Hoe u flikkeringen in uw LED-stripverlichting kunt elimineren met Lightstec

Introduction: Are you tired of dealing with annoying flickering in your LED strip lights? At Lightstec, we understand the frustration and have the solutions you need. Discover how to stop LED strip lights from flickering with our expert guidance and high-quality products. Article Guide 1. Types of Flickering in LED Strip Lights Intermittent Flickering: This type of flickering is characterized by brief, irregular interruptions in the light output. It can be caused by issues like loose connections, voltage instability, or faulty components. Constant Flickering: When the LED strip lights … Lees verder


LED-stripverlichting Accessoires voor snelle connectoren

There is an expansive variety of LED tape lights on the market today, featuring various PCB widths, color temperatures, and IP ratings. Do any compatible connectors exist for them? When you are buying LED connectors from China manufacturers, Read this article to gain more insight. LED strip light connectors play a crucial role in ensuring a secure and reliable connection between LED strip lights. When purchasing LED strip light connectors from China, it’s essential to understand their purpose, types available, and considerations for the procurement process. In this … Lees verder

Top 10 Led-stripverlichting Overwegingen voor buiten

When we use led strip lights outdoor, there are many things we should consider, especially related to the environment. Here is an article that gives you details about what you need to think about when using led strip lights outdoor. Article Guide Section: Easy To Install: Strip lights are the perfect way to light up your home and garden. They can be used indoors or outdoors and they are easy to install. The strip lights we carry at Eurolite are available in a single color, RGB, or white/color … Lees verder

Alles wat u zou willen weten over COB-ledstrips - uit de fabriek

warm witte led-strips

This guide is all about COB led strip. You’ll learn everything you need to know before buying one and how to effectively use this strip for maximum benefits. Article Guide What is COB? Lightstec is a professional COB led strip light manufacturer. Here will tell you something about COB strip lights. COB stands for Chip on Board in the LED field, which basically means that the LED chip is packaged directly on the circuit board (PCB). “Chip on Board” LEDs for flexible strip lights are sometimes referred to … Lees verder

De verlichting van uw huis omzetten in LED-verlichting: is het het waard?

thuis led licht

How many times have you replaced your burnt out incandescent bulb this year? If you can’t even remember because you’ve done it countless times already, it may be high time to consider switching to LED light bulbs. LED bulbs are well-loved in many households because they are cost-effective and energy-efficient home fixtures on top of being available in many warm shades so they are perfect for setting the mood in your home. And yet, many are still doubtful if switching to LEDs is truly worth it. Should you make … Lees verder

8 manieren om uw huis te verlichten met LED-stripverlichting

LED-strip verlicht je huis

Have you ever thought of lighting up your home with led strip light? Led strip lights have a lot of things above the common light. These lighting strips have so many benefits that one can’t even imagine. Find out about them! 1,Lighting Up Your Entryway Lighting up your entryway is a great way to welcome guests into your home. Instead of using a traditional light source, you can use LED strip lights to illuminate your doorway. This is a perfect way to add some ambiance to any room … Lees verder

8 totaal verschillende manieren om LED-stripverlichting te dimmen


If you’re looking to learn more about Dimming LED Strip Lights and dimmable drivers, then this article is for you. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information on the internet. To complicate matters, a lot of it is wrong, out-of-date, or just plain mixed up. And what’s worse is that almost all of it assumes that you already have some knowledge and experience in electronics. In this article we’ll cover the many different ways you can dim your LED light strips, including TRIAC and … Lees verder

Hoe worden LED-stripverlichting vervaardigd?


LED lights are more and more used in our everyday life. They can be seen everywhere, such as indoor decorations, Christmas decorations,s and so on. They are replaced by traditional lamps gradually. But do you know how to make the led strip light in the factory? Although the LED is a kind of new product, the making process is still the same as other regular products. So how do we make the LED lights? What is a LED Strip Light? Where can we use the LED strip light? … Lees verder

LED Light Strip Connection Guide: een handige blog over het aansluiten van LED Light Strips

Aansluiting van LED-strips

Whether you are an electrician or just want to know how to connect LED light strips, this is the blog for you. I will teach you how to connect LED light strips with ease. It is a 5-minute task and anyone can do it. All you need to do is solder the ends of each strip together, as well as make sure that the end/ outgoing wires are connected to one particular strip connected to the ground for maximum lighting efficiency and brightness. Section: How to Connect LED … Lees verder

Waar worden LED-stripverlichting vervaardigd?


Are you looking for a flexible LED strip light manufacturing center in China? Do you know where to find places to manufacture light strips? Let’s talk about where the best places are to produce them and why. LED Strip Lights Manufacturer in China Professional LED Strip Light Supplier Fully Customized LED Strip Lights Realizing Your Amazing LED Light Strip Projects We Control the Quality of LED strip lights Conclusion LED Strip Lights Manufacturer in China LED strip lights are made from a light source, which is generally an … Lees verder

Wie is de grootste fabrikant van LED-verlichting?


