How To Connect LED Strip Light? (Ultra Guide 2023)

Led strip light is a lovely lighting material.It is efficient,and eco-friendly.It also power saving.Normally it will save 70% than the tradition lighting source in same wattage.

Flexible led strip light can install in a thin place where the traditional lighting source can not install.And it can easy for you to creative the efficient what you want.

Normally,the led strip light is come in long length.5meter per reel, 10meter per reel.In some place,we just don’t need so long.In this way,you need to cut and connect the led strip light.For some people not use led strip light before,this seems a difficult task.But if you following some basic steps,then you can easy to cut and connect the led strip lights.


Lightstec is one of the top led strip light manufacturer in China.We make high quality led strip lights that meet your request and high standards.

As a professional led strip light supplier in China,Lightstec offer quick connect ways for led strip light.Following this steps then you can easy to use led strip light.

Chapter 1:How to connect 2 pcs led strip light together?

Not matter you are install the led strip light in a cabinet,you will have chances to cut and connect the led strip light with each other.And it have one of the great benefits that you can connect more led strip light together to light large place.Just like shopping mall,living room,and other place.

Normally,there are 2 ways to connect the led strip light together.

1. Use fast connector to connect led strip light

Fast connector is the easy way to connect two led strip light together.Two led strip lights can be joined with each other easy when you don’t have any tools.

1.1 Hippo Buckle Connector

 Hippo Buckle light strip connector lets you connect two LED strips with each other easily.This connector has space for LED light strip on each of its two ends. You simply have to install one end of your strip to the hippo buckle connector to connect two strips together.The ‘buckle’ on the connector keeps the strips in place once installed.You can use these connectors to connect two strips together or even connect your LED strip to the power supply. In either case, these connectors help you extend the distance your LED light strips can cover effectively. You can use this connector to connect single color and RGB LED lights strips together.

solder free led strip light connector-Hippo Buckle Connector

1.2 Solder-Free LED Strip Lights Connector

 While hippo clips are great for connecting individual LED light strips with each other, they don’t have enough space to connect parallel LED tapes to each other. That is where this larger solder-free LED strips lights connector comes in to play. It has enough space to connect multiple LED strips with each other. You can use this connector to connect single color and RGB LED ribbon lights together. It is also compatible with dimmable LED strip lights. Plastic clips keep the LED strips in place and the connection secure. 

Solder-Free LED Strip Lights Connector

1.3 Solder-Free LED Wire Connector

Your project might require your LED light strips to go around a corner or an unusual shape. That is where the solder-free LED wire connectors come in handy. These wire connectors have clips on both ends so you can use them to connect two LED light strips with each other. They are great for extending the length of your LED light strips.

Solder-Free LED Wire Connector

The wire connector is a great way to cover corners and other areas of your space where you don’t need light.This is because these wires don’t have LED mounted on them.They can only be used to extend the length of the strips.You can connect both single color and RGB LED tape lights with each other. 

2.Use soldering to connect led strip light

In factory, soldering is the best way for connect led strip light.While clipping is an easy and convenient way to connect LED light strips with each other, there are some cases where clipping isn’t an option. For example, if you are connecting strips that will be mounted using aluminum frames, you can’t use clips to connect them.In that case,you will have to solder the LED tapes to each other.

solder led strip light with iron

Chapter 2: Factors need to consider when connect LED strip lights?

While clipping and soldering are two different methods of connecting LED strips, both have certain requirements to work. 

Here are some factors you should consider when connecting LED tapes to each other:

2.1 Always cut LED wires from the copper connections you will find every 2 inches or so in the LED tapes. This is important so that the essential LED components on the tapes don’t get damaged.


2.2 For soldering and clipping, LED tapes need to be exposed. So carefully remove the plastic casing of the tapes right next to the copper connections. Make sure to expose the lettering as well. This step is not needed when using hippo connectors

2.3  When connecting tapes through soldering or wire connectors, make sure to match the right wires on each LED strip to each other. So, red connects to red, green to green and so on.

connect led strip light

2.4 Always use a heat shrink cover to protect the connections. Indoor and outdoor heat shrink covers are different, so make sure to get the right one.

