What is COB led strip light?

COB led strip light is a new design led strip light.For flexible strip light another name is FCOB led strip light.

It it the chips on FPCB.So it don't need the SMT process.

It is dotless,very good for led linear light,led aluminum profile using.

COB led strip light


Hight CRI,dot less COB led stirp light.Better effection for linear light using.

  • Hight CRI RA>90
  • CCT:2700K/3000K/4000K/6000K
  • 80-120LM/W
  • Beam angle 180°
  • DC12V-24V 
  • 14w/m
  • PCB 10MM


Datesheet:LT-FCOBWW278-24 COB LED STRIP LIGHT Datasheet

COB led strip light product detail:

COB Led strip light size:

We have 378 chips per meter,504 chips per meter .Both have DC12V and DC24V versions.

378chips per meter DC12V

COB led strp light -lightstec 378-12v

378chips per meter DC24V

COB led strp light -lightstec 378-24v

504chips per meter DC12V

COB led strp light -lightstec 504-24v

504chips per meter DC24V

COB led strp light -lightstec 504-12v

Lightstec offer best design in COB led strip lights.we use good led chips and good pcb insure good products.

COB led strp light -lightstec detail