How Much Does Led Strip Light Cost In Project?

In the exhibition,someone asked me,if i use a stair light,can you let me know How much does it cost to use a lighted stair?Most of time,the commercial installation they are not require or need the option of lighting to decorate.Of course,some circumstance that is needed.But,you don’t know the stair light and you don’t know how to choose a suitable stair light.You need consider the quality ,price,delivery time and after sale.So when you decide to purchase the stair light,you need look at all of your options.

strip light using in project


At present,the market have 2 type the material to supply for the stair lighting.One is the led aluminum profile and the other is PVC material.They are different.The aluminum profile is very stronger.He is anodize and he can make many different colors,They can according your decoration to make the color.The PVC profile material is clearly and you can see more light from the decoration.



The led aluminum profile stair light is the same as the PVC stair light profile at the price.They are according the shape,size and cost of labor.The cost are from $7.00 a foot to $20.00 a foot.If the aluminum profile need make the color,the cost will increase.The PVC profile is clear,so we are not consider extra charge.


The led aluminum profile stair light is including the the aluminum profile and led strip light.That the led strip light need more cost.They are depending on the length of the led strip light,led quantity of the strip light and the color of the led strip light.But most time,the people will chose them by the whole set.(People can DIY,They are choosing the aluminum profile and led strip light)

different kinds of strip light

If you choose to purchase the whole complete aluminum profile stair light and the cost abut start at usd35 per foot.
If you choose to purchase the led strip and aluminum profile to separate,the led strip light is according the length,color,qty,the cost range from around usd20 to over usd50 each.


LED-Strip-light fast connectorOf course,you purchase the whole completion stair light.most of time,they are enough in you install the can using some parts.They are including the end cap for the end of the stair,the a carrier tube that will protect the led strip,and the clips to protect the step.

These parts the cost is not expensive,but we should be considered.The carrier tubes and clips may be USD2 per foot each and the end cap should be USD5 or less.And we are considering the qty of the connector,that is depending on how to connect the stair and power source and how many steps you have.

For one connector the cost is about USD20 one piece.Of course,if your electrician knows a lot about the stair light,maybe he will use the wiring to instead of the connector.If so,you will save the connector cost.


This article explain how to use the led strip light and led aluminum profile .If you need more information,you can check out these articles:

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