What are the different between COB led strips and SMD led strip lights?

COB (Chip On Board) LED strips and SMD (Surface-Mounted Device) LED strip lights are both types of LED lighting, but they differ in their construction, performance, and application suitability. Here's a detailed comparison:

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    1.LED Packaging Technology:

      • COB LED Strips: These strips feature multiple LED chips directly mounted and encapsulated on a single substrate or board, which is then covered with a protective layer. The chips are not individually packaged, resulting in a continuous light-emitting surface.
      • SMD LED Strips: SMD technology involves individual LED packages that are mounted onto a flexible PCB (Printed Circuit Board). Each LED has its own casing and is spaced apart from the others.
    COB led strips

    2.Lighting Uniformity:

      • COB strips provide a more uniform light spread since the light is emitted from a continuous surface without distinct gaps between LEDs.
      • SMD strips, while still offering even lighting, may have slight gaps between individual LEDs, which can be noticeable upon close inspection.

    3.Heat Dissipation:

      • COB strips often have better heat dissipation properties due to the larger surface area for heat to dissipate from the board.
      • SMD strips, with individual LEDs, might require more space between LEDs for adequate heat dissipation, which can be a consideration in high-density applications.

    4.Durability and Reliability:

      • COB strips are considered more robust due to having fewer points of failure, as there are no gaps between LED chips.
      • SMD strips, while reliable, may have a slightly higher chance of failure due to the increased number of individual LED units.


      • COB technology can be more expensive to produce, which often translates to a higher cost for consumers.
      • SMD LEDs are generally more cost-effective due to the maturity and widespread use of the technology.


      • COB strips are well-suited for applications where a smooth, uninterrupted light is desired, such as in backlighting for signage or general illumination.
      • SMD strips are versatile and commonly used in a wide range of applications, from residential lighting to automotive and decorative lighting.

    7.Maintenance and Repair:

      • COB strips are more challenging to repair because replacing a single failed LED is not practical; the entire section may need to be replaced.
      • SMD strips offer easier maintenance and repair since individual LEDs can be replaced if they fail.


      • COB strips offer a cleaner, more streamlined look due to the absence of visible gaps between light sources.
      • SMD strips may have a more "dot-like" appearance due to the individual casings of each LED.

    9.Intensity and Angle:

      • COB strips can provide a wider beam angle and more intense light output because of the chip configuration.
      • SMD strips have a more defined and sometimes narrower beam angle, depending on the LED package type.

    When choosing between COB and SMD LED strips, consider the specific requirements of your lighting project, including desired light effect, heat management, budget, and maintenance considerations.


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