How to Buy Right Quality BUT Small Quantity LED Lights from China: Complete Guide by Lightstec


Many people doing lighting business around the world.Sometimes they want to buy small quantity led lights,such as led strip lights,led tube,led floodlight,led bulbs from China for their business.But most of them don’t have many experience.They think that is a easy job:find a Chinese led factory,buy led products in low price,ship home and sell high price in their projects.

But the true is buying small quantity led products from China is not an easy job.And you need to buy the right quality led products.You have to face many different problems.Such as can not find a right factory,can not find a right sales man to cooperation,order less than factory MOQ,don’t know how to shipping in low cost,don’t know how is the led goods quality.That is a troublesome for many people.

In this post,I will give you my experience for how to buy small quantity and right quality led products from China and solve problem we may have.

small-order process1,What is small order?

Some factory don’t accept small order.Because small order have many things to do and not much profit.Different factory and different people have different question about small order.

For example,for led strip light ,some factory definition below 100 meters is small order.And some factory definition below 1,000 meters is small order.For bulbs,100pcs is small order and some factory definition 1,000pcs is small order.

Sometimes,you need buy more than 1 kind led lighting products with small order from different factory.That is not easy.

2,Why small order is usually and important?

We now have many clients buying different kinds led products from us.They are many kinds of business they do in local market.Wholesaler,importer,designer,engineer company.So sometimes they don’t need to stock many goods and just only one time use.

 3,Why should I need to deal with small order?

As our manager Mr Jerry said,big business staring from small order.So we need to give our client good service and help our clients.Then in the future we can have good cooperation with each other.

4,How to find right led light factory from China ?

Right factory means right quality.That is the most important things we need to do.We can find supplier from 4 ways.

A,you can find supplier from Google


Searching led factory from Google is a best way if you are not coming to China.Sometimes order not big.Because if come to China,cost including air ticket,hotel fee,traffic cost this will cost total around USD 5,000 for a week visiting.Second find a good Chinese led supplier is a tough task.



B,you can find supplier from Alibaba / Global source website

Although,Alibaba and Global source is a big B2B service website.Many Chinese factory doing business there.But that is also not easy find good supplier there.Because many company there so sometimes they offer low price products there. Otherwise they can not get order when client choose the lowest price products.

C,you can find supplier from China local market.Such as Shenzhen-Huaqiangbei,Zhongshan-Guzhen

Shenzhen and Zhongshan is a biggest lighting market in China.Many factory are in this 2 city.You can easy find lighting factory here.And you can go to their factory to talk and see what there factory produce.

D,you can find supplier from Lighting fair.Such as HongKong Autumn Lighting Fair,GuangZhou International Lighting Fair.That is a very convenient way you can find more than 1,000 suppliers in few days.

Types-of-Shipping-Methods-lightstec5,How to ship goods from China?

Shipping is a very important process.First,you need to reduce the cost of shipping.Second,you need the goods fast and safe ship to your warehouse.

A,International Express and Air Freight

International express is a fast way to ship goods. But this is also the most expensive way to ship goods. International express company such as:DHL,FEDDEX,UPS,TNT.Normally,We ship goods from HongKong DHL agent.That cost is lower than DHL in China mainland.

B,Air Freight

When goods more than 100KG,That is better use air freight.The cost usually only 50-60% of International Express.You need to pick up goods from airport and do customs clearance.

C,LCL (Less than Container Load) company offer all in price shipping service

This LCL company is the good choice for small order buyers.They usually handle all custom and shipping process. You just need to pick up your goods in their warehouse.You have better ask some experience importers in your country.

D,Consolidate goods from different factory and shipping together.

Sometimes you will have 10 kinds of products in 5 factory.Then you need think about consolidate them in one shipment.That can save shipping cost.You need to find a person or a factory in China.They have a warehouse and can handle all the things.All other supplier send to goods to that factory/person then load in one container and shipping.

low-price-low-quality6,How to avoid buying bad quality led products from China?

There are many people are afraid buying bad quality led lighting products.That is true.So I give some suggestion to you.

A,The best way is to check the factory in China local place.Talk with their boss,sales manager,Check their factory production line.In this way you can know what quality of there products and how is the people in their factory.

B,Sometimes we can not go to there factory.We have better give the factory a calling.Normally they will have phone their website.You can talk with their sale man or sale manager about there factory.

C,Check sample suggestion is right factory right people will do the right things.Product is the second thing.So we can check the product sample to know how there factory working.The product detail in good then means the product quality is in good quality control.

That is the suggestion for people want to buy led goods from China directly.And they don’t buy large quantity in one time but need to keep high quality.And make sure ship the goods fast and safe to their country.

Lightstec is a good led lighting factory,We have experience to do business with client all over the world.So we are welcome to cooperation with you in lighting business.Welcome contact with us when you need to buy some led products from China.

Manager Director-Jerry

About Author
Founder of Lightstec.Engineering degree.More than 13 years working experience in led lighting business.Familiar with producing led lighting products.This blog share you knowledge and solution in led lighting.Welcome sourcing led lights from China.

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