How Many Different Types of LED Strip Lights Are There?

LED strip light is a very popular lighting material in home decoration. It is easy to install in the ceiling, in the cabinet, around the mirror, etc. Choosing a LED strip light is a smart choice. It can provide more brightness than traditional blub. And it is efficient and durable.

Type of led strip light

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    1, What is LED strip light?

    LED strip light is made by LED, PCB, resistance, IC, wires, PVC or silicon material,3M tape, etc.

    It is like a strip, so people call it strip light or tape light.

    Different types of led strip lights have different functions and fit different places to install.

    So let’s check which type of led strip light is your right choice.

    Different chips of led

    2, AC220V LED Strips

     AC220V LED strip light also called high voltage led strips,driver-less led strips. It does not need a big led power supply. But it also needs a special plug.

    AC LED strip light is cover by a transparent PVC material. So the size will be bigger than DC LED strips.

    AC flex led strips are easy to use. They are plug-and-play. You don’t need a bigger size led driver. You only need to plug it in and you can use them immediately.

    AC led strip light can long run. It can have continuous lengths up to 50 meters. Some lower wattage AC strips can run more than 100meter. It is better to install outside and the place where is difficult to install the driver.

    The disadvantage of the AC strip light is the cut length. Normally it need cut every 1  meter. That is not good for some small places like the kitchen.

    AC led strip light is at a low price.AC led strip light uses to think and single side PCB, PVC material is a low-cost material, and it doesn’t need high CRI, the LED is using economics type. So AC led strip light price will be lower than DC strip light.

    rope light cost
    AC220V led strip light
    SMD rope light

    3, DC LED strip lights

    Normally, LED strip light which we call is DC led strip light.

    From voltage , It have DC3V,DC5V, DC12V, DC24V, DC36V, DC48V,etc.

    From led type ,It have SMD2835, SMD3528,SMD5050,SMD3014,SMD3020,SMD5630,SMD2216,SMD2010,etc.

    From PCB material, It has flexible PCB, aluminum base PCB, FR4 PCB, etc.

    LED strip light size is small, it has 3M tape backside. It can easily install on almost every surface. It has a small cut that allows you to install it in a small place.

    DC led strip light just produces minimal heat and small size making it the perfect choice for applications that are in small spaces. It is low voltage that is safe for the place easy to touch.

    warm white 3528-240-24-double-led-strip-light
    warm white 3528-60-24-led-strip-light
    warm white 5630-60-12-led-strip-light

    4, LED Rope Light

    LED rope light is different from led strip light. It is not flat and ribbon-like instead. It is made of  PVC material in round size. The rope light normally uses DIP LEDs.

    The rope light brightness is not like LED strip light. Led strip light can provide more brightness than led rope light.

    LED rope light has a PVC encased. Because it is waterproof, so it can use for outdoor applications.

    You can plug and play the LED rope light. It has a special plug for AC220V.

    LED rope light is a better lighting material for festival lighting.

    rope light material
    rope light long run

    5, High output LED strips

    The high output led strip light is for special purposes. Normally is it using an aluminum PCB and mount in an aluminum housing.
    It can provide the highest brightness. You can apply it to building skyline, ceiling covers, gardens where need high brightness.

    It has DC24V or AC220V option. You can set up a power supply and dimmer to control the brightness.

    High output LED strips to need more professionalism than DC led strips. You need to know more about the strip light and need to use it in the right way.

    Hight power led strip light


    LED strip light is a good material for lighting. We need to know which type is better for our purpose.
    Choose the right one will be better for our building.
    If you have any request for led strip light, pls contact lightstec.


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      1. How to design OurLine-Lighting without Dots?
        Neon Tube?
        Aluminum Profile with Diffuser?

        A new way placing lots of LED Chips on the FPCB to be as a COB Strip Light, 480 pcs or 512 pcs / meter, the lighting has not dots.

        Why uses COB LED Strip Lights?
        . More LED Chips, 480pcs or 512pcs / Meter, More bright.
        . Lighting a line without Dots.
        . Chips on the FPCB, it is more Flexible
        . Lighting is Uniform and More Soft.
        . High CRI 90 / IP20 / IP65 / IP67 / IP68
        . Input 24VDC or 12VDC

      2. High Density 2835 RGB LED Strip.

        1).5M/Roll / SMD2835 / RGB / 120leds/m / 10W/m / 2300-2800mcd / 8mm PCB / DC24V

        2).5M/Roll / SMD2835 / RGB / 168leds/m / 16.20W/m / 2300-2800mcd / 10mm PCB / DC24V

        3).5M/Roll / SMD2835 / RGB+W / 120leds/m(60pcs RGB: 2300-2800mcd + 60pcs W: CRI>80) / 15.36W/m / 10mm PCB / DC24V

        4).5M/Roll / SMD2835 / RGB+CW / 120leds/m(60pcs RGB: 2300-2800mcd + 60pcs WW: CRI>80 + 60pcs CW: CRI>80) / 21.7W/m / 12mm PCB / DC24V

        Would you like to need samples to test and evaluate ?

      3. I would like to recommend you SMD2835 70LEDs/m 24VDC Constant Current tape light.

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      9. An excellent blog about LED strip lighting. It is very stunning and more attractive than ordinary lights. Many people use strip lights as decorations for their homes. I learned a lot from this article. Many thanks for presenting such a useful post.

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