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    Le 10 migliori luci di striscia a LED per esterni

    Di Jerry Hu | 17 ottobre 2022 | 0 Commenti

    When we use led strip lights outdoor, there are many things we should consider, especially related to the environment. Here is an article that gives you details about what you need to think about when using led strip lights outdoor. Article Guide Section: Easy To Install: Strip lights are the perfect way to light up your home and garden. They … Per saperne di più

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    fornitore-di-luce-striscia-led-nel-Regno Unito

    Il miglior fornitore di strisce luminose a LED nel Regno Unito

    Di Jerry Hu | 19 febbraio 2020 | 1 Commento

    “Top LED Light Strips Supplier In UK” Find your reliable LED strip light manufacturer in UK Looking for LED strip light manufacturers in the UK? We provided a list of top LED light suppliers for you to choose from. Check them choose the right one here! PS: If you need to find an LED strip light factory from China, Lightstec … Per saperne di più

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    strisce led bianche calde

    Tutto quello che vorresti sapere sulle strisce led COB-dalla fabbrica

    Di Jerry Hu | 2 agosto 2022 | 1 Commento

    This guide is all about COB led strip. You’ll learn everything you need to know before buying one and how to effectively use this strip for maximum benefits. Article Guide What is COB? Lightstec is a professional COB led strip light manufacturer. Here will tell you something about COB strip lights. COB stands for Chip on Board in the LED … Per saperne di più

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    luce a led per la casa

    Convertire l'illuminazione della tua casa in luci a LED: ne vale la pena?

    Di Jerry Hu | 1 agosto 2022 | 0 Commenti

    How many times have you replaced your burnt out incandescent bulb this year? If you can’t even remember because you’ve done it countless times already, it may be high time to consider switching to LED light bulbs. LED bulbs are well-loved in many households because they are cost-effective and energy-efficient home fixtures on top of being available in many warm shades so … Per saperne di più

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    12 Suggerimenti per l'utilizzo di strisce luminose a led

    Di Jerry Hu | 12 aprile 2018 | 19 Commenti

    When it comes to your home’s interior design, led strip light is one of the biggest players at present. Many people like using led strip light because it has a stronger quality than many other kinds of lighting. So what are some tips you should keep in mind during using led strip light? Here we listed together some problems that … Per saperne di più

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    LT-3528WW240R-W24-guida all'acquisto a doppia riga

    Guida all'acquisto di strisce LED (aggiornamento 2022)

    Di Jerry Hu | 5 aprile 2019 | 18 Commenti

    When you are sourcing led strip light in the market,you need to know this products clearly. We don’t want complex theory,we just want to show you what you need to know.When you read this post step by step,then you will an expert in led strip light business. Here are top 12 considerations you need to care about before buying led … Per saperne di più

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    Incredibili idee per applicazioni di luce lineare a LED (aggiornamento 2022)

    Di Jerry Hu | 5 ottobre 2018 | 15 Commenti

    Now more and more lighting scenes are used linear elements.Led linear lighting market is still very large today. This post will show you led linear light applications in some lighting projects. The difference is that the traditional linear lighting changes to LED technology combined with intelligent lighting to expand the application of led linear lights. With the improvement of appearance and … Per saperne di più

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    Guida per l'utente del profilo in alluminio LED (aggiornamento 2022)

    Di Jerry Hu | 4 aprile 2019 | 12 Commenti

    When you are sourcing led aluminum profile, you need to know some basic knowledge. This post as a led aluminum profile WIKI will give you all you want to know here. This will help you more understand led aluminum profile industrial and sourcing the right high-quality products. You only need to spend a short time reading this article then you … Per saperne di più

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    soluzione di luce lineare a led

    Soluzioni di luce lineare a LED (aggiornamento 2022)

    Di Jerry Hu | 14 ottobre 2018 | 15 Commenti

    1.What is led linear light? Led linear light is make by led strip light source,led aluminum profile and led driver power supply.Similar as led tube.It is a very popular led lighting systems. 2.How many length can led linear light make? It have a widely applications.Led linear light bars can make in many different size, normally 4 ft ,6ft,8ft for commercial … Per saperne di più

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    esperienza di lavoro-2

    Come trovare la giusta fabbrica di luci a LED in Cina? (Guida 2022)

    Di Jerry Hu | 9 gennaio 2019 | 6 Commenti

    China led lighting industry is a very large market. There are many people are working in these areas.Manufacturer,wholesaler,retailer,trading company,exporter,Soho,sourcing company.The company is big and small. Finding the right led factory & partner in China is the most important things you need to do first. Select the wrong supplier is a serious risk. Not only the communication with each other but … Per saperne di più

