Led strip light CRI 90 VS CRI 80 VS CRI 70


What is CRI?

CRI is color rendering index,and the other name is RA.It is compare the light with the Sun in the middle day. CRI more high ,the color more near the sun light.That means we see the item more real when it is illuminated by a light.CRI is a important parameter during the led lighting development。In the beginning , the CRI is very low. Not more than 60. Now the LED CRI is from 70 ,80 to 90.


How to select the right CRI products ?

For the cost , the higher CRI the price will more higher.For most of the application,CRI>80 is enough.For some very high request ,we can use CRI>90 and CRI>95.Now more and more project are using CRI>80 led strip lights. Lightstec offer CRI>80,CRI>90 led strip lights.

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CRI is a simple and helpful lighting spec to predict how good the visual output of a lighting product will be. Simply put, the metric is a number between 0 and 100 that is used to predict how well a product renders colors. The closer to 100, the better — or more true — colors should look under its light.

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    Now we are looking for new suppliers. It would be possible to have your price list?
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