Lightstec® Led lineaariset valoprojektit

Many Lightstec® customers using led lineaarinen valo make many projects.The projects is very creative,good design,give us a amazing lighting environment. Lightstec led alumiiniprofiili is a freedom lighting design material.And using with our led-nauhavalo give a high quality projects.

Let's see what Led linear light can do.

Lightstec® offering high quality led linear light material if factory price. We offer led strip light, led aluminum profile, led kuljettaja for you.We are a one-stop led lineaarinen valo material supplier in China.Welcome contact our sales team: [email protected]

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Lightstecin perustaja.Insinööritutkinto.Yli 13 vuoden työkokemus led-valaistusliiketoiminnasta.Olen perehtynyt led-valaistustuotteiden valmistukseen.Tämä blogi jakaa sinulle tietoa ja ratkaisuja led-valaistuksesta.Tervetuloa led-valojen hankintaan Kiinasta.

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  1. My name is Vladimir Osyagin, I am the Business manager of NSK LLC (Russia). Our company is the biggest producer of mirrors in Russia.
    We sell our mirrors in DIY networks (Leroy Merlin, IKEA, Castorama). Some of the mirrors are equipped with internal or external LED lighting.
    My colleague Sergey Smirnov met you at the Fair last week. We use 2 types of LED stripe in our mirrors:
    1. LED stripe. 30 LEDs per meter. Power – 7,2W. Voltage – 12V. Protection level – IP33. Number of LEDs – 30. Luminous flux – 390 lm. Color – cold white.
    2. LED stripe. 60 LEDs per meter. Power – 15W. Voltage – 12V. Protection level – IP33. Number of LEDs – 60. Luminous flux – 780 lm. Color – cold white.

    What is the minimum quantity that you supply or the price does not depend on quantity?
    Anyway, please send me your quotation for LED stripes with these properties.


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