Customized your own led strip light in factory

For led strip light business,when you promote your own brand products in the market,customized own brand led strip light will helpful for us.That will helpful for establish your professional image to clients.

Following are the parts we can offer custom-made led strip light services.Let’s check it .

kinds-of-pcb-color1.PCB color

We can offer custom made pcb colors.There are 3 colors we can offer,white color,black color and yellow color.Normally we offer white color.White color not MOQ,the other kinds MOQ 1200 Meter.

logo-pcb2.LOGO in the PCB

We can offer customized logo in the PCB.Normally,company have their own company logo.We can print their logo in the led strip light PCB.The Logo PCB MOQ is 1200 meter.

led-types3.LED types

 We offer many kinds of led for your choose.SMD3528,SMD3014,SMD2835,SMD5630.

led-chips-brand4.LED brands

We can offer EPISTAR chips led,Osram led,Philips led,Everlight,HongLi led,etc.

led strip-color-temperature5.Led color temperature (CCT)

 Normally we offer 2400K,2700k,3500k,4000k,5000k,6500k.If you have led samples,we can make the led color temperature the same as your sample.


We can offer CRI70,CRI80,CRI90 led chips

3M tape 9080a7.3M tape

 We can offer original 3M tape,9080A,9448,9495,VHB,etc.Fit for your different application request.

led-strip-waterproof-level-range8.Waterproof level

We can make different waterproof level strip light,IP20/33 not waterproof,IP55 silicon glue drop in the surface,IP65 silicon tube proof,IP67 silicon glue inside silicon tube waterproof.

led-strip-light-silicon-tube-color9.Led silicon tube color

We can offer all kinds of led tube color.Red/blue/milky/yellow.Normally we offer transparency silicon tube.

led cable wires10.Wires

We can offer different size wires,AWG18,AWG20,AWG22,AWG24.Normally,we us AWG20 wires.

AWG22# WIRES11.Wire length

We can offer different length wires,Normally our strip light using 12CM AWG20 wires.

LED-Strip-light fast connector12.Connector

We can offer different kinds of led connector.This will convenience for clients cut and connect the led strip light.

led-strip-light-voltage13.Strip light Voltage

We can design 3V,5V,12V,24V,36V led strip light.

led-strip-light-wattage14.Strip light wattage

We can design different kinds of strip light wattage.


We can use your own design label.Then you can design your company information in the label.

led-strip-light-date-sheet16.Strip light date sheet

You can design own user guide and date sheet for client using.This will put in the package.


We can offer your own design package.Normally we using aluminum foil bag.This is better for anti-static.

Normally,custom made led strip light have MOQ.But this MOQ is not a big quality,when you need this customized led strip light service,You can contact with Lightstec as one of top led strip light factory in China.

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Founder of Lightstec.Engineering degree.More than 13 years working experience in led lighting business.Familiar with producing led lighting products.This blog share you knowledge and solution in led lighting.Welcome sourcing led lights from China.

How long can you make LED Strip Lights?

Normally,the led strip light is DC12V and DC24V.If the strip light longer than 10 meter,the voltage drop will big.So we make 5 meter/roll.Normally. For the constant current led strip light,we can offer 25meter/roll.No voltage drop.

What are the best LED Strip Lights?

That is according the what material you are using.We can use brand chips and thicker PCB and origin 3M tape.In the same price level,we can select the best mater then insure the strip light in good quality.

What's the difference between SMD5050 and SMD3528 led?

SMD5050 data:





SMD3528 data:




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  1. This post let me know more about architects and lighting designers are implementing LED strip lights into residential, commercial, and industrial projects at an increasing rate. This is due to an increase in efficiency, color options, brightness, and ease of installation. very good for brand products salling in the market.

  2. Fully Customized LED Strip Lights
    Looking to light an irregular space or a super creative project? Lightstec can help create LED strips that cater to your exact requirements with our wide range of LED products. We are one of China’s top LED manufacturers and suppliers because we always put the client first.

    We can easily translate your lighting needs and provide customized lighting solutions. Our experts can provide you full PCB design support and create LED strips that are just the right color, size, shape, and brightness. We can also provide customized power supply options and specialized LED strip controllers. So all you have to do is install the LED strips and enjoy the light.

    Our tailor-made LED strips offer you the opportunity to choose what you prefer:

    LED types
    CRI(colour rendering index)
    CCT(colour temperature)

  3. Customization Capabilities
    Have an idea that requires a custom solution? Lightstec highly specialized design team and technical project consultants will work with you one-on-one to translate your vision into an effective, cutting-edge lighting solution that matches your precise needs.
    Custom or Specific Brightness
    Color Temperature (CCT)
    Specific Color Rendering (CRI) Requirements
    Custom Lengths
    Custom Mounting and Adhesives
    Customizable Connection Points
    LED Density
    Environmental Protection Options
    Contract Manufacturing
    And More


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