How to power led strip light with battery?(Ultra Guide)

Why I need to use battery to power the led strip light?

battery the RGB led strip lightThere are some place not easy wiring and not easy using AC220V power.Just in some places like basement,cabinets and closets under sinks,drawers,under cabinets,garages,camping and inside cars.This place are not easy access power.

As we know,some led lights can use battery.Just like flashlight,camping light,some decorate light,some gift light.So the same way,we can use battery power our led strip light.

And some times,we need to make a demo kits to show our led strip light to clients.And it also not easy access power.That is why we need to use battery as power.

Which battery I can use to power led strip light?

Normally,we can use 3 kinds of battery in the market.

One is the 1.5V AA battery.

AA 1.5V battery

The strip light we use is DC12V.The output of the battery is 1.5V.So we need to connect the battery in series.Then the output of the battery will added up. 8pcs*1.5V=12V.So we need to use 8 pcs AA battery in series to make a DC12V power.

The battery box can be buy in the market as the following one.

battery box

3.7V rechargeable battery


Rechargeable battery use in many many products.As I know, battery can use in camping lanterns,headlamps,flashlights,book light,work lights,bake lights,night lights.This lights are easy to take away.Let’s see how we use this rechargeable battery in led strip light.

3.7V*3pcs=11.1V .We also can use 3pcs rechargeable battery in series to make a power.

The battery box as follow.

battery box

DC12V battery

Normally,this battery is bigger.We see this battery in out cars.And some of the night market will use this battery power the led light when they doing business.And this battery is rechargeable.This battery can power any led light which input is DC12V.And because of the capacity of this battery is big,so this battery can use longer than AA battery and 3.7v rechargeable battery.

12V battery

How to connect the led strip light to the battery?

As we know the battery have positive and negative.So we just need to connect the led strip light positive to the battery positive and connect the led strip light negative to the battery negative.

And we have battery connect a switch between strip light and battery.Then when you not need to led strip light,you can turn off the power by switch.



How to power RGB strip light with battery?

For some decoration,we need color change led strip light,such as RGB led strip light.Then how to use battery to power the RGB led strip light?

battery power RGB led strip light

First,we need to make sure the RGB strip light you are using is DC12V.Then we can use the DC12V battery box as a power.

Second,we connect the RGB controller positive to the battery positive and connect the negative to the battery negative.

Third,connect the RGB led strip light to the RGB controller output.

Then it will work.

From above,we know that the led strip light connect way is the same as we are using led power supply.Just change the led power supply to battery.

Can I use battery to power my sensor cabinet light?

Some people would like to install led sensor cabinet light under kitchen.To make lighting battery when we are working in the kitchen.And sensor cabinet light is a very hot product.

As we know above,the battery box is DC12V.Then we need to check if your sensor led cabinet light in put is DC12V.If the input is DC12V,then the connect way is the same.Just connect the cabinet light positive and negative to the battery positive and negative.

And I suggest you are using rechargeable battery,then if the battery out of power then you can recharge.That will good for environment and save cost.

How can I use led strip light in cars?

Now many DIYer would like to decorate their car with colourful led strip light.

As we know the battery in the car is a rechargeable battery,and the output of the battery is DC12V.So when we are using led strip light inside the car.We need to make sure which wire is positive and which wire is negative from the battery.If you are not familiar with the car wires,you have battery driving your car to the car shops and as then to connect the wires for you.

How long can the battery power the led strip light?

As we know the bigger battery ,the bigger capacity.Then when you are using the same led strip light, the bigger battery will power long time.

When you are using the same battery,the smaller power led strip light,the battery will use longer.

Just like our mobile phone,when we are using the new phone, the battery can use 2 days.After we are using 1 years,it only can use 1 day. Then same as the strip light battery,new battery will using longer,the old battery will using shorter time.

Not advanced of battery operate led strip light.

As we know,battery can not always have power.Battery will out of power when you are using some time.So you need to change a battery or need to recharge the battery.Some times,if you are forget to change the no power battery,you can not use the led strip light.

So I suggest,If the place hardwired convenience,you have battery using power supply to power the led strip light.Then you not need to think about if the battery have power or not.

When you are using battery,you have battery check the battery every 6 months.Because the battery have some chemical substances.It will divulge usually.And it will damage our battery box,that is why we need to check in plan.


1,Battery can power led strip light easy.And it is easy to use where not easy wiring.

2,AA battery,3.7v rechargeable and DC12V battery are workable for led strip light.

3,Battery led strip light is the same way using as the normally led strip light.You can connect dimmer,RGB controller,CCT controller,sensor,etc.

4,Battery led strip light can custom made.So if you have any ideas for this battery led strip light,you can contact with lightstec.We are always welcome.

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