21 Led Strip Light Ideas :How To Use Led Strip Light In Lighting Design

How To Use Led Strip Lights? Design Ideas for Lighting Projects

Led strip light is a very easy using decorative lighting materials.People are very happy using this material when they are want to lighting their houses, cars and many things they want to light.

The effect is awesome!

This is the best post show you 21 ideas of how to use and where use led strip light in lighting design.

Led strip light have many kinds. Single color, CCT change ,RGB led strip light , RGBW led strip light and Magic color led strip light.We have better know how to use this strip lights first.Check this PDF file:LED STRIP LIGHT WIRING GUIDE,only need 10 second you will know how to use all led strip light.Very easy!

And in this post,there are many professional will show you their experience here.It deserve your attention.

Then,Let’s begin!

1,Led Strip Light Use in Wall lighting ideas

Wall lighting is depend on different place using different CCT.
Normally ,form home using ,warm white (2700-3500k).For commercial lighting Nature white(4000-6000k).
Lighting wall is not a difficult job.Let’s check what material we need to use.Any problem when you use,you can check this post:63 FAQ of Led Strip Light

.led strip light
As my experience,SMD5050-60LED/M-DC24V AND SMD2835-120LED/M-DC24V is the most popular led strip light using in wall lighting.
Power 14.4w/m,if need more brightness 18w/m

How to decorate your home with led strip light?

Led strip light is a ideas lighting material.You can use led strip light decorate the ceiling,the desk, under cabinet,stairs,etc.Any place you can think about it.

Normally,we use warm white for our bedroom and nature white for our living room.That will let people feel better.This post will show you how we can use strip light around us!

How to use RGB strip light light up our home?

RGB led strip light can change colors with led controller.And with DMX512 system can be use in big lighting project.

You can use RGB strip light to light up your TV back,KTV room or kitchen cabinet,etc.


How to install led strip light under cabinet?

Led strip light is easy to use.When you install the strip light under cabinet,you need to prepare some material.

Strip light

Power supply

scissor/soldering iron/wires

You have to connect the led strip light to power supply.Here is a post let you know to detail:

How to install led strip light under a kitchen cabinet at home?

. Led power supply
We suggest use brand led power supply.Good quality and long life using.
We need to check the total watts of the led strip light first.
That is easy!
If the place need 20 meter SMD5050-60LED/M-DC24V,Then the total watts is 20meter*14.4w/m=288w.
Normally,we suggest using 80% power of the power supply.That means the power supply need 288w/80%=360w.
We have Meanwell power supply LRS-350W-24V,That is fit for this request.

You need to connect the 220V to power supply and from the power supply to led strip light.
Sometimes you cut the led strip light, then you need the fast connector.Easy for you to connect the strip light to driver.


Let's see following video for how to use led strip light.

2.Led Strip Light use in TV backside ideas


Install a led strip light to our backside of our TV is a simple job.But it will give us a wonderful feeling.The vision is very nice.

For TV using,we need to create a colourful effect.So we suggest using RGB led strip light.Let’s check what material we need to us.

.SMD 5050 RGB Led strip light

First we need to count how many RGB led strip light we used.TV is not like wall lighting.It not need many meter led strip light.Normally small TV need less,Big one need more. Using 3-5meter is enough.

.Remove RGB controller

Remove led controller is easy for you to change the color.Just like the TV controller.

.Power adapter

We need to count the total watts of the RGB led strip light.Normally,SMD5050RGB-60LED/M-DC24V-14.4W. If the TV need 3 meter,then 3meter*14.4w=43w.43w/0.8=54w.


RGB led strip light is not difficult to install.You can check from our:Led Strip Light Wiring Guide

3.Truck Lighting, car lighting ideas


A truck is a big things for us.Give led strip light for our truck is a amazing.And it will more safe for others when we driving around the city in night.

Installing a led strip light under car is not difficult.You don’t need a professional to install it.You have to know some wiring knowledge and fix it to the bed of the truck.

