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    Što je Madrix LED traka?

    Od Jerry hu | 18. svibnja 2024 | 0 komentara

    Madrix LED Strip The Madrix LED Strip is a smart LED light strip developed by the Madrix Company, controlled via the Madrix programming software, which combines advanced technology with modern design. It utilizes high-quality LED beads that emit soft and uniform light, capable of displaying a wide array of vibrant colors and effects. Users can easily adjust the color, brightness, … Čitaj više

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    Odabir pravog LED napajanja za LED svjetla

    Od Jerry hu | 8. veljače 2022 | 1 komentar

    When you are using the LED strip lights, you need a LED power supply. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the right LED power for LED strips and how to connect the strip lights to the power supply. When you are doing a lighting project or DIY for your home lighting, you need to consider choosing … Čitaj više

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    Postavite neonske led trake

    Kako postaviti silikonske LED trake?

    Od Jerry hu | 17. svibnja 2024 | 0 komentara

    Installing silicone LED strips is a relatively straightforward task that requires some basic skills and tools. Here is a detailed guide to help you understand how to install silicone LED strips. Article Guide Tools and Materials Silicone LED strips Power adapter Wiring terminals or connectors Double-sided tape or adhesive backing Scissors Ruler Pen or marking tool Screwdriver or drill (if … Čitaj više

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    čarobne led trake

    RGB trake naspram čarobnih LED traka: vodič za odabir prave LED trake za vas

    Od Jerry hu | 13. svibnja 2024 | 0 komentara

    A New Dimension in Home Lighting In the realm of home lighting, RGB and Magic LED strips are adding infinite possibilities to spaces with their unique colors and flexibility. But what sets them apart? How do you pick the right strip for you? Let’s delve into it. Article Guide RGB Strips vs. Magic LED Strips RGB Strips: Adjustable Colors: RGB … Čitaj više

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    36v led traka svjetla

    Klasifikacija i primjena svjetiljki s LED trakama od 36 V

    Od Jerry hu | 11. svibnja 2024 | 0 komentara

    Does LED strip lights have DC36V ? LED strip lights have DC36V. Many lighting project need longer length strips. DC36V is a good choose. Normally, LED strip light have DC5V, DC12V, DC24V. DC36V led strips less. This need custom made . Article Guide 1.LED Strip Voltage Types: High Voltage: Typically operates at 220V household voltage, known as AC strips. … Čitaj više

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    Neravnomjerno osvjetljenje LED trake

    Uzroci i rješenja za neravnomjerno osvjetljenje LED trake

    Od Jerry hu | 12. svibnja 2024 | 0 komentara

    LED light strips are cool for making a room look awesome. But sometimes, the lights might not shine the same everywhere, and that’s not so great. Good news: you can fix it yourself with just a few easy steps! In this guide, we’ll give you some handy tricks to make your LED light strips look nice and even again. No … Čitaj više

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    Rješavanje problema s rasvjetom LED trake

    Zašto moja LED traka ne svijetli dovoljno? (Rješenja)

    Od Jerry hu | 11. svibnja 2024 | 2 komentara

    The article serves as an in-depth troubleshooting resource for LED strip lighting, specifically targeting dimming issues. It identifies main culprits like inadequate power, loose connections, and voltage instability. Proposed fixes include verifying power inputs, securing connections, and employing voltage stabilizers. Additionally, it advises on the value of premium LED strip selection and the merits of professional intervention for intricate issues. … Čitaj više

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    COB led trake

    Koje su razlike između COB led traka i SMD led traka?

    Od Jerry hu | 10. svibnja 2024 | 0 komentara

    COB (Chip On Board) LED strips and SMD (Surface-Mounted Device) LED strip lights are both types of LED lighting, but they differ in their construction, performance, and application suitability. Here’s a detailed comparison: Article Guide 1.LED Packaging Technology: COB LED Strips: These strips feature multiple LED chips directly mounted and encapsulated on a single substrate or board, which is then … Čitaj više

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    COB led trake

    Kako instalirati COB LED svjetlo?

