What is Cabinet Light?

What is LED Cabinet Light?

From the general definition, the lamps and lanterns used in the cabinet are called cabinet lamps, which was first applied in its works by Bentley Mike, master of American lamplight lighting design. Mike has been advocating that different lamplight has different functions, which can bring different lighting effects to the space.

This concept, Lightstec lighting in the domestic use of 12 years to promote, just finally "lamps and lanterns and furniture perfect combination" this concept conducted to the public, cabinet lamp this special lamps and lanterns (at present, the domestic market is mainly LED cabinet lamp) to ordinary consumers.

LED light in kitchen

The Development Trend of Cabinet Lamp

The development trend of cabinet lamps also can be regarded as the development trend of the kitchen. From the function, before the kitchen needs to satisfy cooking this one basic demand only in the past. They only wanted enough place to put down all tools, did not have a special design, did not plan meticulously, all things are put in a mess, move line mostly also mixed and disorderly.

Old Kitchen

With the rise of the quality of life, the family's demand for the kitchen is also increasing.

For example, the functional kitchen has reasonable planning, kitchen appliances, and electrical appliances have reasonable placement, and the storage is also very powerful.

This kind of kitchen has no big problems in use, will not be smoked by oil, and has all the functions it should have. But this kind of kitchen has become an independent space, a stage for cooks, but there is no audience.

Fashion kitchen

On this basis, the enjoyment kitchen was born, which has one more social function than the functional kitchen.

The enjoyment kitchen has completely changed the situation that the host kitchen is busy and the guests are bored to wait. The host can easily and quickly cook delicious food while chatting and laughing with friends.

At present, the lifestyle of Chinese families has undergone great changes. More and more people realize the importance of family gatherings. Cooking has become a "healing" activity place for family members to eat, party, emotional communication, and social entertainment.

fashion kitchen (2)

To create this kind of "healing Department" place, furniture alone is not enough. Cabinet lights play a huge role here. Whether it is the kitchen or the overall home space, different levels of lights are needed to create the atmosphere and create the atmosphere in different situations.

Family gatherings need bright lights to facilitate the actions of the elderly and children; Couples need dim light when they are in the world, and a warm yellow chandelier creates a warm atmosphere; Friends need to shoot light from different positions during entertainment parties and divide limited space distance with light... These are the magic of cabinet lights.

fashion kitchen with led light

The decoration report released by GFK, an authoritative German research organization, shows that despite the economic downturn in Europe, people are still willing to spend more money on cabinets in recent years, and the development speed of cabinet lamps is even more amazing.

Lightstec lighting has been working in China's cabinet lamp market for 13 years, leading and witnessing the development of the domestic cabinet lamp market. It can be said that cabinet lamp is now becoming an indispensable part of home decoration.

What kinds of cabinet lights are there?

Viewed from the outside, there are ordinary bulbs, circular spotlights, lamp strips, strip lamps, etc;

In terms of use mode, there are manual scanning induction type, manual switch type, door opening, and closing induction type, etc;

From the installation position, some are installed in the cabinet, some are installed under the countertop of the hanging cabinet, and some are installed behind the cabinet through design;

From the perspective of installation methods, there are cabinets embedded, installed through screws, and pasted;

From the perspective of power supply mode, some are connected to the power supply and some are installed with batteries.

How to install the LED cabinet light?

1. First of all, before decorating the kitchen, the cabinet light line shall be wired first. Generally, the cabinet style and device orientation shall be determined, and then the cabinet light orientation shall be determined. The following is the reserved orientation of the light line of one cabinet light in between.

cabinet light wiring

2. Then there is the installation cabinet and the installation cabinet lamp. The following is the effect of turning on the lamp and not turning on the lamp after the installation.

Install cabinet light

3. Pay attention to the opening and closing state of the lamp fixed on the ceiling cabinet floor, and you can't see the remaining lamp cap line.

cabinet light wiring 2

4. Schematic diagram of light wire wiring in cabinet light hanging cabinet

cabinet light wiring 3

A. The red arrow is to open a hole from the backboard of the cabinet and pull out the power cord,
B. The blue arrow is to open a hole on the bottom plate of the cabinet and pull up the lamp cap wire (if there is a plug on the lamp, cut off the plug),
C. Then connect the power cord with the lamp cap wire and wrap it with electrical tape,
D. In order not to affect the storage in the hanging cabinet, the remaining wires can also be fixed on the backplate with adhesive tape.

Factors need to pay attention to when installing a cabinet lamp device

1. The switch should be easy to use. For example, the door and bedside should use a double switch.
2. Determine the orientation of all your furniture and household appliances by graphic design first.
3. There shall be a leakage protection switch in the main distribution box, and each line shall also have an air switch with the same power.
4. The power consumption in the kitchen is large, each socket line is placed separately, and the waterproof of electrical appliances should be considered in the bathroom. All sockets shall be grounded with three eyes.

What is the difference between LED high voltage cabinet light and low voltage cabinet light?

The high voltage of the LED cabinet light refers to the working voltage of 220V, which is a dangerous voltage, and there are potential safety hazards in some risky applications; In this case, there is no harm to the person.