There are many LED manufacturers in the world. Most of them will offer great available prices and products. However, if you are the one who is sourcing LED lights from the market, you’d better know some led light manufacturers. Here’s what you need to know if you work in the industry. Otherwise, you’re out of your depth. Section: Osram Section: Cree Section: Philips Lumileds Section: Samsung Electronics Section: NICHIA Corp. Section: GE Lighting Solutions Section: BRIDGELUX, Inc. Section: Zumtobel Group Conclusion Osram https://www.osram.com/ Osram is a German lighting … Lees verder

Koopgids voor led-kastverlichting


Waarom heb je een LED-kastlamp nodig? In 2021, nadat verlichting zonder hoofdlicht zeer gewild was onder ontwerpers van verlichting voor woningverbetering, was er ook een modetrend op het gebied van lokale verlichting en kastverlichting. Bij het ontwerpen van lichtscènes zonder hoofdverlichting is de installatie van kastverlichting in de keuken het populairst, en de tweede is het installeren van intelligente sensorkastverlichting in de slaapkamergarderobe. Ik geloof dat er nog steeds veel vrienden zijn die zich afvragen... Lees verder

Wat is Cabinet Light?


Wat is LED-kastverlichting? Volgens de algemene definitie worden de lampen en lantaarns die in de kast worden gebruikt kastlampen genoemd, die voor het eerst in zijn werk werden toegepast door Bentley Mike, meester van het Amerikaanse lamplichtverlichtingsontwerp. Mike pleit ervoor dat verschillend lamplicht verschillende functies heeft, waardoor verschillende lichteffecten in de ruimte kunnen ontstaan. Dit concept, Lightstec-verlichting bij huishoudelijk gebruik van 12 jaar om te promoten, eindelijk “lampen en lantaarns en meubels perfecte combinatie” dit concept aan het publiek gepresenteerd, kastlamp deze speciale … Lees verder

De juiste LED-voeding kiezen voor LED-stripverlichting

keuzegeleide voeding

Wanneer u gebruik maakt van de LED stripverlichting heeft u een LED voeding nodig. In dit artikel vertellen wij u hoe u de juiste LED-voeding voor LED-strips kiest en hoe u de stripverlichting op de voeding aansluit. Wanneer u een verlichtingsproject of doe-het-zelf-project voor de verlichting van uw huis uitvoert, moet u overwegen om de perfecte LED-voeding te kiezen. Waterdichte driver of indoor driver, DC12V OF DC24V driver, grote wattage driver of kleine driver, enz. De juiste voeding biedt u veiligheid… Lees verder

Hoeveel verschillende soorten LED-stripverlichting zijn er?


LED strip light is a very popular lighting material in home decoration. It is easy to install in the ceiling, in the cabinet, around the mirror, etc. Choosing a LED strip light is a smart choice. It can provide more brightness than traditional blub. And it is efficient and durable. Article Guide 1, What is LED strip light? LED strip light is made by LED, PCB, resistance, IC, wires, PVC or silicon material,3M tape, etc. It is like a strip, so people call it strip light or tape … Lees verder

Kunnen LED-striplichten vlam vatten?


Many people have heard that light fixtures can cause fires. It was an accident, but it was true. The traditional light fixtures could cause an accident because of overheat. We now use more and more led products, such as LED strip lights, LED linear light, LED neon flex, etc. So the question is Can LED strip lights overheat and catch fire? We know that led strip lights are made by LED, PCB, resistant, etc. It’s low wattage per meter. It is approx 1w/m to 30w/m.The low-voltage led strips … Lees verder

Wat zijn de verschillen tussen led stripverlichting en led touwverlichting?


Nowadays, more and more people use led lights for homes, hotels, shopping malls, offices, etc. LED strip lights and LED rope lights are the two most commonly used lighting materials. In this article, we will check what is different between them. 1. What is LED strip light and LED rope light? LED Strip Lights LED strip light is made by SMD LED, PCB, resistance,3M tape, wires, and sometimes with IC. It comes flat, flexible, long run, 3M tape backside. It is easy for lighting. You can check the … Lees verder

Beste ideeën voor ledstripverlichting: 21 COOL-toepassingen voor kamerverlichting


The LED strip lights are very popular materials in lighting decoration. People are very happy using this light strip when they light up their rooms, cars, and many things they want to light. The effect is awesome! You need to know what is the best LED strip light ideas. LED light strips have a variety of applications. Here we are listing 21 COOL LED light strip ideas that you can work on using LED strip light. LED strip light has many kinds. Single-color, CCT change, RGB led strip … Lees verder