    Od Jerry hu | 10. svibnja 2024 | 1 komentar

    Step-by-Step Instructions for COB led strip lights Installation Introduction: COB LED strip lights are revolutionizing the lighting industry with their high-density light output, uniform illumination, and energy-efficient performance. If you’re looking to enhance your space with this advanced lighting solution, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of installing COB LED strip lights with ease. Article Guide Step … Čitaj više

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    LED traka osvijetli vaš dom

    8 načina da osvijetlite svoj dom s LED trakama

    Od Jerry hu | 6. srpnja 2022 | 0 komentara

    Have you ever thought of lighting up your home with led strip light? Led strip lights have a lot of things above the common light. These lighting strips have so many benefits that one can’t even imagine. Find out about them! 1,Lighting Up Your Entryway Lighting up your entryway is a great way to welcome guests into your home. Instead … Čitaj više

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    trakasto svjetlo na baterije

    Kako napajati LED traku s baterijom? (Ultra vodič)

    Od Jerry hu | 25. lipnja 2019 | 18 komentara

    Why I need to use battery to power the led strip light? There are some place not easy wiring and not easy using AC220V power.Just in some places like basement,cabinets and closets under sinks,drawers,under cabinets,garages,camping and inside cars.This place are not easy access power. As we know,some led lights can use battery.Just like flashlight,camping light,some decorate light,some gift light.So the … Čitaj više

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    Led pojmovnik

    Od Jerry hu | 14. ožujka 2019 | 2 komentara

    Lumen (lm) – Lumen is the measurement of brightness as perceived to the human eye. We are accustomed to using watts to measure the “brightness of light” because of incandescent lighting use. Today, we use lumen. Lumen is the most important variable when choosing your strip light. Thehigher the number, the brighter the light will be. Ensure that the strips you … Čitaj više

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    baterijske led trake

    Kako spojiti LED traku bez utikača

    Od Jerry hu | 12. travnja 2024 | 3 komentara

    The use of LED light strips is very wide, and we sometimes can’t plug in directly for some environments. For example, outdoor use, or the use of the environment can not be powered, then we must consider the use of battery power. Article Guide To achieve battery-powered LED strips instead of direct plug-in usage, several methods can be considered: 1. … Čitaj više

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    koju temperaturu boje možemo napraviti

    Koju LED temperaturu boje možemo ponuditi

    Od Jerry hu | 27. lipnja 2018 | 15 komentara

    Led the most important is the color temperature. Customer order the led strip light and led linear light , they will let us know what color they want. That is important for us to make the right products to customer.We can know some more in this post about CCT. Then we can know what led color temperature we can offer. … Čitaj više

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    Kako montirati led aluminijski profil?

    Od Jerry hu | 12. srpnja 2018 | 4 komentara

    Led aluminum profile using LED strip light, they are widely used in projects. Such as cabinet lighting, kitchen lighting, show box lighting, shopping mall lighting. Sometimes, customers ask us such as how to cut the led aluminum profile? How to install the led strip light in the led aluminum profile? From this video, we can know how to use and … Čitaj više

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    Najbolji dobavljač svjetla za LED trake u Ujedinjenom Kraljevstvu

    Od Jerry hu | 19. veljače 2020 | 2 komentara

    “Top LED Light Strips Supplier In UK” Find your reliable LED strip light manufacturer in UK Looking for LED strip light manufacturers in the UK? We provided a list of top LED light suppliers for you to choose from. Check them choose the right one here! PS: If you need to find an LED strip light factory from China, Lightstec … Čitaj više

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    rezati profil strojem za rezanje

    Kako izrezati Led aluminijski profil po duljini?

    Od Jerry hu | 27. veljače 2019 | 12 komentara

    The led aluminum extrusions material is in 2 meter or 3 meter length normally.In most of the projects,custom-made length is required.You need to cut the aluminum profile to the correct length with cutting machine or hand saw. There is a simple guide to teach you how to cut the led profile in the correct length step by step. 1.Slide the … Čitaj više

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    Uvezite Led aluminijski profil iz Kine

    Od Jerry hu | 17. srpnja 2019 | 15 komentara

    Led Linear light profile buying guide LED aluminum profile is a lighting material using with strip light. It is using in architecture lighting, Furniture lighting, advertising lighting, etc. Now it is a very popular lighting material in the lighting business. Import led aluminum profile from China is a good choice. Lightstec is a leading led aluminum profile manufacturer in China. … Čitaj više

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    jednobojne led trake

    Kineski proizvođač LED traka u boji

    Od Jerry hu | 1. travnja 2024 | 9 komentara

    China Color LED Strip Light Supplier & Manufacturer keywords: Lightstec , China, supplier , manufacturer,LED strip light,2700K, 6500K, warm white , natural white , cool white , red , green , blue Lightstec is a prominent supplier and manufacturer of LED strip lights in China. They offer a wide range of high-quality LED strip lights, including warm white (2700K), natural … Čitaj više

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    Gdje se proizvode LED svjetla?

