RGB Color Change Series

ИП33, ИП55, ИП65, ИП67 Водоотпорна верзија
Улаз ДЦ12В, ДЦ24В верзија са константним напоном
Различити типови ЛЕД трака СМД5050 за опције

Professional RGB LED Light Strips Manufacturer

Looking for RGB LED strip light? Lightstec offers 30LED/M,60LED/M color change LED strip light for both indoor and outdoor use.5050 constant voltage LED strip light series. Lightstec 5050 ЛЕД трака светло series is high brightness led strip light. 60ma,18-20lm each led. Ra80 and Ra90 were available. DC12V and DC24V vision. 60led/m 14.4W LED strip light is widely used in hotels, shopping malls, kitchen illuminating. The customized length and customized design are warmly welcome.

Модел бр ЛТ-5050РГБ30Р-В12 ЛТ-5050РГБ60Р-В12 ЛТ-5050РГБ60Р-В24
СМД Типе Епистар 5050 РГБ Епистар 5050РГБ Епистар 5050РГБ
Улазни напон ДЦ12В ДЦ12В ДЦ24В
ЛЕД К'ти 30ЛЕДс/м 60ЛЕДс/м 60ЛЕДс/м
Снага/м 7.2В/М 14,4В/М 14,4В/М
Максимална струја / ЛЕД 60мА 60мА 60мА
СМД ЛЕД размак 33.3мм 16.6ММ 16.6ММ
Лумен / м 180ЛМ 360ЛМ 360ЛМ
ЦРИ(Ра) .- .- .-
Минимална дужина за сечење 100мм 50мм 100мм
ПЦБ Видтх 10мм 10мм 10мм
Енергетски разред А А А
Гаранција 3 године 3 године 3 године
Радни сат 30000х 30000х 30000х
Угао осветљења 120° 120° 120°
Радна температура .-20℃~+45℃ .-20℃~+45℃ .-20℃~+45℃

Једноставна упоредна техничка листа

Модел бр ЛЕД К'ти
ЛЕД боја
Максимална снага
Мин цуттабле
Мак Цуррент
ПЦБ Видтх
ЛТ-5050РГБ30Р-В12 30 РГБ 7.2 ДЦ12В 33.3мм 100мм 60ма 10мм
ЛТ-5050РГБ60Р-В12 60 РГБ 14.4 ДЦ12В 16.6мм 50мм 60ма 10мм
ЛТ-5050РГБ60Р-В24 60 РГБ 14.4 ДЦ24В 16.6мм 100мм 60ма 10мм


ЛЕД СМД 5050 РГБ серија боја Лед тракасто светло, 30 ЛЕД по метру, ДЦ12В


ЛЕД СМД 5050 РГБ серија боја Лед тракасто светло, 60 ЛЕД по метру, ДЦ12В


ЛЕД СМД 5050 РГБ серија боја ЛЕД трака светло, 60 ЛЕД по метру, ДЦ24В

Importing RGB LED Strip Lights From China: The Definitive Buying Guide

RGB led strip lights are used all around us.RGB led strip light can be used in our room ceiling for decoration. It can be used for the advertising board. It can be used for led linear light. And it can be used for entertainment venues.

So when you are sourcing RGB led strip lights from China, you need to know how to choose a high quality and affordable RGB led strip lights.

What is the RGB LED strip light?

ЛТ-5050РГБ60Р-В12RGB led strip lights are the LED strip lights use red, green, blue led chips in one led strip light. Someone call this stirp light color changeable LED strip lights,color changing LED strip lights.

RGB led strip lights can be used 5050RGB LED. This is 3 chips in one led.5050RGB led is the most led chips for RGB led strip lights.

RGB led strip lights can be used SMD3528 red color, green color, and blue color separate. This also uses in some economy led strip light. Same led qty in one meter, SMD3528 RGB led strip lights will lower than SMD5050 RGB led strip lights.

RGB led strip lights can be used SMD2835 red color, green color, and blue color. And this can be used side view 3014 red, green, blue color led chips.

All in one, RGB LED strip lights are have 3 colors in one led strip light. You can use different kinds of LED chips.

How many types of waterproof level RGB LED strip lights do you have?

RGB-silicon-led-tape-lightThere are 3 types of waterproof level RGB strip light we have.
IP20 or IP33 RGB led strip lights
This is no waterproof RGB strip light. This is for indoor use. It can use for room ceiling, cabinet light, kitchen light, TV backlighting, PC table lighting.
IP55 RGB led strip lights
This is a silicon glue in the RGB strip light surface. It can protect some humidity. And the color effection is better than IP20. Normally it is also for indoor use.
IP65 RGB led strip lights
These RGB led strip lights to have a silicon tube outside. It can protect raining. So this use for the kitchen, shower room, balcony, and veranda.
IP67 RGB led strip lights
This RGB led strip light is made by injection molding. It is made by an extrusion process. This same version is IP65 strip light. But IP67 strip light has glue inside the silicon tube. This is better waterproof than IP65. It can use for swimming pools or other places outside.

Do you have rigid RGB LED strip light?

Rigid RGB led strip lights are make by FR4 PCB. We also have flexible RGB led strip light. This can be used with led aluminum profiles.

Can I custom make RGB led strip lights kit?

Yes, you can select different kinds of RGB led strip light, different RGB controller, different RGB adapter. You can design your own color box for RGB led strip lights.
Custom made RGB led strip light kits are sold most on Amazon, Aliexpress,eBay, Wish, Wal-Mart, HomeDepot.

How can I cut and connect the RGB LED strip lights?

You can see a cut mark on the PCB board. You can use a scissor to cut the RGB strip light you need.
After cutting the strip light, you can use our RGB strip light connector to connect them together.
You can use the RGB connector connect 2 pcs RGB strip light. You also can use the RGB connector with wires to connect the strip light with RGB controller.

How can you control the RGB LED strip lights?

РГБ-контролер-за осветљење аутомобилаRGB led strip lights can be controlled by different types of РГБ контролер. When you use the RGB controller, you have to follow the RGB led strip light instructions. That you can easily use the controller.

Types of RGB LED strip light controllers

There are many kinds of RGB led strip controller in the market. Here will show you some types.

1, Remote controller for RGB LED strips

RF RGB controller is the best sale RGB strip controller. It is easy using. Normally, it has many models inside the controller. You can choose different color changing, different flashing, different running speeds, and you can control the brightness of the strip light.

2, Inline controller for RGB LED strips

Inline controller is normally used for RGB led strip light kits. It is a smaller RGB controller. You can easily connect the connector with strips light and power adapter. Normally the power is not big. You can use for one or two rolls of RGB strip lights.

3, Bluetooth controller for RGB strips

There are new kinds of controllers that can use Bluetooth to control the RGB strip light. You can use your mobile phone to scan the code on the controller. That is an easy way to control the RGB strip light.

4, Mobile phone APP for RGB strip lights

Now many RGB controllers have APP. After installing the APP, you can easily control the RGB strip light without a controller.

5, DMX controller for RGB LED strips

For some big lighting projects, we need to use DMX512 controller for RGB LED strip lights. KTV lighting, building outside lighting.DMX512 is a professional RGB controller,it can give more function for people to control the RGB strip light color changing.


When you are sourcing the RGB led strip light, you need to know the purpose of the application, how to control the RGB strip light, cost of the RGB strip light. Then you can find the best RGB strip light for your lighting project.

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