Beste leverancier van ledstripverlichting in de VAE

Leverancier van ledstrips in Dubai

Vind uw betrouwbare fabrikant van LED-stripverlichting in de VAE. Er zijn veel goede leveranciers van led-lichtstrips in de VAE, hier zullen we u enkele keuzes geven. Op zoek naar fabrikanten van LED-stripverlichting in Dubai, Verenigde Arabische Emiraten? We hebben een lijst met de beste LED-lichtleveranciers in Dubai, VAE voor u samengesteld waaruit u kunt kiezen. Controleer of ze hier de juiste kiezen! Er zijn veel topleveranciers van led-lichtstrips in de Verenigde Arabische Emiraten. Het inkopen van striplicht van de lokale markt is handig voor uw communicatie- en bezorggoederen. PS: Als... Lees verder

Dood Coronavirus - Fabrikant van UV-lampen in China


Het coronavirus is een menselijke plaag. De overheid en de samenleving proberen het virus te doden. We moeten ons best doen om onszelf te beschermen. Meerdere keren per dag gebruiken we ontsmettingsmiddel om toonbanken, balustrades, tafelbladen en andere oppervlakken schoon te spuiten. Dat zal veel beschermingsmaterialen gebruiken. Nu is er overal een tekort aan beschermingsmaterialen. Ongeacht het masker of de thermometer. UV-licht kan 99,9% van de bacteriën en virussen doden. Dat betekent dat je UV-licht kunt gebruiken om de virussen in je masker en thermometer te doden en de … Lees verder

Hoe led-verlichting uit China kopen? (Import Led Guide in 2022)


Wanneer we verlichtingszaken doen, moeten we weten waar we de producten van hoge kwaliteit kunnen krijgen. Stabiele leveringsbronnen zijn erg belangrijk. China heeft een hele led-verlichtingsindustrieketen. Normaal gesproken, verlichtingsmateriaal inclusief lichtbronnen, behuizingsprofiel, driver. Klanten over de hele wereld kopen led-verlichting uit China. Dus als u een koper bent, moet u nadenken over geïmporteerd led-licht uit China . Er zijn enkele verwarrende zaken die u moet oplossen voordat u met uw importbedrijf begint. 1, Er zijn veel soorten led-verlichting op de markt. Hoe weet u welke de beste is ... Lees verder

Beste leverancier van ledstripverlichting in Australië

Vind uw betrouwbare fabrikant van LED-stripverlichting in Australië Op zoek naar fabrikanten van LED-stripverlichting in Australië? We hebben een lijst met de beste AU LED-lichtleveranciers voor u samengesteld waaruit u kunt kiezen. Controleer of ze hier de juiste kiezen! Er zijn veel topleveranciers van led-lichtstrips in Australië. Het inkopen van striplicht van de lokale markt is handig voor uw communicatie- en leveringsgoederen. PS: Als u een LED-stripverlichtingsfabriek uit China moet vinden, is Lightstec een van de beste opties. 2835 led-lichtstijgbeugels … Lees verder

Beste leverancier van ledstripverlichting in de VS


Vind uw betrouwbare LED-stripverlichtingsfabrikant in de VS Op zoek naar LED-stripverlichtingsfabrikanten in de VS? We hebben een lijst met topleveranciers van LED-verlichting voor u samengesteld waaruit u kunt kiezen. Controleer of ze hier de juiste kiezen! Er zijn veel topleveranciers van led-lichtstrips in de Verenigde Staten van Amerika. Het inkopen van striplicht van de lokale markt is handig voor uw communicatie- en leveringsgoederen. PS: Als u een LED-stripverlichtingsfabriek uit China moet vinden, is Lightstec een van de beste … Lees verder

Beste leverancier van ledstripverlichting in het VK


"Top leverancier van LED-lichtstrips in het VK" Vind uw betrouwbare fabrikant van LED-stripverlichting in het VK Op zoek naar fabrikanten van LED-stripverlichting in het VK? We hebben een lijst met topleveranciers van LED-verlichting voor u samengesteld waaruit u kunt kiezen. Controleer of ze hier de juiste kiezen! PS: Als u een LED-stripverlichtingsfabriek uit China moet vinden, is Lightstec een van de beste opties. 2835 led light stirps UK Strip light Strip light Leverancier uit UK Strip light voor autoverlichting Strip light voor vakantieverlichting … Lees verder

Hoeveel kost ledstriplicht in project?


