LED Aluminum Profile Applications

Lightstec is one of the best LED aluminum profile manufacturer in China.Our LED Aluminum channel sale all over the world.Here will show you how to use the profile extrusion in lighting project.

  • Wall and Ceilling Lighting
  • Stairs and Handrails Lighting
  • Kitchen and Cabinet Lighting
  • Bathroom and Office Lighting
  • Furniture and Display Lighting

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    circular ring led pending light
    furniture led profile
    Round led aluminum profile
    surface mount led aluminum profile
    suspend led profile
    Recessed aluminum profile

    Lightstec LED Aluminum Profiles

    • Aluminum Profiles for LED Strip Lighting
    • Highest quality 6063 aluminum alloy
    • Variety of aluminum LED light strip channels
    • Leading Aluminum Profile LED Manufacturer

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      Aluminum Profile For Wall & Ceiling Lighting


      What Led Aluminum Profiles for the Project?

      Aluminum Profile For Stairs and Handrails Lighting

      led-aluminum-profile-for-handrails 2

      What Led Aluminum Profiles for the Project?

      Aluminum Profile For Kitchen Lighting

      kitchen lighting 1
      kitchen lighting 2
      kitchen lighting 3
      kitchen lighting 4

      What Led Aluminum Profiles for the Project?

      Aluminum Profile For Bathroom Lighting

      bathroom lighting 1
      bathroom lighting 2
      bathroom lighting 3
      bathroom lighting 4

      What Led Aluminum Profiles for the Project?

      Aluminum Profile For Office Lighting

      profile office lighting 4
      profile office lighting 2
      profile office lighting 3
      profile office lighting 4

      What Led Aluminum Profiles for the Project?

      Questions You May Ask About Our Led Aluminum Profiles

      When you are doing led aluminum profile business,the first important things of all is to find a best led aluminum profile supplier.

      Here are some ways you can choose:

      1,You can use keyword"China led aluminum profile""best led aluminum profile factory" in Google search.Then you can find some led aluminum profile manufacturer.You can sak them for datasheets,prices and know more about the factory from their website.

      2,You can find some led aluminum extrusion factory from exhibition.There are many good aluminum profile extrusion factory in the exhibition.You can talk with them easily.

      3,Here is a list you we are suggestion,you can ask some information from them.
      Top Led Aluminum Profile Manufacturer List

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        LED Lighting

        LED LIGHTING is growing faster every year in the whole world.Only the USA save 675 millions of dollars through the use of the led lighting in 2012 years.Only 1 year they save so much money.For example,what kind of customer group in USA,let’s find and list them:

      • interior lighting;
      • directories and advertising;
      • LED bulb type MR-16;
      • The landscape lighting;
      • Lamps of various designs;
      • Outdoor Lighting;
      • parking lots and garages lighting.
        According to the survey,If UAS market use led light instead of the traditional lighting,The united states will save 37 billions of dollars one year.

      • What is LED profile?

        The first picture shows a simple profile
        LED aluminum profile-use corner,we called led corner profile,the picture is a set of led lighting:

        • LED aluminum profile
        • diffusing lens,milky diffuse and clear diffuse
        • LED Strip Light
        • end cap and
        • mounting bracket

        Aluminum extrusion and led lighting

        From the led strip light to led aluminum profile light is a fast development.Of course ,the aluminum profile is very complex individual.It is difficulty and it need more technology.Lightstec have 100kinds of profile design and we can supply more service to customers.

        Due to the led and associated electronic produce the heat,the heat will decide to their lifespan.So they need an object to throw off the heat.Since led hs long lifespan we can’t need to replace them for a long time.The original led installed carrier does not need to be replaced or maintained.

        The manufacturer of aluminum profile make some new design for the developing market demand.And they design new product according the different scene.for example,they have cabinet profile,corner profile,pendant profile,embedded profile.......People use them in the different place.