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    Come collegare la luce di striscia LED? (Ultra guida 2022)

    Di Jerry Hu | 21 settembre 2019 | 0 Commenti

    Led strip light is a lovely lighting material.It is efficient,and eco-friendly.It also power saving.Normally it will save 70% than the tradition lighting source in same wattage. Flexible led strip light can install in a thin place where the traditional lighting source can not install.And it can easy for you to creative the efficient what you want. Normally,the led strip light … Per saperne di più

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    Il più grande mercato di luci a led al mondo: Guzhen

    Di Jerry Hu | 18 luglio 2019 | 43 Commenti

    Lighting Capital of China,Lighting Capital of the world We are doing led lighting business.The most important thing we need to know is which is the biggest lighting market in the world.From the biggest lighting market,you will know what kinds of lighting are best selling?How is the price in the market?How can i sourcing the led lighting supplier?How to improt led … Per saperne di più

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    Come acquistare luci a led dalla Cina? (Importa Guida Led nel 2022)

    Di Jerry Hu | 3 marzo 2020 | 75 Commenti

    When we are doing lighting business,we have to know where we can get the high quality products.Stable sources of supply are very important. China have whole led lighting industry chain.Normally,lighting material including lighting sources,housing profile,driver.Customers all over the world are buy led lights from China.So if you are a buyer,you need to think about import led light from China. There … Per saperne di più

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    La striscia LED illumina la tua casa

    8 modi per illuminare la tua casa con le strisce luminose a LED

    Di Jerry Hu | 6 luglio 2022 | 0 Commenti

    Have you ever thought of lighting up your home with led strip light? Led strip lights have a lot of things above the common light. These lighting strips have so many benefits that one can’t even imagine. Find out about them! 1,Lighting Up Your Entryway Lighting up your entryway is a great way to welcome guests into your home. Instead … Per saperne di più

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    8 modi completamente diversi per attenuare le strisce luminose a LED

    Di Jerry Hu | 3 luglio 2022 | 0 Commenti

    If you’re looking to learn more about Dimming LED Strip Lights and dimmable drivers, then this article is for you. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information on the internet. To complicate matters, a lot of it is wrong, out-of-date, or just plain mixed up. And what’s worse is that almost all of it assumes that … Per saperne di più

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    10+ idee per profili in alluminio a led: come utilizzare il profilo in alluminio a led nella progettazione illuminotecnica

    Di Jerry Hu | 21 settembre 2018 | 103 Commenti

    How To Use Led Aluminum Profile? Design Ideas for Lighting Projects 2020 Ultimate guide for led aluminum profile ideas: Design Ideas for Lighting Projects LED aluminum profile is a very hot and very popular lighting material in lighting design. There are many design ideas of led aluminum profile in lighting projects. LED aluminum profile also name LED aluminum channel, led … Per saperne di più

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    led profilo in alluminio progetto ideas-lightstec

    Come trovare il miglior canale in alluminio a LED per strisce luminose?

    Di Jerry Hu | April 19, 2022 | 0 Commenti

    The aluminum profile is the most important part of the strip light. The aluminum channel has a lot of different shapes, such as U shape, V shape, and L shape. It is also very easy to install led strip light. When it comes to the aluminum channel, many distributors and customers will consider import led aluminum profile from China. Because … Per saperne di più

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    Le migliori idee per le strisce luminose a LED: 21 fantastiche applicazioni per l'illuminazione della stanza

    Di Jerry Hu | 24 marzo 2020 | 184 Commenti

    The LED strip lights are very popular materials in lighting decoration. People are very happy using this light strip when they light up their rooms, cars, and many things they want to light. The effect is awesome! You need to know what is the best LED strip light ideas. LED light strips have a variety of applications. Here we are … Per saperne di più

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    Collegamento di strisce LED

    Guida alla connessione delle strisce luminose a LED: un blog utile sul collegamento delle strisce luminose a LED

    Di Jerry Hu | 8 maggio 2022 | 0 Commenti

    Whether you are an electrician or just want to know how to connect LED light strips, this is the blog for you. I will teach you how to connect LED light strips with ease. It is a 5-minute task and anyone can do it. All you need to do is solder the ends of each strip together, as well as … Per saperne di più

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    Dove vengono prodotte le strisce luminose a LED?