In the exhibition,someone asked me,if i use a stair light,can you let me know How much does it cost to use a lighted stair?Most of time,the commercial installation they are not require or need the option of lighting to decorate.Of course,some circumstance that is needed.But,you don’t know the stair light and you don’t know how to choose a suitable stair light.You need consider the quality ,price,delivery time and after sale.So when you decide to purchase the stair light,you need look at all of your options. MATERIALS AVAILABLE AND … Lees verder

Led-lichtstrip montagearmatuur


Installing LED STRIP LIGHT:Mounting methods Flexible led strip light are more popular in family lighting and it accepted by more and more people.Because it is used to very easy and install to easy.People can do it by himself.The led strip light has very simple design,it is very flexible to use and it is very save energy.He has a 3M tape on the back.And it can be DIY by yourself.So,many people like it and hope to use the led strip light to decorate their home.Like other traditional lamp,the led … Lees verder

Harbor City.Hong Kong -Led Linear Light Projects


Harbour City is Hong Kong’s premier shopping destination. The all-in-one mall encompasses a 270-degree Observatory Deck, world-class shopping, dining, entertainment and some of Hong Kong’s best sights. One of Hong Kong’s best experiences and landmarks awaits you today. Best indoor illumination will give client best experience.Led linear light is one of the best indoor illumination. We are using many kinds of led linear light in Harbour City,Hong Kong.Linear light is free style.It give us a mode feel. Let’s see our linear light using in Harbour City.

Universiteit van Chicago, Hong Kong-Led Strip Light Project

Universiteit van Chicago, Hong Kong ledstriplicht

Led strip light is a very good lighting material.It is small,brightness,and flexible.It can fit almost every place where want to light. Lightstec led strip light high color rendering index,color temperature in good consistency.It is good for quality project lighting.Here is our products using in University of Chicago, Hong Kong.

Nieuwe Led-lichtproducten in HongKong Verlichting Fair-Lightstec

hongkong verlichtingsbeurs lightstec

HongKong interational lighting fair is a big lighting show in the world.There are many clients and companys come from all over the world here. In the fair you can see many new typs of lighting products. The video will show you Lightstec products in lighting fair. Super long led strip light-25Mtr Silicon neon flex led strip light Led strip light series Led strip light CCT and kinds of colors 0-10v dimming/ TRAIC dimming /DALI dimming led strip light Led cabinet sensor for led strip light Led aluminum profile … Lees verder

Led Strip Light Project:ToysRus Store

ToysRUs lichtstrip

Toys“R”Us is the leading kids store for all toys,video games,dolls,action figures,learning games,building blocks and more. Led strip light is a good solution for ToysRus to decorate their store. Let’s see how to use blue led strip light to decorate the store ceiling. Material: Strip light:LT-2835B60R-W12 Power supply:Meanwell LRS-100W-12V

Hoe LED-striplicht aansluiten? (Ultragids 2023)


Led strip light is a lovely lighting material.It is efficient,and eco-friendly.It also power saving.Normally it will save 70% than the tradition lighting source in same wattage. Flexible led strip light can install in a thin place where the traditional lighting source can not install.And it can easy for you to creative the efficient what you want. Normally,the led strip light is come in long length.5meter per reel, 10meter per reel.In some place,we just don’t need so long.In this way,you need to cut and connect the led strip light.For … Lees verder

Nieuwe verlichting in autoshowroom -Led lineair licht


A car is one of the most expensive purchases as a person cost.Better showroom will help customers make their decision. Lighting is a very important for car show and people to look at the cars.The use of lighting can greatly enhance the brand awareness and recognition of the car. Good lighting design can highlight the car’s color, texture, and lines. At the same time, the lighting itself should have a high sense of design, simple, modern, unique lighting can well match the car’s high-end display. Led linear lights … Lees verder


BIS-LED-STRIP-LIGHT IS 10322 (DEEL 5/SEC 7) R-41135240

Wat is BIS-certificering? BIS-certificering is een middel om de klant kwaliteit, veiligheid en betrouwbaarheid van producten door derden te garanderen. Het is een certificering op de Indiase markt. Hebben ledstripverlichtingsproducten een BIS-certificering nodig? Volgens de Indiase wetgeving zijn er afzonderlijke wetten die voldoen aan verschillende productcategorieën waarvoor registratie voor BIS vereist is. Volgens de regels en voorschriften die zijn vastgelegd in de gespecificeerde bepalingen van de respectieve wet, is registratie bij het Bureau of Indian Standards verplicht voor vooraf gespecificeerde of specifieke productcategorieën. Het bureau … Lees verder

Punt minder geleid lineair licht


Led strip light is one led by one assemble in the surface of PCB board.So normally the led strip light seems one dot by one dot. When we install the led strip light in aluminum profile,we need dotless led strip light.Then will make dot free led linear light. High request led linear light are need dot less appearance.Then we need to select spot free led strip light and satisfaction led aluminum profile. Chapter1,Why the spot of the led light will happen? Because the led strip light is assemble … Lees verder

Top 10 led-chipsfabrikant voor verlichtingsarmatuur


In led-verlichtingszaken zijn de led-chips het belangrijkste. De meeste schade wordt veroorzaakt door de led-chips. We moeten dus led-chips van de beste kwaliteit gebruiken, dan kan onze verlichtingsarmatuur een lange levensduur gebruiken. Aangezien de led-verlichtingsindustrie vele jaren groeit, kunt u de volgende lijst met de beste led-chipfabrikanten overwegen om te gebruiken in uw led-verlichtingsarmatuur. 1.https://www.cree.com/led-chips/ Cree LED-chips en materialen | Cree LED-chips Cree is een marktleidende innovator van LED-chips Onze LED-chips en dobbelstenen leveren superieure prijs en prestatie... Lees verder