Let’s see what material we need for lighting our truck.

.led strip light

Notice: Normally the battery in the truck is DC12V,so we need to use DC12V led strip light.The strip light need waterproof IP65/IP67 is needed.

.zip tie

This is use to fix the strip light in truck.

.electric wires

So easy.

When we install the strip light.

First,we need to clean car.Remove any dirt on the place you want to install the led strip light.

Second,Because the truck have a battery, so we disconnect the battery negative.That will save for us to work.

Third,fix the led strip light to the place where you want to install and with zip tie to fix it stronger.

The end, connect the strip light with a switch to the battery positive and negative.

4.Led strip light use in Christmas Tree design ideas


When Christmas day coming,we buy Christmas trees.And using led strip light to decorate it.It is very beautiful.
That is easy for you to install the led light at home.
Let’s see what material we need to use.
.Magic led strip light

Magic Color Led Strip Lights

.Magic led controller
.Led adapter
You don’t need very professional for electronic.Just following the menu and connect them together.Sometimes the controller have a panel you can select model and select color.
When your friends come to your home, this will a very good topic to show them.

5.Led strip light use in theatre design ideas

When we go to the theatre,we will see some amazing led lighting there.
First function is for amazing design ideas,Second is for safe to people.
Let’s see what material we need to use.
.Led strip light
According to design,this can use different kinds of led strip light.The most is SMD 5050-60LED/M,and SMD 2835-120LED/M. The color have many kinds ,Red,Amber,Blue,Green and warm white,nature white ,cool white.
.led aluminum profile
Led strip light use with led aluminum profile can create many amazing design.You can check some projects in this post:https://www.lightstec.com/led-linear-lights-projects/
.Power supply
You can count the total watts of the strip light,then you know how many power supply you need to use.And some project use RGB led strip light.This need RGB controller.

If you need some test report and catalog, you can check here:Catalog&Report

6.Led strip light in table design ideas


We can use led strip light around the table, we can use strip inside table and we can use strip light under the table.
From our Led Strip Light Wiring Guide,The we know it is easy for us to use led strip light.But I think this need to talk with your furniture designer. This have better design in the table.If your table is already finish.Then you have no place to install the led strip light around the table.But you can use under the table and inside the table.
Let’s see what material we need to use.
.Led strip light
.Power supply
.Led Sensor,Touch sensor
We can see a video here:

7.Led strip light use in stair design ideas

Can you imagine in a dark night, you are coming downstairs.The stair is dark.That is not safe.
Now you can see from the photo.It is cool and beautiful.Why not do this in your home?
Let’s see what material we need to use.
.Led strip light
In home use , I suggest use warm white led strip light.SMD5050-30LED/M-DC12V,and SMD3528-60LED/M-DC12V this is 2 kinds of led strip light use more.Not need high brightness.
.Led aluminum profile
Some client would like to use aluminum profile,That can protect the led strip light and the vision is better.
.Power supply
We suggest using brand led power supply.Meanwell power supply is high quality.Not need worry about the quality.
We can see the video how our client use the led strip light in stair.

8.Led strip light using in supermarket goods shelf

In supermarket ,People can touch the sheet.Led strip light is low voltage,DC12V/24V.That is safe for people.Supermarket goods shelf using many led strip light for lighting.That can show the goods better.And people can easy read the information in the goods.People would like the goods then know more information.We have design a Shenzhen led strip light factory lighting project before.Let’s see what material we need to use.
.Led strip light
This need higher brightness.Then people can see the goods more clearly.
We suggest using SMD2835-60LED/M-DC12V and SMD5050-60LED/M-DC12V.This 2 kinds are using more.The brightness is similar.But SMD2835 led strip light will more competitive price.
.Led aluminum profile
Led aluminum profile is better for the heat dissipation for the led strip light.And led aluminum profile can protect the led strip light.Avoid people touch the led strip light.
.Led power driver

9.Led strip light us in PC design ideas


Many Programmers and IT employees, they need to face the computer all day long.And some of them would like to make their workstation different.