Chapter 3 How to connect the LED strip light to the power supply?

Now that your LED ribbon lights are connected, let’s see how you can connect strip lights to the power supply. There are many ways to connect your light strips to power. You can connect each strip directly to the socket, this is especially useful when lighting smaller spaces or projects. You can use LED light strip clips to make the connection. Or you can hard wire your LED strip light directly to the main power source of your home or building. This last one is usually recommended for larger projects like lighting an entire building or office. 

No matter what way you choose to connect your LED lights to the power supply, there are certain steps you have to take beforehand to ensure you’re making the right decision.

connect your SMD5630 led strip light with power supply

Step 1: Calculate LED Strip Wattage

Ideally, you should already have an idea of how much power will be required to run your LED light tapes.However, there might be some additions or subtractions in the number after you’ve cut and connected the tapes together.So, calculate the overall wattage required to power your flexible LED light strips again. 

This can be done easily by multiplying the length of the strip by the wattage per meter of the strip.For example, if you have a 5m long strip with 6W/m power draw, you will need a transformer with a capacity of at least 30W to power it. You can find the power draw information for each LED strip on its packaging or on the manufacturer’s website. 

calculate led strip light wattage

Another consideration when calculating strip wattage is the voltage requirement for the strip.Generally, LED strips have a 12V or 24V voltage requirement.You have to choose a power source that is compatible with the voltage of the LED light strip, otherwise, it might not work. Wrong way connect led strip light.

If you’re using the same LED light tape for your entire project then multiply the length of the entire strip you want to power from a single source with the wattage per meter.This will give you the power capacity of your power source. If you’re using different types of LED ribbon lights then calculate the wattage requirement for each of them and add it all. This will give you an idea of how much juice they need to work.

Step 2: Find Right Power Supply

Now that you know how much power you need for your LED light strips to work, the next step is choosing the right power supply. You need to choose a led strip power supply that will use only 80% of its overall power to run the LED tapes.This is important for the longevity of both your power supply and LED strips.

kinds of led power supply

For example, if your LED strip wattage requirement was 19W, you will need a power source that has a minimum output of 25W . This will keep your power supply from getting overheated. Once you have the minimum wattage requirement down, choose one of three options to for supplying power to your ribbon lights:

  • Sockets or Plug-Ins: You can choose to power your LED by connecting them to the power sockets in your space. You will need a good Desktop LED Power Supply for this. Simply connect one end of the power supply to your LED tapes and the other to the socket to light up your tapes. This is a good option for using LED ribbon lights in homes, smaller spaces, and for task or accent lighting.Sockets or Plug-Ins
  • Hardwiring: You can connect your LED light strips directly to the power wiring in your space. This is an effective way to power your tape lights, especially if you’re lighting an industrial or commercial space. You will need Aluminum Case LED Power Supply to hard wire your LED tapes and this process is best handled by professionals.Hard wiring
  • Batteries: You can use batteries to power your LED ribbon lights. This is a good option if you want to power a small accent piece or take your LED lights with you on the go.led strip light with battery

Step 3: Connect LED Strip to Power Supply

After choosing the right power supply, it is time to connect your LED light tapes to it. As mentioned before you can connect your LED ribbon lights to your power supply via power socket or by hard wiring.

If you choose to connect your LED tapes to a socket, there are two ways to do so:

connect your LED tapes to a socket

The first is to connect each length of the strip to a single desktop power supply that can then be connected to the socket. 

connect led strip light to power supply dimmer

The second is to connect parallel LED ribbon lights together using a wire clip and connecting the wire clip to the socket. Both of these ways will help you light your space without worrying about led strip light voltage drop. You can also use LED light strip plug connectors to connect your strips to power sources directly. 


Lightstec is a professional led strip light manufacturer in China.We use high quality led and pcb materials.This can ensure our led strip lights function well and last the strip light lifetime.

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Led strip light is a very good lighting material.They are flexible and easy install in many spaces.We just need to follow the install steps.Then you can easy use the led strip light.Lightstec is professional in led strip light business.Our high quality led strip light and professional services will help you in lighting projects.

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