Verschillende soorten waterdicht ledstriplicht, IP20, IP33, IP55, IP65, IP67

led strip licht waterdicht type en niveau -1

Lightstec Offer many kinds of waterproof products.We have No Waterproof -IP20/33 led strip light.Silicon glue dropped waterproof -IP55 led strip light.Silicon tube waterproof -IP65 led strip light.And Silicon tube with silicon glue filling waterproof -IP67 led strip light. Let’s check what is the different between them . 1,IP20 IP33 not waterproof led strip light IP20 or IP33 for indoor applications Expand IP20 or IP33 led lights are designed to go in an enclosed fixtures. An IP20 or IP33 led light should never be outdoors unless the fixture … Lees verder

Hoe led-striplicht dimmen? (Ultra-dimbare gids)

dim je ledstriplicht

In veel verlichtingsprojecten heeft het een dimfunctie nodig. Dus als we ledstriplicht gebruiken, moeten we nadenken over het dimbare ledstriplicht, de dimbare voeding, de dimbare controller en de dimmer. Dit bericht laat je zien op hoeveel manieren we het ledstriplicht kunnen dimmen. En hoe je de dimmer met dimbare controller/driver gebruikt om de ledstripverlichting te dimmen. 1, Welk soort ledstriplicht kan dimmen? Sommige klanten zullen vragen: is uw striplicht dimbaar? Is uw kastlamp dimbaar? In deze … Lees verder

Lijst met dimbare ledstripverlichting


Now many lighting projects are need dimming function.Led strip lights are widely using in lighting projects.Kitchen cabinet lighting,building ceilling lighting,shopping mall lighting,etc. When you are using led strip light in projects,you need to know which kind of led strip lights can dim and how to dim the led strip lights. Here we will let you know a list of dimmable led strip lights. First,we need to know how many ways we can dim led strip light? We can use dimmable power supply to dim led strip light And … Lees verder

Lijst met topfabrikanten van led-aluminiumprofielen:


Led aluminum profile is a very popular lighting material in lighting projects.It can make many amazing lighting ideas. There are many professional company specializeing in led aluminum profile lighting. If you are sourcing the best led aluminum profile supplier.Here is the right place. Let’s look this post of the top led aluminum profile companies list. 1.https://klusdesign.com/ Manufacturer of LED Extrusions, LED Profiles, and new LED Lighting integration designs 2.https://www.ledson.eu Quality aluminium LED profiles and LED strips High quality aluminium LED profiles and components for linear LED lighting rigid … Lees verder

Top Led Strip Light Leverancierslijst:


Als u op zoek bent naar een lijst met de beste fabrikant van ledstripverlichting, bent u bij ons aan het juiste adres. Er zijn een aantal zeer professionele leveranciers van ledstripverlichting in deze verlichtingsbranche. De meeste van hen zijn professionele professionele verlichtingsbedrijven. Laten we deze lijst eens bekijken. Hier zijn de beste led-striplichtbedrijven. 1.https://www.flexfireleds.com/ Helderste LED-stripverlichting, flexibele LED-stripkits, LED-distributeurs Architecturale flexibele LED-stripverlichting, LED-verlichtingssets en accessoires Flexfire LED's heeft de helderste LED-lichtstrips en is ontworpen in Tustin, Californië, VS 2,https://sirs-e.com/ … Lees verder

Led-tape Licht Beginnersgids

Led-tape Licht Beginnersgids

This is the ultimate guide to led strip light in 2020 In this comprehensive guide I will cover: What is commercial led strip light What is the best led strip light How is RGB led strip light How is the making process of led strip light 5050 led strip light vs 3528 led strip light What is the brightness led strip light in the market How to find a reliable led strip light factory So if you are a beginner in led strip light and want to know … Lees verder

Hoe led-striplicht van stroom te voorzien met batterij? (Ultra Guide)


Why I need to use battery to power the led strip light? There are some place not easy wiring and not easy using AC220V power.Just in some places like basement,cabinets and closets under sinks,drawers,under cabinets,garages,camping and inside cars.This place are not easy access power. As we know,some led lights can use battery.Just like flashlight,camping light,some decorate light,some gift light.So the same way,we can use battery power our led strip light. And some times,we need to make a demo kits to show our led strip light to clients.And it … Lees verder

Flexibele Led Strip Light Installatie-instructieversie (2019LTV03)

Flexibele-Led-Strip-Light-Installatie-Instructie-Versie (2019LTV03)

