Led Color Kinds

This post show you the led color knowledge.This is helpful when you sourcing led lighting and using led led lighting.

I don’t want to talk the very deep led color knowledge here. Just let you know the how many kinds of led color and what we are using every day.

Normally,we divide the led color into two categories.

One is color led

Such as red color,yellow color,blue color,green color,amber color,pink color,purple color,orange color,UV,IR and some special color.

led color kinds

The color led normally using in landscape lighting,Christmas lighting,holiday lighting,advertising lighting,etc.

led color kinds

The other is led in color temperature.

1800k,2000k,2400k,2700k,3000k,3500k,4000k,4500k,5000k,6500k,7500k,10,000k.And we can make special color temperature according to client request.


This is for normal lighting, for home lighting,supermarket lighting, office lighting,commercial lighting.

led linear light for stair lightstec 2

Lightstec can offer different color temperature led strip light, you can check our other post here:

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