When you are sourcing led lights from China. You can not check every order by yourself. If we don’t inspect the quality of the goods,many risks will happen. The led light factory will use another material for your products in some cases. Sometimes low quality. We need to avoid this happening that is why we need quality inspection before shipping.

We need to check the products before shipping. Then we can know how is the production process. How are the products are assembling? What is the material quality? How is the product packing?

We need to do all this before shipping. In this way can avoid many problems.

Following is the process we check the led light quality.


First of all, we need the check the appearance of the products.

A, The surface of the product is clean.

B, The surface of the product without a scratch.

C, The painting of the product need same colors as request.

D, The material of the product need same as the sample

E, The size of the product needs the same as the request.

We will check this and make the record in the QC report.

2.Electric testElectric-test

A, We need to test if the led light can lighting on.

B, We need to check the led light input voltage.

C, We need to check the led light power.

3.Light source testLight-source-test

We need to check the led light color.

The led light has many colors and color temperatures.

The color has RED, YELLOW, BLUE, AMBER, GREEN, PINK. And for the same color, the shade also has a different request.

For the color temperature,the CCT from 1800k,2200k,2400k,2700k,3000k,4000k,5000k,7000k,1Kk.Many different color temperatures.We need to test this before shipment.

4, BrightnessBrightness

Now the same type led has a different brightness. So we need to test the brightness before shipping. Normally, the same power, the brightness will the same as the sample.

5, Light angleLight-angle

For some downlight, wall washer, floodlight and other kinds of the led light. Because of the lens, then the light angle will different.

6, Label and packingLabel-and-packing

We need to check the labels on the product and the package. Make sure the product information. Such as item No., Logo, Wattage, Input Voltage, Color temperature, etc and other information is in the label.

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