Simple led strip light installion guide help you easy using led strip light. Following this guide step by step then you will know to right way to fix the led strip light. 1/ Cut the length you need from the cutting point. 2/ Power supply Wattage=LED Strip light Length x Wattage per meter x 1.2 LED Strip light Red cable connect to the power supply positive,Black cable connect to the negitive. *Don’t turn on the light in reel to avoid over heating. 3/ Clean the surface before stick … Lees verder

Custom led strip licht met je eigen LOGO

op maat gemaakte-led-strip-licht

Lightstec is a lighting factory specialized in custom led light strips. For led strip light business, when you promote your own brand products in the market, customization own brand led strip light will helpful for us. We can help you customize new PCB, led color temperature, luminous, brightness, and more. That will help to establish your professional image to clients. The following are the parts we can offer custom-made led strip light services. Let’s check it. Custom SMD 2835 LED strip light We can offer customization of led … Lees verder

Soorten LED-verlichting

Soorten LED-verlichting

In the last few years, LED lights have developed substantially, becoming the preferred solution for various applications. Not so long ago, in addition to being considered expensive, LED lighting was also avoided due to inadequate illumination. These issues have been resolved and consumers can now choose from a wide array of LED lights for both commercial and residential use. For many years, home owners have understood the costs of using electricity to heat or cool a home and they are now beginning the realize the power saving capability of … Lees verder

LED Strip Light Koopgids (2022 update)

LT-3528WW240R-W24-dubbele regel koopgids

When you are sourcing led strip light in the market,you need to know this products clearly. We don’t want complex theory,we just want to show you what you need to know.When you read this post step by step,then you will an expert in led strip light business. Here are top 12 considerations you need to care about before buying led strip lights. What does the number of an LED mean? What is SMD3528,SMD5050,SMD2835,SMD2216 mean?This is the size/dimension of the led.Just like SMD3528 dimension is 3.5mm x2.8mm, SMD5050 dimension … Lees verder

Verkeerd aangesloten led-striplicht op AC220V (behuizing)


Wrong connect the DC12/24V led strip light to AC220/110V Sometimes,when install the led strip light,worker may don’t know clearly input of the led strip light.They connect the wrong voltage of the strip light.In most case is that the worker connect the DC12V/24V led strip light to AC220/110V.That is happen in seconds and the strip light is damage. What will happen when the DC12V/24V led strip light connect directly to the AC220V/110V ? Check following photos.(Case study) This strip light is DC24V but connect to AC220V. After connect AC220V … Lees verder

Led kleur soorten:


Dit bericht laat je de kennis van led-kleuren zien. Dit is handig als je led-verlichting aanschaft en led-led-verlichting gebruikt. Ik wil hier niet praten over de zeer diepgaande kleurenkennis. Laat u gewoon weten hoeveel soorten led-kleuren er zijn en wat we elke dag gebruiken. Normaal gesproken verdelen we de led-kleur in twee categorieën. Een daarvan is kleur geleid, zoals rode kleur, gele kleur, blauwe kleur, groene kleur, amberkleur, roze kleur, paarse kleur, oranje kleur, UV, IR en een speciale kleur. De kleur wordt normaal gesproken gebruikt in landschapsverlichting, kerstverlichting, vakantieverlichting, reclameverlichting, enz. … Lees verder

Hoe installeer ik ledstripverlichting onder een keukenkast thuis?


How to install led strip light under a kitchen cabinet? We need to prepare some material first. Led strip light, led power supply, fast connector, scissors, wires, soldering iron, insulated rubber tape. This material is easy for no matter you are a DIYer a professional. Make sure right connect the wires, Wrong connection will problem happen. Let’s enjoy install led strip light under a cabinet at home. First,Material prepare .led strip light In projects,SMD5050-60LED/M-DC24V AND SMD2835-120LED/M-DC24V is the most popular led strip light using in cabinet lighting and … Lees verder

Led woordenlijst


Lumen (lm) – Lumen is the measurement of brightness as perceived to the human eye. We are accustomed to using watts to measure the “brightness of light” because of incandescent lighting use. Today, we use lumen. Lumen is the most important variable when choosing your strip light. Thehigher the number, the brighter the light will be. Ensure that the strips you choose are bright enough for your application. AC – Alternating Current. This is the electricity that is used in most homes and commercial spaces. It’s often referred to … Lees verder

Hoe de ledstriplamp met snelle connector te knippen en aan te sluiten


When we use led strip light in projects,we need to cut the led strip light in length.Sometimes,we also need to cut the multiple led strip light.We need to use fast led connector to connect the led strip light.And connect the led strip light to led power supply. Following post will let you know how to cut the led strip light in length and how to connect the led strip light with fast connector then can connect with the power supply. Step 1,Prepare material We need led strip light,scissors,solder-less … Lees verder

