2400K, 3000K, 4500, 6500K
High Color Rendering Index(CRI>80 CRI>90)
High Brightness: 2400lm/m for Single-Line LED Strip
Input DC12V, DC24V Constant Voltage Version
LED Brand: Epistar 5630 LED

Professional 5630 LED Light Strip Manufacturer

Lightstec is one of the leading SMD5630 LED strip light manufacturers in China. Lightstec 5630 LED strip light series is hight brightness led strip light. 150ma,50-60lm each led. Ra80 and Ra90 were available. DC12V and DC24V vision. 60led/m 24W LED strip light is widely used in hotels, shopping malls, kitchen illumination. The customized length and customized design are warmly welcome. Check this post: led strip light CRI & Brightness

Model No LT-5630WW60R-W12 LT-5630WW60R-W24
SMD Type Epistar 5630 Epistar 5630
Input voltage DC12V DC24V/
LED Q'ty 60LEDs/m 60LEDs/m
Power/m 12W/M 24W/M
Max current / LED 60mA 60mA
SMD LED spacing 16.6mm 16.6mm
Lumen / m 2000-2400LM 2000-2400LM
CRI(Ra) >90Ra
Minim cuttable length 50mm (3LEDs 12V) 100mm (6LEDs 24V)
PCB Width 10mm 10mm
Energy grade A A
Warranty 3years 3years
Working hour 30000h 30000h
Illumination Angle 120° 120°
Working temperture .-20℃~+45℃ .-20℃~+45℃

Types of 5630 LED Strip Lights

Simple compare technical list

Model No LED Q'ty
LED Color
Max Power
Min cuttable
Max Current
PCB Width
LT-5630WW60R-W24 60 2400-8000K, red,green,blue 24 24 100mm 16.66mm 150ma 10mm
LT-5630WW60R-W12 60 2400-8000K, red,green,blue 24 12 50mm 16.66mm 150ma 10mm

5630 LED Strip Light Accessories

Non-Waterproof  Types Led Strip Light Connector 

+ 2pin-Corner- single color connector


L-2pin-Corner-single color connector

T-2pin-Corner-single color connector

2pin-double-head-Connector single color


2pin-Wireless-connector n8bb


Waterproof  Types Led Strip Light Connector 

2pin-Wireless-connector single color waterproof


LED-waterproof-DC-connector waterproof


How To Choose SMD5630 Led Strip Light? (The Definitive Buying Guide)

What is SMD5630 led strip light?


SMD5630 led strip light is made by SMD5630 led and surface mounting in a flexible PCB board.

Normally, SMD5630 led strp light have 60led/m,120led/m.DC12V and DC24V available.

And in the market have SMD5730 led strip light. That is almost the same. Only the size 1mm different. This can use the same PCB.

What are the benefits of SMD5630 led strip light?

SMD5630 Led strip light 12v SMD5630 led is 0.5w/pcs and the brightness is 55-60LM pcs. That means the lumen output is higher than SMD3528 led, SMD5050 led.
So we can use SMD5630 led strip light in the place where need higher lumen place.
In another hand, higher power means the heat output also high. We normally request clients using the aluminum profile as a heat sink. Otherwise, SMD5630 led strip light will easily damage because of the higher heat.

How to install SMD5630 led strip lights in our home kitchen?

Now many homes are using SMD630 led strip light to light. To install a led strip light is easy for us. Here we can find a post in WIKIHOW to know how to install led strip light at home.

Step 1: Measure the length of SMD5630 led strip light you need

measure how is the lenght of SMD5630 led stirp light you needmeasure how is the lenght of SMD5630 led stirp light you need

Step 2:Cut the SMD5630 led strip light the length you need


Step 3:Connect SMD5630 led strip light with quick connector


soldering a cable to the SMD5630 led strip light if you don't have a fast connector

solder the cable to the strip light

Step 4:Clean the surface when you are installing your SMD5630 led strip light

clean the surface where you install SMD5630 led strip light

Step 5:Install your SMD5630 led strip light to your chosen surface


connect your SMD5630 led strip light to your chosen surface

Step 6: Connect your SMD5630 led strip light to the led power supply via the quick connector or wire.

connect your SMD5630 led strip light with power supply


What is the different from SMD5630,SMD5050,SMD3528?

We can see the different from the table as below:

SMD5630 vs SMD5050 vs SMD3528 LED

LED Dimensions Chip Surface Area Lumen Flux Power Draw
3528 LED 3.5 mm x 2.8 mm 9.8 mm² 6-8 lumens 20-30 mA @ 2.8-3.4 Volts
5050 LED 5.0 mm x 5.0 mm 25 mm² 16-22 lumens 60 mA @ 2.8-3.4 Volts
5630 (5730) LED 5.6 mm x 3.0 mm 16.8 mm² 45-50 lumens 150 mA @ 2.8-3.4 Volts

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