    Di Jerry Hu | 7 maggio 2022 | 1 Commento

    Are you looking for a flexible LED strip light manufacturing center in China? Do you know where to find places to manufacture light strips? Let’s talk about where the best places are to produce them and why. LED Strip Lights Manufacturer in China Professional LED Strip Light Supplier Fully Customized LED Strip Lights Realizing Your Amazing LED Light Strip Projects … Per saperne di più

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    Come vengono prodotte le strisce luminose a LED?

    Di Jerry Hu | 9 maggio 2022 | 0 Commenti

    LED lights are more and more used in our everyday life. They can be seen everywhere, such as indoor decorations, Christmas decorations,s and so on. They are replaced by traditional lamps gradually. But do you know how to make the led strip light in the factory? Although the LED is a kind of new product, the making process is still … Per saperne di più

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    Chi è il più grande produttore di luci a LED?

    Di Jerry Hu | 7 maggio 2022 | 0 Commenti

    There are many LED manufacturers in the world. Most of them will offer great available prices and products. However, if you are the one who is sourcing LED lights from the market, you’d better know some led light manufacturers. Here’s what you need to know if you work in the industry. Otherwise, you’re out of your depth. Section: Osram Section: … Per saperne di più

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    Guida all'acquisto di luci per armadi a LED

    Di Jerry Hu | 13 febbraio 2022 | 1 Commento

    Why do you need a LED closet light? In 2021, after the lighting without the main light was warmly sought after by domestic home improvement lighting designers, there has also been a fashion trend in the field of local lighting and cabinet lighting. In the design of lighting scenes without main lights, the installation of cabinet lights in the kitchen … Per saperne di più

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    Cos'è la luce dell'armadio?

    Di Jerry Hu | 12 febbraio 2022 | 1 Commento

    What is LED Cabinet Light? From the general definition, the lamps and lanterns used in the cabinet are called cabinet lamps, which was first applied in its works by Bentley Mike, master of American lamplight lighting design. Mike has been advocating that different lamplight has different functions, which can bring different lighting effects to the space. This concept, Lightstec lighting … Per saperne di più

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    Scegliere l'alimentatore LED giusto per le strisce LED

    Di Jerry Hu | 8 febbraio 2022 | 0 Commenti

    When you are using the LED strip lights, you need a LED power supply. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the right LED power for LED strips and how to connect the strip lights to the power supply. When you are doing a lighting project or DIY for your home lighting, you need to consider choosing … Per saperne di più

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    Quanti diversi tipi di strisce LED ci sono?

    Di Jerry Hu | 7 settembre 2021 | 12 Commenti

    LED strip light is a very popular lighting material in home decoration. It is easy to install in the ceiling, in the cabinet, around the mirror, etc. Choosing a LED strip light is a smart choice. It can provide more brightness than traditional blub. And it is efficient and durable. Article Guide 1, What is LED strip light? LED strip … Per saperne di più

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    Caduta di tensione della striscia LED: DC12V VS DC24V

    Di Jerry Hu | 26 giugno 2018 | 3 Commenti

    LED strip light PCB is made of copper. As we know, copper has electrical resistivity. That means when we use the PCB longer, then the voltage will be less in the end than in the beginning. We should think about how to avoid the voltage drop. Many customers will have the question, How long can we use the led strip … Per saperne di più

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    Le strisce luminose a LED possono prendere fuoco?

    Di Jerry Hu | 4 settembre 2021 | 2 Commenti

    Many people have heard that light fixtures can cause fires. It was an accident, but it was true. The traditional light fixtures could cause an accident because of overheat. We now use more and more led products, such as LED strip lights, LED linear light, LED neon flex, etc. So the question is Can LED strip lights overheat and catch … Per saperne di più

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    attenua la tua striscia di luce a led

    Come attenuare la luce della striscia led? (Guida ultra dimmerabile)

    Di Jerry Hu | 18 luglio 2019 | 9 Commenti

    In many lighting projects, it needs a dimming function. So when we using led strip light, we need to think about the dimmable led strip light, dimmable power supply, dimmable controller, and dimmer. This post will show you how many ways we can dim the led strip light. And how to use the dimmer with a dimmable controller/driver to dim … Per saperne di più

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    Quali sono le differenze tra le strisce luminose a led e le luci a fune a led?

    Di Jerry Hu | 2 settembre 2021 | 1 Commento

    Nowadays, more and more people use led lights for homes, hotels, shopping malls, offices, etc. LED strip lights and LED rope lights are the two most commonly used lighting materials. In this article, we will check what is different between them. 1. What is LED strip light and LED rope light? LED Strip Lights LED strip light is made by … Per saperne di più

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