What is difference between double side PCB and single side PCB of led strip?

led-strip-light-single-side-pcb-vs-double-side-pcbNow led strip light pcb have many kinds ,double layer pcb ,single layer pcb,rolled copper foil,plating copper.Best double layer PCB can bear large current, very good heat dissipation and has high stable quality.so we need to know What is difference between double layer PCB and single layer PCB of led strip?

1. Flexible LED Strip PCB thickness

led-pcb-thinknessDouble layer PCB and single layer pcb thickness mainly is cooper thickness.
single layer PCB thickness is < 1 ounce thickness.
Best Double layer PCB thickness is 2 ounce cooper thickness
In the market, there are also 1 ounce double layer pcb thickness

2. Hand Feeling

flexible led pcb

Without 3M Tape, you needs to judge the led strip pcb quality by hands.
The double layer PCB feel a little thick and hard and heavier than single layer led strip; it feel very good quality
The single layer PCB feel thin, no weight, very soft. it is easy to be blown by wind.

3. Circuit at Backside

low-quality-single-layer-PCBdouble layer PCB of high quality led strip must have circuit on front layer and backside;
single layer pcb don’t have any circuit on the backside

4. the last point you may don’t know

important-noticeBest double layer PCB cover a a layer of film on the front layer and backside. it feels hard and not very smooth. but in the market, some factories reduce the cost and price to make a film at the front side and an layer of oil at the backside.for single layer pcb, it must covers an layer of oil. it touch very smooth and have reflectors under the light, please see our second photo.
you must know, the pcb with a film is better than with the oil. it will be helpful for SMD led strip light to get very good heat dissipation and long working life.

From the guide, The above are basic experience to judge the led strip lighting quality. still, higher quality it has, higher price it is!

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