Enkele verlichtingstrucs die uw kamer warmer doen lijken


Nothing can quite sap the joy from your day like going home to a house that’s cold and uninviting. Likewise, even the drabbest day outside can be livened up by returning to a home that’s warm and intimate. So, how do you make sure your home is the latter (and not the former)? It’s actually not hard to make a room or an entire house feel cozy, and you can do it simply by adjusting your lighting. The right lighting can have an indelible effect on a space. Use … Lees verder

20+ Top China Sourcing Online Markt


China has the whole industry chain. You can source many high quality and low-cost products from China. When you are sourcing China supplier, searching the factory information from online market is a good choice. The online market will show you the product information, company information, contact detail.Save your time. Here are top 20+ China sourcing online market for your choice. 1. Alibaba website: alibaba.com headquarters: Hangzhou, China slogan: global trade starts here As the world’s largest b2b sourcing portal, the name “Alibaba” has become synonymous with sourcing from China. … Lees verder

TaiWan Tanzuomali-verlichtingsproject


TanZuoMaLi Times Park Asia Most Beautiful Barbecue Meat Restaurant Project:TanZuoMaLi Lighting Brand: Lightstec TanZuoMaLi is the most beautiful barbecue meat restaurant in Taiwan, Asia. Lightstec offers all the lighting for this project. Including the outside garden light, wall washer, floodlight, panel light, led strip light, led linear light, controller, power supply. All the material is in high standard. For the Led we use CREE and the driver we use Meanwell, Philips. This to make sure the lighting in high quality. From Outdoor lighting to Indoor lighting, we all … Lees verder

Verbazingwekkende ideeën voor toepassing van LED-lineair licht (2022-update)


Now more and more lighting scenes are used linear elements.Led linear lighting market is still very large today. This post will show you led linear light applications in some lighting projects. The difference is that the traditional linear lighting changes to LED technology combined with intelligent lighting to expand the application of led linear lights. With the improvement of appearance and performance, the appearance and application of this linear light will develop continually. Tradition is being abandoned, using new materials, and using more advanced technology, linear lighting is also more … Lees verder

101 veelgestelde vragen over ledstriplicht


This post is for FAQ of led strip lights.Just like a led strip light wikipedia.We have summary many questions from client and give an answer.You can learn led strip light knowledge here.Hope this post can help you. Notice: This post is long content, you can use “Ctrl+F” to find some keyword you want to know. This article is listed below: 1.How many lumen per led chip you use for your flexible strip lights? 2.How is the color rendering index for your led chip? 3.How many kinds color temperature you can offer? 4.What kind of … Lees verder

6 manieren om de kwaliteit van de ledstrips te kennen


When you are sourcing led strip light from China.Led strip light is well know as lighting material. It is used widely use in home, hotel, office and all around us.Led quality is very important to led strip light lifespan. Then we have 6 ways to compare the LED Quality. 1. LED Bin If the color temperature and Voltage bin are same in every order, then the quality and color consistency will get better. 2,LED CRI Now led CRI have CRI>60,CRI>80,CRI>90. The higher CRI ,the color will more real … Lees verder

LED Strip Light PCB-kwaliteit: dubbelzijdig versus enkelzijdig


Now led strip light PCB have many kinds, double layer PCB, single layer PCB, rolled copper foil, plating copper. Best double layer PCB can bear large current, very good heat dissipation and has high stable quality.so we need to know What the is the difference between double layer PCB and single layer PCB of the led strip? 1. Flexible LED Strip PCB thickness Double-layer PCB and single layer PCB thickness mainly is cooper thickness. the single layer PCB thickness is < 1-ounce thickness. Best Double-layer PCB thickness is … Lees verder

LED-striplicht CRI VS-helderheid


One of our customers required us to customized CRI>90 Strips. while he receives the samples, he compares our CRI>80 Strip with CRI>90 strips, then he changes his mind to choose CRI>80 strip. So what is the relationship between CRI and Lumen? Will CRI>90 be more suitable for led strip application? Now we are sharing our led strip base knowledge with you. Color rendering index (CRI), is the degree of reduction of the light color of an object. Highest CRI is up to 100, the lowest is 0 Sunlight … Lees verder

Waarom hebben LED-chips gouden draden nodig voor verpakking?


LED Package wires classification LED Package wires are the wire electrical connection to connect these led chip to the external pins. once this wire has a problem, the LED is damaged, So as there are many different prices in the market, how many types of wires are used for led packages? The LED Packages has 4 types of quality: gold wires, silver wires, copper wires, and alloy wires. Gold wires It is Top quality among wires in the high-end package field. it features stable performance, high price. … Lees verder

Welke LED-kleurtemperatuur we kunnen bieden?

welke kleurtemperatuur kunnen we maken

Led the most important is the color temperature. Customer order the led strip light and led linear light , they will let us know what color they want. That is important for us to make the right products to customer.We can know some more in this post about CCT. Then we can know what led color temperature we can offer. Color consistency represents a light quality index for led light fittings. The indicator called correlated color temperature, describes white light as neutral, warm (reddish), or cool (bluish). Even … Lees verder