Led strip light is a good material for their choose.

We can choose RGB led strip light and Magic led strip light.This color will change according to your choose.

Let’s see what material we need to use.

.SMD 5050RGB LED strip light and Magic led strip light

This is according to your choose.This 2 kind led strip light is perfect to use.

.Rgb controller and Magic led controller

According the the strip light you use.You can choose Rgb led strip light controller and Magic led strip light controller

.Power adapter

The PC have own power supply,but we suggest you are using separate power adapter.In this way you not need to connect the power to the PC.That is safe for your PC.

We can see from the video how to use the led strip light in our workstation.

10.led strip light use in motorcycle design ideas


That is amazing! Your motorcycle is different from others’.

But the material is simple.you only need led strip light.For color change,you need a led controller.

If you want to install the led strip light in your motorcycle,you have better ask some guy know motorcycle better or do this in motorcycle shop. They can help you.Of course,if you know the motorcycle better,you can DIY for yourself.

Let’s see what material we need to use.

.RGB led strip light and Magic led strip light

.RGB controller and Magic controller.

All this need DC12V.Because the battery in the motorcycle is DC12V.


11.Led strip light use in Mirror design ideas


Every day, we need to clear and make up ourself.We need a mirror.we need more brightness when we use mirror.Also,we can see in some starred hotel, the bathroom and the mirror are using led strip light for lighting.

Install a led strip light in mirror is an easy job.We can check from the below video,That is easy for a girl DIY the mirror.The effect is very good.

Let’s check what material we need to prepare.

.Led strip light

.Led adapter

If you are using this at home and DIY for yourself.You can buy this material from Amazon.That is easy for you.

If you are a furniture factory,you can talk with us.We can offer you high quality led strip lights and quality adapter.

12.Led strip light use in Machine design ideas


You can see from the photo.This is a JUKI sewing machine.And it is clearly show that the sewing machine using led strip light for lighting.

When we use a machine,the first important thing is safety use the machine.So lighting is a very important thing we need to do.

Let’s see what material we need to prepare.

.led strip light

We need high brightness led strip light.so we suggest use SMD5050-60LED,SMD2835-120LED/M.This 2 kinds led strip light can give us more brightness.The color temperature have better use 4000k-6500k .

.power adapter

13.Led strip light use in living room ceiling design ideas


Led strip light can use all around in our house design application.We can use led strip light in our Garage, porch, TV hall, dining room, reception room, Chinese kitchen, western kitchen, breakfast room, toilet, bedroom, master bedroom, study, room, family cinema, balcony, cloakroom, dressing room, workers' room, storage room, factory warehouse, tea room, entertainment room, leisure area, fitness area.You can not imagine how it could be used in so many places.

Let’s see what material we need to prepare.

.Single color led strip light,RGB led strip light,CCT led strip light

.Dimmer,CCT controller,RGB controller

.Power supply

14.Led strip light use in kitchen cabinet design ideas


Kitchen is one of the place where we spend long time every day there.We are there for our breakfast,lunch,dinner,night snack.

So that is why we must care the lighting in our kitchen.Nice design application.

Let’s see what material we need for our kitchen lighting

.led strip light

.power adapter

Where we want to install the led strip light in the kitchen?

We can install the led strip light under the cabinet,over the cabinet and in the cabinet.

15.Led strip light use in jewelry display case design ideas


Jewelry is valuables.Good lighting will let the jewelry looks more luxury.Good design application.

Best lighting will increase sales.So we try our best let our store lighting more better.People in a good lighting store feel better.In this way people will easy buy something there.

For jewelry display case,there are many professional designing and making case in your local market.I am not suggest you are doing this by yourself.But you can buy material and let professional install for you.That will perfect.

Let’s see what material we need to prepare.

.led strip light

.led aluminum profile

.power supply

Different jewelry need different led lighting.For diamond,silver jewelry,platinum jewelry,this have better use 7000-10000K CCT led strip light.For gold jewelry,it have better use 2100-2700K led strip light.For bowlder,jade,it have better use 7000-1000K led strip light.

