumination.Lightstec clients’ are using aluminum profile for many projects.We have other post show you the photos of the projects.you can check the following post to see the effection.

9.More application project photos

led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec00002
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec00002
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec00002
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec00002
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
led aluminum profile project ideas-lightstec
How to use led aluminum profile with led strip light?

Led aluminum profile and led strip light are linear design.They are very good to fit each other in lighting design.Led aluminum profile is a professional design,it can give led strip light a perfect outside housing and very good protect.

Led strip light have 3M tape backside and it can easy stick into led aluminum profile.After that you can connect to the led power supply then it can light.

How many kinds of led aluminum profile can you offer?
How many color can you offer for led aluminum profile?

Normally,we offer silver(oxidation) color, white painting and black painting.

The other kinds of color need to custom-made.

How to cut the led aluminum profile I want?

When we are in lighting project,we need to cut the aluminum profile fit for the request.So how to cut the led extrusion in length ?

If in factory ,we suggest using professional cutting machine.That will cut the profile exactly and nicety looking.

If you are in the working place,a hand saw will convenience.

We have a post show you how to cut:Cut Led Aluminum Profile

Lightstec is a China led aluminum profile manufacturer.We can offer you many kinds of quality aluminum channels and with factory price.We have CE/ROHS for our led aluminum profiles which is approved by market.Welcome to our factory.


You can see our other post for  Led Strip Light Ideas


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