    Od Jerry hu | 7. svibnja 2022 | 2 komentara

    Are you looking for a flexible LED strip light manufacturing center in China? Do you know where to find places to manufacture light strips? Let’s talk about where the best places are to produce them and why. LED Strip Lights Manufacturer in China Professional LED Strip Light Supplier Fully Customized LED Strip Lights Realizing Your Amazing LED Light Strip Projects … Čitaj više

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    Najbolje ideje za LED traku: 21 COOL aplikacija za sobnu rasvjetu

    Od Jerry hu | 24. ožujka 2020 | 185 komentara

    The LED strip lights are very popular materials in lighting decoration. People are very happy using this light strip when they light up their rooms, cars, and many things they want to light. The effect is awesome! You need to know what is the best LED strip light ideas. LED light strips have a variety of applications. Here we are … Čitaj više

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    LED-svjetlosna traka-SMT-proces

    Kako se proizvode LED svjetla?

    Od Jerry hu | 9. svibnja 2022 | 3 komentara

    LED lights are more and more used in our everyday life. They can be seen everywhere, such as indoor decorations, Christmas decorations,s and so on. They are replaced by traditional lamps gradually. But do you know how to make the led strip light in the factory? Although the LED is a kind of new product, the making process is still … Čitaj više

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    101 FAQ o LED traci

    Od Jerry hu | 25. kolovoza 2018 | 17 komentara

    This post is for FAQ of led strip lights.Just like a led strip light wikipedia.We have summary many questions from client and give an answer.You can learn led strip light knowledge here.Hope this post can help you. Notice: This post is long content, you can use “Ctrl+F” to find some keyword you want to know. This article is listed below: … Čitaj više

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    Linearno LED svjetlo s manje točkica

    Od Jerry hu | 23. srpnja 2019 | 3 komentara

    Led strip light is one led by one assemble in the surface of PCB board.So normally the led strip light seems one dot by one dot. When we install the led strip light in aluminum profile,we need dotless led strip light.Then will make dot free led linear light. High request led linear light are need dot less appearance.Then we need … Čitaj više

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    LED linearno svjetlosno rješenje

    Rješenja LED linearnog svjetla (ažuriranje 2022.)

    Od Jerry hu | October 14, 2018 | 15 komentara

    1.What is led linear light? Led linear light is make by led strip light source,led aluminum profile and led driver power supply.Similar as led tube.It is a very popular led lighting systems. 2.How many length can led linear light make? It have a widely applications.Led linear light bars can make in many different size, normally 4 ft ,6ft,8ft for commercial … Čitaj više

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    Kako kupiti odgovarajuću kvalitetu, ALI malu količinu LED svjetla iz Kine: Potpuni vodič tvrtke Lightstec

    Od Jerry hu | 29. srpnja 2018 | 9 komentara

    Many people doing lighting business around the world.Sometimes they want to buy small quantity led lights,such as led strip lights,led tube,led floodlight,led bulbs from China for their business.But most of them don’t have many experience.They think that is a easy job:find a Chinese led factory,buy led products in low price,ship home and sell high price in their projects. But the … Čitaj više

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    Kako kupiti led svjetla iz Kine? (Vodič za uvoz Led 2022.)

    Od Jerry hu | 3. ožujka 2020 | 75 komentara

    When we are doing lighting business,we have to know where we can get the high quality products.Stable sources of supply are very important. China have whole led lighting industry chain.Normally,lighting material including lighting sources,housing profile,driver.Customers all over the world are buy led lights from China.So if you are a buyer,you need to think about import led light from China. There … Čitaj više

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    6 načina da saznate kvalitetu svjetla LED trake

    Od Jerry hu | 12. srpnja 2018 | 9 komentara

    When you are sourcing led strip light from China.Led strip light is well know as lighting material. It is used widely use in home, hotel, office and all around us.Led quality is very important to led strip light lifespan. Then we have 6 ways to compare the LED Quality. 1. LED Bin If the color temperature and Voltage bin are … Čitaj više

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    Kvaliteta PCB-a LED trake svjetla: dvostrana VS jednostrana

    Od Jerry hu | 12. srpnja 2018 | 3 komentara

    Now led strip light PCB have many kinds, double layer PCB, single layer PCB, rolled copper foil, plating copper. Best double layer PCB can bear large current, very good heat dissipation and has high stable we need to know What the is the difference between double layer PCB and single layer PCB of the led strip? 1. Flexible LED … Čitaj više

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    Kako odabrati kvalitetniju led traku?

    Od Jerry hu | 2. svibnja 2018 | 15 komentara

    Led strip light is a very popular lighting material in the market. Many buyer finding quality led strip light all over the world.We meet then in Canton Fair , HongKong lighting fair ,Frankfurt Lighting+Building fair. You need to quickly to check in the fair ,which company led strip light is the right quality led strip light .Otherwise you will buy … Čitaj više

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