Amazing LED Linear Light Application Ideas (2022 update)

led-linear-lightsNow more and more lighting scenes are used linear elements.Led linear lighting market is still very large today. This post will show you led linear light applications in some lighting projects.

The difference is that the traditional linear lighting changes to LED technology combined with intelligent lighting to expand the application of led linear lights.

With the improvement of appearance and performance, the appearance and application of this linear light will develop continually.

Tradition is being abandoned, using new materials, and using more advanced technology, linear lighting is also more compact, more efficient.

Today we will enjoy the unique charm of linear lighting!

Point, line, surface is the basic elements of graphic design and space design.

As far as lamps are concerned, the lamp type of downlight, shooting lamp and track lamp can be summed up as "dot".

Lamp tube class is "line".

Panel lamp and ceiling soft film type are "surface".

And linear lighting type lamps can be said to be the combination of point and surface.

Common led linear lights


corner led linear light
round led linear light

Led Linear lamps with various specifications and mounting methods

led linear light installation
led linear light pendant mounting
led linear light recessed
led linear light mounting methods

In terms of the variety of styles and installation modes of led linear lights. Led linear lights are flexible products, not standard products; Led linear lighting is difficult to define its function alone, both in lighting and in visual art, in product size, in light color, The installation mode, the control mode changes are according to each individual space.


It can customize the length freely according to the actual installation requirements,according to the specific scope of application; it can be connected freely; the built-in light source can also change power and color temperature according to the specific where we used; in addition, with the popularization of intelligent control system, In order to increase sensory experience, more and more users prefer to add intelligent control effect to improve the visual art effect.

With the improvement of led linear lighting function, it is not only used in the office field. More designers are use them to high-end commercial space, home space, industrial lighting and other environments, building different light and shadow effects.

Office Space-Application of Led Linear Lighting

led linear light use in museum
led linear light use in theater 2

Office space


Many new office buildings will be designed as simple and clear office environments, and the led linear lighting will be preferred.

Difference company the office space is huge different. Function demand, brand image is completely different. Therefore, the design should be particularly relevant to the company's vision, in-depth study and understanding of its functional requirements in view of its corporate culture, so it is more selective about the use of lamps and lanterns.Led linear lamps and lanterns are as functional, highly customizable products. In the future, it will be the first choice for designers in the field of office design.

led linear light design

Home Lighting-Led Linear Lighting applications


According to different design requirements, there will be a large part of indoor commercial lighting in the future to replace panel lamps and down lights with linear lamps.

Commercial Space Channel Design-Led Linear Lighting applications

led linear light use in commercial 1 3
led linear light use in commercial 1
led linear light use in commercial 12

Led linear lamps in the evolution of technology and modeling, constantly improve and enrich, and with the trend of the market, more and more people like to use linear lamps as decorative lighting.

Led linear lighting in splicing, modeling, control with flexibility, ease of use; more and more fashion brands, use line elements in store design, collocation of different colors, intelligent control effect; show a new visual effect.


Commercial Lighting-Led Linear Lighting applications

linear light use in commercial lighting
linear light use in commercial lighting 2
linear light use in commercial lighting 3
linear light use in commercial lighting 4
linear light use in commercial lighting 5
linear light use in commercial lighting 6
linear light use in commercial lighting 7

Led line lighting plays an important role in visual guidance in space, and has the meaning of hinting in modeling, which leads people's sight to the route of space design. The use of line density, length, thickness, overlap, crossover, angle and tilt can produce a variety of lines. Line can be regarded as the moving track of points. Line is the most expressive visual form, the most expressive form of the visual art, and the supporting skeleton of various artistic forms of expression.

Visual Art of Linear Lighting in Space Design

Gorgeous and colorful effects, a variety of shapes, relying on simple lines, through the creative design of space and free segmentation, to build a variety of fashion simple modeling and light and shadow effects, highlighting the extreme aesthetic sense of linear lighting; Linear lighting for fashion and personality of special lighting add unique charm, but also become the preferred designer preferred design plan.

art of led linear light 3
art of led linear light 4
art of led linear light 2
art of led linear light
art of led linear light 5

Supermarket Lighting-Application of Led Linear Lighting

led linear light use in supermarket 3
led linear light use in supermarket 4
led linear light use in supermarket 5
led linear light use in supermarket 2

Industrial Lighting-Application of Led Linear Lighting

led linear light use in car parking 2
led linear light use in car parking
led linear light use in industrial

Led Linear lamps in the evolution of technology and modeling, constantly improve and enrich, it is quite mature. But this lamp also have it not convenience experience .

The edits also summarize two points, which can be noted in application:

I. installation process

1. The linear lamps are more flexible, the installation way is also more, the opposite sex customizes the class, the comparison tests the installation technology, usually can appear in the splicing the slot, the leakage and so on phenomenon;

2.The lifting and splicing of the linear lamps and fixtures should be done well in the splicing process, the splicing should be in a fixed range, and the lamps should be consistent in a plane.

Ⅱ.Use of Intelligent Control system
The design of the control system of linear lamps should consider the size of the configuration and decide the storage position in the space without affecting the overall use and aesthetic effect.

With the trend of the market, more and more people prefer to use linear lamps as decorative lighting; the beauty and personalization of products are fixed on this point, but in terms of performance, there is still a lot of room for commission. Maturing technology will make it more efficient and easier to install.

In the past, users used to use related control systems for each product; In the future, the product will improve the built-in control system, preprogrammed for an area when they are installed; become smarter. Easier to operate.

Intelligent lighting has arrived, and for linear lighting, control is bound to be the next "agitator"; this collision between minimalist modernity and intelligent control fully combines the art of human intelligence and light. So that simple and smooth lighting rich in life color.

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