Professional Led Strip Lights Manufacturer In China

Lightstec® is one of the leading led strip light manufacturers in China. We offer one-stop service including led linear light, led aluminum profile, led strip light, led neon flex light, dimmable led driver, led sensor, and cabinet light. If you want to buy led strip lights from China, Pls contact us!


Top LED Strip Lights Supplier in China

Lightstec®is a China professional LED strip light manufacturer factory. flexible SMD Led strip lights, led aluminum profile, led linear lights, cabinet lights, and led downlights are our main products. Focus on Asia, Europe, South Africa, Oceania, and North America markets for more than 13 years. Our led products have CE/ROHS certification for the European market and FCC/IC certification for the North American market. Listen to your request carefully, make the order according to your request, and service as important as the products. Welcome to Lightstec® factory!

Manufacturing All Kinds of LED Lights

Lightstec Will Provide You with The Best LED Lighting Solution

Led Strip Light

More than 100+ kinds of SMD flexible led strip lights. White, warm white, natural white, CCT turnable, addressable strips, RGB, and RGBW strips are available.

Flex Neon Light

Silicon flex neon light, It is using silicon extrusion molding new technology. Protect the led strip light up to IP67. And it is used widely for indoor and outdoor stylish design.

Aluminium Profile

Popular led aluminum profile, led aluminum extrusion, and Led aluminum channel for led strip lights. Create beautiful lighting effects. Welcome custom-made orders.

Led Linear Light

The office led linear light, led linear light system, led pendant, led recessed light, Free design with the aim of providing the best solution for your lighting projects.

COB Strip Light

COB strip light including white, warm white, natural white dot less COF strip lights. RGB COB strips and CCT COB strips are also available.

LED Downlights

Commercial LED downlights include recessed downlights, surface-mounted downlights, and can downlights. Use Brand COB including Philips, Osram, Citizen, etc.

LED Track Light

Commercial LED track light use for office, shopping mall, showroom. Dali dimmable, 0-10v dimmable, CCT change are available.

Customize Linear Light

We offer led linear light custom services. Not matter round, square, or other shapes of the linear light. Give us your design file in CAD. We will give you excellent services.


OEM customized service is welcome, our factory can design a new Led PCB, special CCT, high CRI, and new LED profile extrusion design.


Lightstec offers 3 years warranty for all of our flexible led strip lighting, led aluminum profile and Led linear light products. Reliable lighting factory!


Lightstec focus in high quality SMD flexible led strip lights,led aluminum profile and led linear light,led cabinet light more than 10 years.

Small MOQ

Great business comes from small orders.we accept small orders, special project orders. Not matter one meter led strip light or one pcs led profile.

Lightstec Reliable Custom Led Linear Light Manufacturer

Free Quote and Expertise Lighting Support Within 24 Hours

About Lightstec®

Who we are

Lightstec® is a top LED Strip Light, LED Linear light system, and LED Aluminum Profile manufacturer founded in 2008. We have our own factory and R&D Dept. Located in Guangdong, China. Near Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

We mainly focus on Designing, producing, and shipping High-quality LED lighting products. All of our LED Products are produced by a team of skilled craftspeople and manufactured from the finest materials available. Each finished piece is meticulously inspected and packaged to ensure the delivery of only the highest quality product to the customer. Our quality and design are supported by our considerate customer service.

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal and we will work hard to accommodate any request and to serve our clients at the highest level possible.No matter whether you are an Architect, Dealer, Designer, or Corporate Buyer, Wholesaler. We will serve you with the same level of care and quality products. Welcome to our factory!

Lightstec® Factory

XiaoLan Meicheng Creative Industrial Park

Lighting Exhibition Show

We are in Lighting Fair

Lightstec® is a professional-led strip light supplier. We are showing quality led strip lights, led aluminum profiles, and led linear lights at Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair.

Our products are approved by CE/FCC/ROHS. And UL/ETL /SAA led driver.

Contact us if you are sourcing a Chinese led strip light manufacturer.

Let's meet at the next lighting show.

Lightstec® in Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2018

Lightstec® in Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2017

lightstec-factory-in--hong-kong-lighting-fair--2018-led linear light
lightstec-factory-in--hong-kong-lighting-fair--2018-led tape light
lightstec-factory-in--hong-kong-lighting-fair--2018-led strip light

Linear Light Projects

As one of the best professionals led strip light suppliers, Lightstec has many clients using led strip lights all over the world. Thanks to Clients using Lightstec® led linear light, led aluminum profile, and led strip light to create an amazing lighting world. They are smart, work hard and they love the lighting. They are using led lighting in office lighting, shopping mall lighting, home lighting, commercial lighting, school lighting, hospital lighting, company lobby lighting, living room lighting, restaurant lighting, hotel lighting, amusement park lighting, cafe lighting, etc. Amazing lighting design ideas! Thanks to all of our cooperation partners!

Lightstec-Led linear light -led aluminum profile light projects (48)
Led Linear light for museum
Lightstec-Led linear light -led aluminum profile light projects (46)
Led Linear light for school
Lightstec-Led linear light -led aluminum profile light projects (19)
Led Linear light for shopping mall
Lightstec-Led linear light -led aluminum profile light projects (54)
Led Linear light for office

LED Lighting Certificates

Quality Guarantee LED Light

Led Light quality is very important for business and projects. You need to source led light strips from manufacturers with high-quality assurance. And the led light supplier needs good service to support your lighting business.

LM-80 test

Why choose Lightstec® LED strip lights?What is the key point to select good quality led strip light ?

What are led strip lights?

what-is-led-stirp-lightIf you are looking for a led light strips manufacturer and buying led light strips from China. You need to know some message of the led light strips.

