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Lightstec® is one of the best professional LED downlight manufacturer in China.
We have many kinds of led downlights.
And downlight accessories
Including Power supply,Power card,Sensors and connect wires.

Commercial LED Downlight Manufacturer

Founded in 2008, Lightstec has become one of the tops LED downlights manufacturers in China.

Till now, lightstec products including recessed mounted led downlights, surface mounted downlights, square surface mounted downlights, round downlights, hanging led downlights, can led downlights, etc.

To make the best quality led downlights, we focus on each detail of the production process. We design professional LED downlight parts, using brand LED Chips such as Cree, Philips, Bridgelux, Citizen, Osram, Lumileds, etc. We are using high-quality led drivers such as Eaglerise, Philips, Osram, Lifud, Agt, Aidimming, KeG power, Boke driver, etc.

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What is an LED downlight?

LED downlights are illuminates that install into a ceiling. They can offer brightness to the room.
LED downlights are developed basics of traditional downlights. After a few years of development, they have new aluminum housing that is better for heat dissipation.LED downlights are using high-quality lighting sources.Such as Cree, Osram, Bridgelux,Lumenmax,etc.This brand of LED chips will offer high-quality lighting and make the downlight life longer.


A Guide To Lightstec LED Downlights Range

How many types of LED downlights?

LED downlights to have many different types. According to the installation method, LED downlight can be divided into the following types:

Recessed mounted LED downlight

A recessed LED downlight can install where has suspended ceiling. The recessed mount downlight has a wide edge which is bigger than the installation hole. The recessed downlights have spring clips. Which is easy mount the downlight in the ceiling.
LED downlight is widely used at the home, offices, hotels, shopping malls, exhibition halls, etc.

Surface-mounted LED downlight

Surface-mounted LED downlights don’t have a wide edge. A surface-mounted downlight is mainly installed on the ceiling.
The surface-mounted LED downlight can be divided into round surface mounted downlight and square surface mounted downlight.
The surface-mounted downlight normally makes of aluminum. Aluminum is good for heat dissipation.

Can LED downlight

This led downlight just light “CAN”. That is why we call them can downlights.
Can downlight normally is surface mounted in the ceiling. It is easy to install and it can fit any new lighting design.

Hanging LED downlight

In some places, we are using hanging LED downlights. The difference from surface-mounted downlight is the hanging downlight has wires.
Hanging downlight is widely use the above dining table, task light, library lighting.

Pendant downlights


Adjustable LED downlight

The adjustable downlight can adjust the downlight angle. In some place, it need focus lighting. Adjustable downlight can focus the place where it need increase illumination.
LED downlight can be adjusted widely angle, some of the special designs can be adjusted 360°.

Which LED chips do you use for LED downlight?

LED downlight structure including housing, LED chips and LED driver. Good led chips will give LED downlight long life.
We use brand LED chips such as Bridgelux, Cree, Philips, Osram, Citizen, etc.


Which LED chips is good for LED downlight? SMD VS COB

From the photo, we know the difference between SMD and COB.
SMD chips normally are smaller than COB chips.
COB chip's power is bitter than SMD chips.
COB chips can provide a better light source. The light beam angle of the COB downlight can be controlled. We can select different chrome reflectors then can make the light beam angle narrower or wider.
SMD chips can make use of the different sizes of PCB. The SMD chips can offer a bigger beam angle. That means you can use SMD downlight where it needs a wide beam angle. Such as living rooms, bedrooms, reading rooms, etc.


How many input voltages do downlights have?

When we use a downlight, we need to know the input voltage of the led downlight.
220VAC LED downlight
These downlights are normally used DOB (driver on board) light sources. The downlight doesn’t have a separate driver. It is simple and this is normally used for some economics-led downlight.
110VAC LED downlight
This is normally for the North American market. They need input voltage 90-120VAC.
90-265VAC LED downlight
We use brand-led drivers such Philips, Lifud, Osram, Eaglerise
12V LED downlight
24V LED downlight


Are LED downlights safe?

All the downlights need to pass the safety standard. You need to follow the user menu then LED downlights are safe. Don’t use indoor downlights for outdoor use. Because indoor downlights are not waterproof. If waterproof raining the downlights, it will damage.

Do I need downlight covers?

The traditional halogen bulbs are very hot when we turn on the light. It requests a downlight cover when we install it in the ceiling.
The fire-rated LED downlight is thought about this condition when we design. The led downlight is less heat than halogen bulbs.LED downlight heat dissipation is better than halogen light. The fire-rated led downlight has a cover by itself. So they don’t need covers.
Noticed: when you install a downlight, make sure don’t have any inflammable material surround the downlight.

downlight covers

How many types of housing colors can you make?

Normally we offer black downlight housing and white downlight housing.
The other kinds of color we can custom make. This need confirms samples and it will have MOQ.

Recessed downlight

How to replace the LED bulb if the downlight damage?

If the led downlight chips damage, you can check with your supplier.
The led chips need to fit the driver.
If the led chips are not fit for the driver, they will damage immediately.
We can offer a led bulb and led downlight driver separately. In this way, you can replace the damaged part quickly.



How many sizes of downlights are in the market?

