SMD 3528 LED Strip Lights Manufacturer

2400K,2700K, 3000K, 4500K, 6500K
High Color Rendering Index(CRI>80 CRI>90)
IP33,IP55,IP65,IP67 Waterproof version
Input DC12V, DC24V Constant Voltage Version
Different types of SMD3528 led strips for options
LED Brand: Epistar 3528 LED

Professional 3528 LED Light Strip Manufacturer

Lightstec is one of the best 3528 LED strip light manufacturer in China. Lightstec 3528 LED strip light series is high brightness led strip light. 20ma,7-8lm each led. Ra80 and Ra90 were available. DC12V and DC24V vision. 60led/m 4.8W LED strip light is widely used in hotels, shopping malls, kitchen illumination. The customized length and customized design are warmly welcome. We would like your sourcing led light from us.

Model NoLT-3528WW60R-W12/24LT-3528WW120R-W12/24LT-3528WW240R-W24LT-3528WW240R-W24
(double line)
SMD TypeEpistar 3528Epistar 3528Epistar 3528Epistar 3528
Input voltageDC24V/DC12VDC24V/DC12VDC24VDC24V
LED Q'ty60LEDs/m120LEDs/m240LEDs/m240LEDs/m
Max current / LED20mA20mA20mA20mA
SMD LED spacing16.6mm8.3mm4.2mm8.4mm
Lumen / m(Max)420-480LM840-960LM1680-1920LM1680-1920LM
Minim cuttable length100mm (3LEDs 12V)
50mm (6LEDs 24V)
50mm (3LEDs 12V)
25mm (6LEDs 24V)
25mm (6LEDs 24V)50mm (6LEDs 24V)
PCB Width8mm8mm10mm15mm
Energy gradeAAAA
Working hour30000h30000h30000h30000h
Illumination Angle120°120°120°120°
Working temperture.-20℃~+45℃.-20℃~+45℃.-20℃~+45℃.-20℃~+45℃

Simple compare technical list

Model NoLED Q'ty
LED Color
Max Power
Min cuttable
Max Current
PCB Width
LT-3528WW60R-W12/24602400-8000K, red,green,blue4.812V100mm16.6MM20ma8mm
LT-3528WW120R-W12/241202400-8000K, red,green,blue9.612V50mm8.3MM20ma8mm
LT-3528WW240R-W242402400-8000K, red,green,blue19.224V25mm4.2MM20ma10MM
(double line)
2402400-8000K, red,green,blue19.224V50mm8.3MM20ma15MM






SMD 3528 LED STRIP LIGHT 120LED/M ,DC12/24V ,9.6W/M


SMD 3528 LED STRIP LIGHT 240LED/M,10MM pcb ,DC24V ,19.2W/M

(double line)

SMD 3528 LED STRIP LIGHT 240LED/M,15MM pcb ,DC24V ,19.2W/M

3528 LED Strip Light Accessories

Non-Waterproof  Types Led Strip Light Connector 

+ 2pin-Corner- single color connector


L-2pin-Corner-single color connector

T-2pin-Corner-single color connector

2pin-double-head-Connector single color


2pin-Wireless-connector n8bb


Waterproof  Types Led Strip Light Connector 

2pin-Wireless-connector single color waterproof


LED-waterproof-DC-connector waterproof


Importing SMD3528 led strip lights from China: The Definitive Guide

When you are sourcing SMD3528 led strip light manufacturer from China, you need to look for a reliable supplier

Here are some experiences and basics knowledge about SMD3528 led strip light.

This is guide is good for you.

What is SMD3528 led strip light?

SMD3528-led lighting source

SMD3528 led strip light is made by SMD3528 led chips.

The size of SMD528 is 3.5MM*2.8MM, 0.06W/PCS,6-8lm/pcs.

SMD3528 led strip light is a very long used history led strip light.

It is widely using in-home lighting, cabinet lighting, car lighting, etc.


Where are SMD3528 led strip light most suitable using in?

led-cabinet-light-in-shelfFrom the date sheet we know SMD3528 power is small,0.06w/pcs,6-8lm/pcs.

Normally we have 60led/m-4.8w/m, 120led/m-9.6w/m,240led/m-19.2w/m.

Power per meter, not big means, not very brightness. Then we use less in  main lighting.

SMD3528 led strip light is used more in small place detail lighting.

Such as cabinet lighting, shelf lighting, cupboard lighting, wardrobe lighting, etc.

SMD3528 VS SMD3014 VS SMD2835 VS SMD5630 VS SMD5050

Different led chips, the size, wattage, lumens are different. We can see from the following table. Then it will easy for us to know the difference.

SMD3528 VS SMD3014 VS SMD2835 VS SMD5630 VS SMD5050

Lightstec LEDDimensionsChip Surface AreaLumen FluxPower Draw
SMD3528 LED3.5 mm x 2.8 mm9.8 mm²6-8 lumens20-30 mA @ 2.8-3.4 Volts
SMD2835 LED2.8 mm x 3.5 mm9.8 mm²20-28lumens60 mA @ 2.8-3.4 Volts
SMD5050 LED5.0 mm x 5.0 mm25 mm²16-22 lumens60 mA @ 2.8-3.4 Volts
SMD5630 (5730) LED5.6 mm x 3.0 mm16.8 mm²45-50 lumens150 mA @ 2.8-3.4 Volts
SMD3014 LED3.0 mm x 1.4 mm4.2 mm²9-11 lumens30 mA @ 2.8-3.4 Volts

Does SMD3528 LED strip light to have waterproof led strip light?

led-strip-waterproof-level-rangeWe offer different waterproof grade SMD3528 led strip light.

IP20 / IP33 -Not waterproof, this only use for indoor

IP55- Silicon surface dropping waterproof. This is changing the lighting vision. We also use this indoor.

IP65- Silicon tube waterproof. We suggest using this raining but don't drop into the water.

IP67/68 - This can use for swimming pool

You can check our other post about waterproof led strip light.


Do you offer dimmable SMD3528 led strip light?

Now many lighting projects needs dimmable function. All of our SMD3528 led strip lights are constant voltage led strip light.

And we can use the different dimmable controller to dim the SMD3528 led strip light.

Now, we also can use the dimmable power supply to dim the SMD3528 led strip light.

Here I show you how to dim the strip light. You can check post How to dim led strip light.


How to connect SMD3528 led strip light to the power supply?

When we are using the SMD3528 led strip light, we need to use a led power supply.

If some of the lighting projects need dimming function, we also need to connect to the dimmable power supply or dimmable controller.

Here we show you how to connect the strip light to the power supply.

how to connect the led strip light with led power supply

how to connect the rgb led strip light with led power supply

how to connect the rgbw led strip light with led controller

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