As you see from the photo, led strip light is a flexible circuit board(PCB) mounted LEDs and resistance on the surface. There is a 3M tape backside of the PCB. You can stick it to almost any clean and flat surface. It uses lighting and has a range of colors. And now we have COB led strip light, you can check detail.

Why choose Lightstec® LED strip lights?

We are using high-quality material from Shenzhen led strip light factory and control the quality process strictly.IQC check material, full check SMT, soldering checking, IPQC quality control, welding inspecting, aging checking, examining before packing, OQC checking before delivery. Welcome sourcing led strip light from us!

2835 led
Brand EPISTAR chips
Copper bracket good for heat dissipation
High lumen output, keep same BIN same color temperature

2-ounce copper double side PCB
Rolled copper more flexible
Better electric conductivity and heat dissipation


Quality original 9080A 3M tape
Good stickiness
Good heat stability, not easy dropdown


Soldering-paste4. Soldering paste
Environmentally paste
Little electric resistance and good electrical conductivity

Lightstec® Led strip light advantage:

1.Length cuttable
Led strip light is cuttable 3leds (DC12V) and 6leds (DC24V). You can cut the length you want

Led strip light is flexible. It can be bent up to 180 degrees. But you need to care about the led and resistance. This allows you to add light to the place difficult to install.

3.Available colors
LEDs can be manufactured in different colors. And colors changing options

3.Small size
You can cut the led strip light into little pieces. This allows you to freely design your lighting project without worrying about space requirements.

The led strip light backside have quality original 9080A 3M tape. This allows you to stick the led strip light to any clear and flat surface.

Our led strip light can fit for Triac dimmer,0/1-10V dimmer, Dali dimmer.

6.IP protection
We can offer IP55 silicon glue waterproof, IP65 silicone tube waterproof and IP67 silicon glue filling silicon tube waterproof.

We offer custom-made size, led, color temperature, wattage, voltage, CRI services.

Why choose Lightstec® led aluminum profiles?What is the key point to select good quality led aluminum profile ?

What is led aluminum profile?





If you want to buy LED aluminum profile from China, You need to know some secrets of LED aluminum channels.

Led aluminum profile is produced by aluminum metal. Using different mold then can extrude different kinds of led aluminum profiles. Normally for lighting using led aluminum profile including profile, diffuser, end caps, suspension wire. Welcome sourcing led aluminum profile from us!

Why choose Lightstec led aluminum profiles?

Lighstec is a professional led aluminum profile manufacturer. We are using high-quality material to make a led aluminum profile. We have more than 100+ kinds of led aluminum profile. We have surface mounted, Recessed, Pendant, Corner, Round, Stair, and bendable led aluminum profile. That can fit for your different lighting design ideas projects.

aluminum-extrusion1.Aluminum extrusion
Using 6063-T5 aluminum extrusion.Structure strong
Good heat dissipation
Available different colors, silver, black, white

diffuser2.PMMA cover
High transparency
Milky diffuser and transparency cover available




3.End caps
High-quality aluminum end cap and plastic end cap available



clips4.Clips and suspension wires
Clips and suspension wires fit for different installation.

Brand Led Chips

Lightstec using famously led chips make sure our led lights in high quality.




Precious & Happy clients


led strip light clientAnton Notta
| LED Lighting 

We are making led cabinet light in the UK. Through 5 years of cooperation, we know Lightstec is a reliable led cabinet light manufacturer in China. They can offer the same bin same color led strip lights in all your orders. Lightstec has ranges of led strip light.Such as SMD3528 led strip light,SMD5050 led strip light,SMD2835 led strip light,SMD5630 led strip light,SMD3014 led strip light,SMD2216 led strip light,addressable led strip light,CCT turnable led strip light,waterproof led light strips.Good quality control let us in front of customers won more honor. Thank you!
And Lightstec has a good post let you know How to buy led lights from China?



led strip light clientRoland Vera
| LED Lighting projects

I buy flexible led strip light and led aluminum profile from Lightstec so many times. We have many cool led strip light ideas from Lightstec. It is well done according to my request. Sometimes, one project needs many led light accessories, such as led connector, led sensor switch, led cabinet dimmer controller, silicone tube for waterproof. Special design, OEM label, all work great. We consider Lightstec as a good led light supplier.


led strip light clientLisa 
| Led lighting buyer

We are a Spain professional led lighting distributor, the company has fifty years of operating history. Our many clients are using led strip light in the kitchen cabinet, cars, living room, stairs, office, etc. And many of them need led light accessories. It is very happy to find Lightstec, they give us developed very professional service and quality products. If you need led light strips wholesale from China,Lightstec is one of the best led light manufacturers in China.


lighting-client-TIMTim | Led lighting buyer

We make many projects for shopping malls, business showrooms in Europe. Sometimes the project needs many customization products. Like led strip lights and led aluminum profile. Different sizes, different wattage, different led accessories. Lightstec is a professional led manufacturer. They pay patience to my orders.No matter for heatsink aluminum, led aluminum extrusion products, diffuser cover, end caps, and mounting accessories for led linear light. They can do it well.

We are working hard to improve our customer's satisfaction and realize win-win cooperation with our customers. Welcome sourcing led lights from us!

LED lighting contractors of advertisements and signboards
LED lighting manufacturers of automobiles
LED lighting manufacturers of acrylic lamps, aluminum linear lights
LED lighting businessmen of supermarkets and departments
LED lighting customers specializing in shopping mall,hotel,office,clubs,KTV,etc
LED lighting contractors of home decoration
LED lighting individuals of DIY user
LED lighting retailers of lamps and lighting


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