There are many sizes of downlights in the market.
1inch, 1.5inch,2inch, 2.5inch, 3inch,3.5inch,4inch.
This is the standard size of the downlight. And some factories can custom make different sizes of downlight.
When you are cutting the hole, you need to check the downlight user menu.

size and wattage of downlight

Why my downlight flickering?

In many cases, no matter you turn on or turn off the led downlight, it still flickering. So many people will ask why is the downlight flashing?
There are many reasons.
1, The led chips damage.
Sometimes, the led chips use too long time or the led chips quality is not good enough. Then the led downlight will be flickering after you are using few months.
2, The led driver damage
The led driver has many parts inside, if some of the parts are damaged, the driver will not work. We need to change to a new one.
3, Wrong connection.
The led downlight has L & N wiring. We can connect them, but if we are wrong connect L TO N, N TO L. The driver has a parts name “capacitor”. When we turn off the switch in “N”, that means the driver still connects to the “L” wiring. The capacitor will have electric energy. When the electric energy charge enough, then it will “electro-discharge”. The LED will be flashing.
So when we install the downlight, we need to connect the right L&N.

How to install the LED downlight?

LED downlight can surface mounted in the ceiling or recessed into the ceiling.
When we install the surface-mounted downlight, we have to use screws to fix the fixture in the ceiling. Then we use screws to fix the lamp to the fixture.
When we install the recessed downlight, we have to fold the spring clips. Then we put the spring clips into the hole we cut. Then release the spring clips, the downlight is recessed into the ceiling well.

How to import good quality downlights from China?

No matter you are buying led downlights for your home lighting or you want to source good quality downlight for business, you need to know how to select good quality downlights.

China has many factories that are making LED downlights. If you want to do downlight business, you need to sourcing downlights from China.

Here are some tips for you to select good quality downlights.


1. Choose the right CCT.

When we buy the downlight, we need to tell the supplier which color temperature we want.
There is 3 color temperature we use most in our home.
3000K- warm white, 4000k- natural white, 6000k- cool white
Warm white color normally use in bedroom downlight, dining room downlight.
Natural white color normally use in office downlight, living room downlight, bathroom downlight.
Cool white color normally use in task light, commercial lighting, shopping mall lighting.


2. Choose a higher CRI

CRI, Colour rendering index is a measurement of the light quality. The higher CRI, the better the light quality it is.
In the very beginning, the CRI is approx RA60. As technology develops, the CRI is now up to RA90 and RA95.
In most cases, CRI80 costs are lower than CRI90. CRI80 led chips are best for most cases. The led light is good and brightness will be higher than CRI90.
For some higher request cases, we can use CRI90 led chips.


3. Choose a better heat sink downlight

The LED light is very easily damaged if doesn’t have effective heat dissipation. When we select a downlight, we can easily know if the downlight quality is good or bad. The heavier heat sinks the downlight is, the better quality it is.
Some factories use a very small heat sink, which will lower the cost. But it is not the way to make a good quality LED downlight.
When you feel the downlight is very light. Then you need to think about if that is a cheap quality product.


4. Choose a better power driver

LED chips can last for a long time. In many cases, the led downlight fails completely within a year. When we check the downlight, we find the cause is usually the cheap power supply.
There are many good brand-led drivers in the market. When we buy the downlight, we need to check if they use brand-led drivers. Such as Eaglerise, Philips, Osram, Lifud, Agt, Aidimming, KeG power, Boke driver, etc.
This brand power driver is widely used in the market, Their quality is checked by many lighting projects.

led downlight driver

5. Choose a better LED chips

Brand LED chips are the key importance of the LED downlight. We can select brand-led chips such as Cree, Philips, Bridgelux, Citizen, Osram, Lumileds, etc. And some Chinese brand LED chips are also workable. But for some single color, just like the white, warm white color. I suggest you are select the brand COB chips.


6. Find a better LED downlight supplier

In the beginning, maybe you don't know how to find a reliable LED downlight supplier from China.

You can use keywords: “China LED downlight supplier”, "China LED downlight manufacturer", "LED downlight manufacturers in China".

You can find many factories from Google. Then you can check the products on their website. If some of them fit your request, then you can send them an email for more information.

Try small order first, then bulk order. In this way, you can check their product quality.

China led downlight manufacturer from google


Lightstec is one of the best LED downlight manufacturers in China. When you are sourcing an LED downlight, these five differences are easier to check. Right color temperature, right CRI, use brand led chips, brand power supply, and good heat sink. The LED downlight quality will be good.

If you need some LED downlight, pls contact us.


Quickly Samples

Lightstec can provide samples of the LED Downlights for customers to better decide what products are needed for his projects.

LOGO Printing

Customized LOGO, date, batch number, etc. can be printed on LED downlight surface.

Special Accessories

Relevant cables, connectors, LED chips, power, and other special accessories are available for your projects.

Customized Length & Color

Lightstec is proficient in the color consistency of led downlights, we keep one bin and make the customized led downlight for your projects.

Certificates & Testing Reports

Lightstec LED downlights have CE, RoHS certificates, and we can profile LM80, IES, Integrating sphere test reports

Prompt Delivery & Economic Freight

1-2weeks for regular downlights. Shipment by sea or air is based on your requirement.

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