The low voltage of the LED cabinet light is which working voltage is DC12V OR 24v.It is safe for toching.
high voltage vs low voltage cabinet light

First, the advantages and disadvantages of low voltage LED cabinet light

1. Safety: Low-voltage lamps are generally 12V/24/36V, all of which are safe for the human body to withstand voltage. They are used in places required by national standards or places with a high safety factor.

2. Longer life: Because the circuit is DC low voltage, fewer components are used and the life is longer.

3. No stroboscopic. Since the DC voltage is used, the stroboscopic phenomenon in AC use is avoided.

4. Small size: The volume can be made as small as possible because it does not require complex circuits.

Disadvantages: It needs to be connected to a low voltage and is not common with the commonly used 220V.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of high voltage LED cabinet light

Advantages of high voltage cabinet light:

1. Easy to use: It can directly replace the existing 220V circuit lamps without circuit conversion or circuit modification.

2. Strong versatility: it has a good match with the accessories on the market.

Disadvantages: 1. High voltage is dangerous. 2. The volume is not easy to be miniaturized.

Can I install the cabinet light in the wardrobe?

If a wardrobe is not called a wardrobe, what else can it be called? If there are no partitions, drawers, and clothes rails for storing things inside, what can it be called? At best, it's just a big box with depth, right? It is precisely because it has a certain depth that we can apply it to storage. However, the disadvantages of traditional wardrobes are also very obvious. Think about whether the following scenarios often occur in your home:

wardrobe light

I wanted to find a coat from the closet that I put in two days ago to go with a newly bought skirt. When I opened the door of the closet, I couldn't see the floor. I looked through it with my hands and still nothing, so I had to put my hand into the pitch black. The inside of the cupboard was rummaging around. Whether you can get it or not depends on luck, people who are more careful will take out all the hung and folded clothes in the front row and put them away, look for them one by one, and wait until you sweat profusely and grab the clothes you want to wear. , five minutes have passed...

Well folded clothes are messed up, do you really still have the mood to tidy them one by one and fold them again?

As we said at the beginning if the wardrobe is not called a wardrobe, it is just a larger and relatively closed box, and it is difficult for the light in the bedroom to shine into the interior of the wardrobe. So in order to make better use of the storage space in the depths of the wardrobe and facilitate the taking and placing of clothes, have you ever thought about installing a lamp for it?

There is a light in a place as big as the refrigerator (not to facilitate you to steal food), why can't there be a wardrobe! After all, many finished wardrobe manufacturers and even custom wardrobe manufacturers can already customize wardrobe LED light strips according to your needs.

As soon as you turn it on, the whole world lights up, and the wardrobe lights are so magical

If you are decorating and planning to order a wardrobe, please be sure to reserve a good position for the wardrobe light, and your life will be much more convenient in the future. If your wardrobe has been in use for a while, don't be afraid! That Lightstec rechargeable battery induction wardrobe light is developed to make up for your regrets! General family wardrobes can be installed with manual switches or automatic sensor lights.

Of course, the sensor light is great. It will be turned on when the light is not enough and the breath you bring is sensed. Isn't it very considerate? If you are worried that there are many people at home, there is a lot of movement, and you are worried that the automatic sensor lights are often lit by mistake, it is also a good choice to install cabinet lights with manual switches.

Maintenance suggestions: First of all, of course, you must choose high-quality cabinet light products, so it really doesn't cost much for a little place, so buy better ones. At the same time, pay attention to maintenance during use to avoid collision, moisture, messy wires, and other problems.

Well, you must have already thought of it, in addition to the wardrobe, there is another place in the home that needs to be illuminated urgently is the kitchen cabinet, install a Lightstec cabinet lamp under the kitchen wall cabinet, when cooking and cutting vegetables, the light is sufficient, and the mood is natural Also great!

How to install the wardrobe light?

1. What is an LED wardrobe light strip?
LED wardrobe light adopts new high-efficiency white light LED technology, which is energy-saving, energy-saving, explosion-proof, and suitable for various occasions. The infrared detection and sensing technology have high sensitivity, anti-interference, and fast response.

How to install the hidden light strip in the cabinet

1. When the light strip is a roll, please do not light the light strip.

2. Only cut where the scissors mark is printed on the lamp body, otherwise, it will cause a unit not to light up.

3. When installing, please bend the light strip to one side to expose the 2-3MM copper wire, and cut it with a pair of pliers, without leaving burrs to avoid short circuits.

4. Do not turn on the power supply during the installation or assembly of the light strip. The power supply can only be turned on when it is connected, installed, and correct.

5. When installing LED strips in cold temperatures, you can turn on the power for a few minutes to make the light body soft and easy to bend, and then power off the installation.

6. During installation and use, please do not hit the lamp with heavy objects, and do not knock or vibrate.

7. The end of the lamp tube must be covered with a tail plug and glued firmly before it is covered.

8. Only two sections of lamps with the same specifications and the same voltage can be connected in series with each other. The total length of the series connection cannot exceed the maximum allowable use length. 9. Each interface must be firm and there is no hidden danger of a short circuit. When installing outdoors, glass glue must be used at each interface. Or other appropriate methods to seal the interface to ensure that water enters each interface.

