Lightstec® is a one-stop led light factory.Led accessories is a very important helper when you use the strip light,profile light.

Sometimes, some company just offer the main item they make.But for client, that is not convenience.The accessories is low value and small quality order compare with the main items.Client is not convenience buy from different company.

Lightstec® offer the service for client.We have many kinds of accessories for led light. Some of them not show in website.If you need some of them not show in the website, pls send photo and datesheet to our mail:[email protected]. Welcome to our factory for visit!


led power adapter

Led Power Adapter

led strip light controllers

Led Controllers


Rgb Strip Light Connector


Single Color Connector Wires

LED Strip Lights Fast Connector Accessories

Corner Fast Connector Wires

led cable wires

Rgb Wires

led silicon tube

Led Silicon Tube

silicon clips

Led Silicon Clips

silicon glue

Silicon Glue

3M tape 9080a

3M 9080A Tape


3M VHB Tape



Piederumi Add Value To Your Products

    How to connect 2 pcs led strip light together?

    There are 2 ways can connect 2 pcs led strip light together.

    1,Lightstec offer led fast connector,it can easy without soldering connect strip light together.

    2,We can use soldering iron to solder 2 pcs led strip lights together,that will stronger.

    How many led strip light accessories can you offer?

    Lightstec offer all kinds of led strip light accessories.

    We offer led controllers,dimmable led power supply, led connectors,led cabinet sensors,led aluminum profiles,led wires,led power adapters,3M tapes,silicon tubes and clips.

    Do you have any dimmer can dim led strip light?

    There are many ways can dim led strip light.

    We can use led dimmer,led controller and dimmable led power supply.All you can check in our website.

    Can you customized led strip light accessories?

    We accept customized led strip light accssories order.You can tell us what is your request and we will make according to request.