Flexible Led Strip Light Installation Instruction Version(2019LTV03)

Simple led strip light installion guide help you easy using led strip light.

Following this guide step by step then you will know to right way to fix the led strip light.

1/ Cut the length you need from the cutting point.


2/ Power supply Wattage=LED Strip light Length x Wattage per meter x 1.2

LED Strip light Red cable connect to the power supply positive,Black cable connect to the negitive.

*Don’t turn on the light in reel to avoid over heating.


3/ Clean the surface before stick the Led Strip light.

IP65/67 LED Strip light need use chips to fix it.

If strip light wattage bigger than 20W/m,
we suggest install in the aluminum profile surface.


4/ Incorrect bending way.

Take care when you bend the led strip light.

10m in serial connection is the maxium recommended in 24V led strip to avoid drop voltage and over heating.
5m in serial connection is the maxium recommend ed in 12V to avoid drop voltage.


You can download this led installion guide in PDF file here:

Flexible Led Strip Light Installation Instruction Version(2019LTV03)

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