Professional Sourcing Agent
Specializes in
Led Lights

Lightstec® is a led light FACTORY ,
We can offer you
professional sourcing services in led lighting.

Good Partner,Less Problem,Save Money

Why Lightstec® Offer Sourcing Service?

Lightstec® yra Led light FACTORY.Many of our customers need global sourcing ranges of led lights from China.Different led light fixture from different lighting company.Not one company can make all kinds of led light.So how to find a right and high quality manufacturer is the most important step to start business.

Lightstec® acting as your sourcing partner in China.We can optimizing your supply chains and saving your money.

How Is Our Sourcing Process?

Please send us your products request.Such as product photos,date-sheet,certificates,sometimes you can tell us your target price.Then we can source the products.

sourceing process Lightstec

Products We Are Specializing

Why Trust Us As Your Sourcing Agent


Lightstec is not only SOURCING AGENT
We are a Led Light FACTORY first


We know what you know
We know what you don't know


Our team have more than 10 years
working in
Led Lighting


Our Director and Our Engineer
are have
Inžinerija Background


We are in Zhongshan
Biggest led lighting market in China
Perfect industrial chain


Focus in quality product sourcing
High quality design
Project market

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    F5-6, Nr.41 Wanle East Road,
    Xiaolan, Guangdong, Kinija.


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