36V LED Strip Lights Classification and Applications

Does LED strip lights have DC36V ?

LED strip lights have DC36V. Many lighting project need longer length strips. DC36V is a good choose.

Normally, LED strip light have DC5V, DC12V, DC24V. DC36V led strips less. This need custom made .


Article Guide

    1.LED Strip Voltage Types:

      • High Voltage: Typically operates at 220V household voltage, known as AC strips.
      • Low Voltage: Available in various voltages like 12V, 24V, and 36V, known as DC strips.

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    2.Advantages of Low Voltage LED Strips:

      • Safe for human contact with voltages like 12V and 24V.
      • Ideal for areas accessible to the public, such as homes, shopping malls, and parks.
      • Characterized by good heat dissipation, minimal light decay, and a long lifespan (30,000-50,000 hours).


    3.Features of 36V LED Strips:

      • Operate at a higher voltage, offering robustness in certain applications.
      • Capable of supporting longer strip lengths.
      • Offer a variety of colors, brightness levels, and densities.
      • Well-suited for environments needing extended lighting distances and higher brightness.

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    4.Comparison of 12V vs. 24V LED Strips:

      • 12V Strips: Commonly used for indoor lighting applications.
      • 24V Strips: Often used in outdoor or engineering lighting due to their higher voltage.
      • Both can provide different lighting distances and brightness levels based on the application.


    5.Guidelines for Choosing an LED Strip:

      • Consider the specific use case, installation environment, safety requirements, and desired lighting effects when making a selection.

    6. Applications of 36V LED Strips

    1. Outdoor Lighting: 36V LED strips are suitable for outdoor lighting in public spaces such as parks and amusement parks, providing sufficient brightness and a longer lighting distance.
    2. Engineering Lighting: In construction sites, tunnels, or basements, 36V LED strips can offer the required brightness and durability.
    3. Commercial Lighting: In commercial spaces like shopping malls, supermarkets, and display windows, 36V LED strips can enhance the presentation of goods and create an inviting atmosphere for customers.
    4. Residential Lighting: For special lighting needs in the home, such as long indoor spaces or areas requiring high brightness, 36V LED strips can provide an optimal lighting solution.
    5. Decorative Lighting: 36V LED strips are also suitable for decorative lighting, such as holiday decorations, theme parties, or special event venues, offering a variety of lighting effects.
    6. Automotive Interior Lighting: In the automotive interior, 36V LED strips can be used to create atmospheric effects, such as music-synchronized light changes, adding to the enjoyment of driving and riding.
    7. Special Effects Lighting: In movie theaters, exhibition centers, or special event venues, 36V LED strips can be used to create flowing light effects, enhancing the sense of presence and fun of the event.
    8. Hotel Lighting: In hotels, areas such as the lobby, corridors, and guest rooms can benefit from the appropriate lighting layers and design sense provided by 36V LED strips, creating a comfortable and charming accommodation environment.
    9. Industrial Lighting: In the industrial sector, 36V LED strips can be used for indicator lighting on machinery or lighting in working areas, suitable for the demands of the industrial environment due to their higher voltage and brightness.


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    36V LED strips may be preferable for special lighting scenarios that necessitate higher voltage and extended lighting reach. On the other hand, low voltage LED strips, such as 12V and 24V, are favored for their safety and longevity in standard lighting applications. It's crucial to take into account installation conditions, lighting requirements, and safety when selecting the appropriate LED strip for a given application.

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