        Function of LED aluminum profiles

        Using led strip light with the led aluminum profile,they have some important functions:

            • a heat sink for removing heat,
            • light reflector.
            • corrosion-resistant and, if necessary, containment for LEDs and other electronic equipment;

          The aluminum profile have an empty aluminum body,a pc cover,used for wire the end cap and fixed clips.
          When the engineer and designers design the aluminum profile,they are freedom of creativity.The design from the life and use the life.Another there is a very important feature of the aluminum profile.The different profile they can extend more process.
          Aluminum profile supply a system of led lighting and they are very useful and convenient,they are very diverse.At present,the aluminum profile have 100kinds of the type and they have small size,big size and the weight is very different.In addition,one model for the aluminum profile is cheaper than the other product model.This aluminum profile they can cut according your length.And they can forming ,bending ,machining and painting.At present,the anodize profile are more popular.Normally,we use 6063 and 6060 as a raw material to make the aluminum profiles.Of course,others as same as 6xxx series alloys they may also be as the raw material.The profile is not including the magnetism,but they have high electrical and thermal conductivity.Therefore,they are accept by more and more people and market.

        Selection and heat dissipation from the LEDs

        Usually,we judge the quality of profile,there are 2 important parameters:weight and length,they are designed to dissipate heat.The heat from the led strip lighting.LED products will produce the heat.So,the aluminum profile as an isotopic carrier,he conducts heat very well than other material,such as steel , iron;The aluminum profile is more thick,the heat dissipation function is more well.

        Aluminum Profiles for LEDs

        Aluminum profiles can supply many useful features,There are more popular from Picture2.

        • built-in loop;
        • slots for the screws and screws;
        • slots for mounting PCBs;
        • slots for the rubber seals;
        • Connection type "dovetail";
        • place setting latch covers;
        • decorative surfaces: wavy and grooved

        LED market niches for aluminum profiles

        The aluminum profile is faster and faster to development.They are not in civil but also in other countries.
        He is wildly to use indoor and outdoor space.And use in industry,domestic,on transport,outdoor advertising...
        The whole led light is including aluminum housing and led strip light.Large market applications of led lighting as below:

        • exterior lighting of roads and bridges,
        • city streets,
        • underground and surface transitions,
        • sidewalks,
        • bike paths,
        • road markings and road signs,
        • digital Signage,
        • advertising billboards,
        • scoreboards,
        • landscape lighting, including lighting and lighting of parks and gardens, and
        • backlit high-rise buildings.Interior LED lighting applications has been almost everywhere:
        • parking and garage,
        • supermarkets,
        • shopping malls and the usual shops,
        • banks and offices,
        • exhibition halls,
        • Schools and Libraries,
        • hospital,
        • restaurants and hotels,
        • entertainment venues and stadiums.Aluminum profile are popular on the facades of buildings for decorative purposes and for safety.And aluminum profile are wildly used for the car.
        • ambulances,
        • airplanes,
        • trains,
        • buses,
        • subway cars, and
        • at stations and airports.The aluminum profile light are wildly use the outdoor landscape lighting,internal premises lighting and portable and portable lighting.
          These place install aluminum profile light ,they will add a safe and comfortable environment.
        • stair treads,
        • handrails and railings,
        • under kitchen cabinets,
        • on the ceiling or
        • exit door.
          It’s very safe that put the led strip light inside the aluminum profile:
        • exterior security lighting,
        • highlighting garage doors,
        • emergency signs, and
        • decoration gardens, streams, ponds and pools.Lightstec supply the standard profiles for the production of LED profiles,It can solve any problem in led lighting.You can cut the length according your need length and it is very easy.He can install anywhere you want.

        Aluminum profile lighting for business

        Led aluminum profile and led strip light when they are together and they are very useful and popular.They can install everywhere,inside and outside buildings,kitchen,bathrooms and tracks in the yard to the office,stair treads,railing,furniture,sills and floor.Only you unexpected.
        The following shows only a few examples of the LED aluminum profiles.

        The development potential of LED aluminum profiles

        As the led lighting market changes and develops,I think the led aluminum profile light are more and more popular in future.More and more people will choose and install them.The aluminum light have unlimited potential. Expand the led aluminum profile light business and it can save more energy and maintenance costs about 70-80%.At present,the whole world government appeal to save energy and environmental protection,that the led strip light and the aluminum profile light will more and more.Let’s have a green,environment protection and energy saving world.Start from me!

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