16.Led strip light use in furniture design ideas


Let’s how many furniture we are using around us.Many amazing design application.

1.Bedroom furniture: bed, bedside table, dressing table, makeup stool, wardrobe, bed end stool, dressing mirror, etc.
2. Living room furniture : sofa, coffee table, side (corner), bar cabinet.
3.Restaurant furniture : dining table, dining chair, wine cabinet, sideboard and so on.
4.Study furniture : bookcases, desks, sundries (shelves), magazine racks, lounge chairs, side chairs, etc.
5.Kitchen furniture: cabinets, cupboards, storage shelves.
6.Bathroom furniture: hand washing cabinet (table), storage rack
7.Outdoor furniture : umbrellas,metal or wooden tables, stools, lounge chairs, etc.
8.office furniture:Executive desk,chair, table bookcase, sofa, coffee table, corner.
9.hotel furniture : wardrobe,closet,bed,bedside table,lounge chair,bar, bar chair,wine cabinet, class desk, class chair, sofa, coffee table, side and so on.
You can not imagine there are so many furniture around us and all of this can use led strip to light.That will may our live more convenience and beautiful.
Let’s see what material we can use.
.Single color led strip light,RGB led strip light,Magic led strip light
.Dimmer,RGB controller,RGBW led controller,CCT led controller,Magic led controller
.Led aluminum profile
.Power supply

17.Led strip light use in camping design ideas


When you are out side for camping.Lighting is very important.Around us is a car.And car battery is DC12V.So DC12V led strip light is very good for camping lighting.

What we need is very simple. Only need led strip light.

And you have better ask a professional to make a switch and a connector in your car.

Then when you want to connect led strip light.

First, turn off the battery.

Second,connect the led strip light from your car connector.

Third,turn one the switch.

Then it is ok.

Suggestion:For the light is use battery.so we don’t need big power led strip light.5050-60led/m-14.4w.You need 1 meter is ok.Then your battery can use longer.Of course, sometimes you need to start your car.Then can recharge the battery.

18.led strip light use in bridge,building design ideas


In the city,when we outside at night.you can see the building bridge are lighting by led light.Of course,some of them are using led strip light.

When use led strip light outside.It need waterproof.IP67 is better.In this way the led strip light can use longer.

The material is as following.

.Waterproof led strip light

.Waterproof led controller

.Waterproof led power supply

Of course , this need professional to do.That is a huge project.You need to arrange many things.we here just let you know what material to make some many amazing projects.

19.Led strip light use in boat design ideas


Led strip light also using in boat.

First,It make the boat looks more beautiful

Second,It will more safe when sailing at night.

For the boat is in the sea lifetime.So the led strip light need waterproof.We suggest using IP67 led strip light.But we suggest not drop the led strip light into the waterproof,in this way the led strip light can use longer.

Material is 2 kinds.

.waterproof led strip light

.waterproof led power supply

20.led strip light use in your bike design ideas

led strip light use in your bike

Cycling is a healthy lifestyle.Many people like cycling in holiday.Of course some of them are cycling everyday to work.

We can use led strip light to decorate our bike.

First,It looks more beautiful.

Second,It will safe when you are cycling bicycle at night.Everyone can see you there.

Third,this is a awesome idea of using led strip light in bicycle.

Material is only

.led strip light

.led controller


21.Led strip light using in bar,KTV design ideas


Sometimes, we are on holiday or after work.We are dating with some friends go to bar for some drink.And go to KTV singing.

The bar and KTV are using many led strip to light.It using some colorful led strip light.Such as red ,yellow,blue,green,amber,RGB change,Magic color change.

It give KTV,bar a very beautiful.

We also have many led aluminum profile for lighting projects,pls check our other post for : Led Aluminum Profile Ideas

Let’s see a video here.Welcome to Lightstec! Contact with us for some advise:[email protected]

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