LED Strip Licht Spanningsval: DC12V VS DC24V


LED strip light PCB is made of copper. As we know, copper has electrical resistivity. That means when we use the PCB longer, then the voltage will be less in the end than in the beginning. We should think about how to avoid the voltage drop. Many customers will have the question, How long can we use the led strip light? How is the voltage drop at the end of 5 meters led strip light? Does DC24V voltage better than DC12V? How long can I connect the led … Lees verder

Aangepaste LED Strip Light PCB


Need custom LED strip light? Lightstec offers custom PCB for light strips then will fit your special project and local market request. Lightstec has many many special led PCB for projects. Some of the projects need some very special design lighting fixtures. And you can not find the right lighting source in the market. Then we need to design a new PCB for the products. Lightstec has long time experience for design new led PCB for products. If you can not find the right lighting source in the … Lees verder

LED Strip Lichtkwaliteit: Goed versus Laag

5050-led-stripverlichting van goede kwaliteit versus 5050-led-stripverlichting van lage kwaliteit

How to choose good quality LED strip light and avoid loss? This post will show you high-quality LED strip light VS cheap & low-quality light strip. Sometimes, the Customer gives us the other factory led strip light sample. Some price is very low, they want to know what is the difference from good quality led strip light and what is the low quality led strip light. In this post, Lightstec will show you how to tell the difference from each other. LIGHTSTEC LED STRIP LIGHT PCB:Double layer 2OZ … Lees verder

Wat is ledstriplicht?

wat is ledstriplicht?

What is flexible led strip light? Flexible led strip light is widely use lighting fixture around us . It it make by flexible pcb ,SMD LED ,resistance and other electronic components .Led strip light is very easy install and connect for long length.It can easy use for your home lighting and project lighting . Lightstec is a Chinese led strip light manufacturer , we are doing led lighting business more than 8 years .We know about the led strip lights.So you can order from us or connect with … Lees verder

Ledstrip licht CRI 90 VS CRI 80 VS CRI 70


What is CRI? CRI is color rendering index,and the other name is RA.It is compare the light with the Sun in the middle day. CRI more high ,the color more near the sun light.That means we see the item more real when it is illuminated by a light.CRI is a important parameter during the led lighting development。In the beginning , the CRI is very low. Not more than 60. Now the LED CRI is from 70 ,80 to 90. How to select the right CRI products ? … Lees verder

Silicium waterdicht led-striplicht VS Epoxyharslijm led-striplicht


Silicon glue strip light VS PU glue strip light VS Epoxy resin glue strip light Now there 3 kinds of waterproof material for led strip light in the market. Silicon glue ,PU glue and epoxy resin glue. What is the different of this 3 kinds of led strip light?Which waterproof material for strip light is better? 1, Epoxy resin glue led strip light Epoxy resin glue is a very low price material . It is save cost.So Epoxy resin glue is used in many products. Just like the … Lees verder

LED-stripverlichting voor gebruik in displays en lichtbakken

led-display-lichtbakken lightstec

LED strip light are widely using in signs and displays. Many high quality display and light boxes customer are using Lightstec’s led strip light as their lighting sources. As a Chinese led strip light manufacturer , we offer high quality led strip light and led aluminum profile to customer all over the world. LED light display, light boxes, signage sometimes is using outside, so they need very high-quality led strip light. Because the display sometimes in outside , not easy to fix. If a problem happens, that is … Lees verder

Ledstriplicht gebruikt in huisontwerp

lightstec-Led-strip-verlichting-gebruikt-voor-kast-in-home design

Lightstec led strip lights are using more and more in home lighting.Can give a person a very good lighting environment.Led strip lights are used in all kinds of furniture.We can use not matter SMD3528 led strip light or SMD 5050 led strip light ,smd 2835 led strip light or smd 5050 rgb led strip light . Let’s see where are we using led strip lights in our room . 1,Led strip light can using for lighting wall 2,Led strip light can using for lighting TV 3,Led strip light … Lees verder

Hoe kies je een ledstriplicht van betere kwaliteit?


Led strip light is a very popular lighting material in the market. Many buyer finding quality led strip light all over the world.We meet then in Canton Fair , HongKong lighting fair ,Frankfurt Lighting+Building fair. You need to quickly to check in the fair ,which company led strip light is the right quality led strip light .Otherwise you will buy cheap quality led strip light ,then will make you much troublesome. I will give you 10 tips for how to choose the better quality led strip light . … Lees verder

12 tips om ledstriplicht te gebruiken


When it comes to your home’s interior design, led strip light is one of the biggest players at present. Many people like using led strip light because it has a stronger quality than many other kinds of lighting. So what are some tips you should keep in mind during using led strip light? Here we listed together some problems that may happen and our answers: 1.What is led strip lights ? 2.How many kinds of led using in led strip light ? 3.How many kinds of led strip … Lees verder