10. It cannot be installed in water, inflammable and explosive environments, and the use environment must be well ventilated.

11. For installation and fixation, please do not use metal materials such as an iron wire to tie the lamp tube tightly, so as to avoid the iron wire falling into the lamp tube and causing the lamp tube to be burnt short.

12. The power supply voltage should be the same as that marked on the lamp tube, and an appropriate safety device should be installed.

13. During the use of the lamp, please do not wrap it with any object to cover the lamp.

14. When the lamp body of the lamp is found to be damaged, please cut off this part immediately, and do not continue to use it to avoid danger.

15. If you need flashing, flowing water, and other effects, please use the controller.

The above is how to install the hidden light strip in the cabinet. If you plan to install the light in the cabinet, layout the wires, drill a hole and pull the wires into the wardrobe, and then install a micro switch, the closing light will turn off the door light and turn on. If the light strip is not heavy, it can be melted with hot glue. A glue stick costs a few cents. If you don’t have a glue gun, you can use a lighter. The glue gun costs more than ten yuan! If the light strip is heavy, you can use the glass glue for sticking glass. If you want to know more household information, please continue to pay attention to Master Wan, the household after-sales service.

Which color temperature should I select when I install the cabinet light?

cabinet light CCT

1. Warm white
If you want to set up a wine cabinet at home, then we can set the light to yellow, because yellow is a warm color, whether it is in the dining room or bedroom. The wine cabinet is very warm when the light is set to yellow, because drinking is for that atmosphere, so if the atmosphere is made into yellow, it is very good and romantic, then you can have a drink in front of the wine cabinet every day, then It's a really comfortable feeling. You can also relax your mind.

2. Light red
It can also be made light red because the color of light red and red wine is the same, so it is really equivalent to a special look when paired with red wine, especially for guests at home, if you see wine The color of the cabinet is light red, so you will feel more beautiful and generous, and you will have more appetite, so you will feel that the taste will be particularly good when you drink it.

3. The main choice of warm tones and the light must be warm tones. You can choose two colors to match. For example, the above-mentioned two colors of yellow and light red are also very good-looking, so choose these two colors. The astigmatism of the colors is also very beautiful, so it is matched with that hazy feeling. In this way, you can enjoy that kind of quiet life, which is not bad. The above summarizes how to configure the lighting. So if there is a wine cabinet at home, it is really good. If there is a wine cabinet at home, we can collect a lot of wine. In this way, the home will look particularly beautiful and special. On the grade, because under normal circumstances, people with special tastes have alcohol at home. It mainly depends on where the wine cabinet is set at home. If it is near the dining table, you can choose a small yellow light with a warm light color. If there is a wine cabinet light at home, usually put one light on the top of the wine cabinet, and then put one in the middle of the wine table cabinet. It depends on where your wine cabinet is. If it is in a conspicuous position in the living room, it is best to put three lights on the top. A light, highlight it. It depends on what kind of wine cabinet you have. If it is a wooden wine cabinet, you can set it on a wooden board. If it's glass, bring your own

6 place where we can install cabinet light at home

Home lighting is mainly divided into four types, local lighting, general lighting, accent lighting, decorative lighting. "Key lighting" is often the most easily overlooked one. Without them, it is really inconvenient at night. Today, I have summarized 6 important lighting lights that need to be installed in a home. Come and see what you have installed in your home?

1. Wardrobe lights
Although there are ceiling lamps in the bedroom, it is still dark under the lights when I open the wardrobe at night to get things. In fact, there is a lack of light in the wardrobe.

In fact, a thin wardrobe light can be added, and the switch control can be realized through induction. The wardrobe door is opened, the light is on, and the wardrobe door is turned off, so as to avoid the dark situation when the light is opened and closed.

Wardrobe lights

2. Foot Human Body Sensor Light
Footlights, also known as night lights, are generally used in corridors and passages, mainly for use at night, and play a basic lighting role, and it will not be too dazzling to turn on the main light.

The control switch can be realized through radar induction. Wherever you go at night, the lights will automatically turn on, when people come, they will turn on, and when people leave, they will turn off.

Foot Human Body Sensor Light


3. Cabinet lights
If the kitchen only has ceiling lamps for basic lighting, you will soon find that the operating area under the cabinet or the sink is still a dark experience under the lights. Especially at night because of the backlight, it will cause trouble in cooking.

Not as demanding as the night light, the light under the cabinet can use the same sheet light as the wardrobe, which can be manually switched or inductive.

Cabinet lights

4. Basin mirror headlights
Mirror headlights have been adopted by many people, not only to ensure that the details can be seen clearly during makeup but also to beautify the face.

It should be noted here that you can't use fancy lights of various colors, so as to avoid making your makeup painting too white or too black because the color of the lights is wrong.

mirror headlights

5. wine cabinet lights
With the blessing of a bedside lamp, it can also avoid eye damage when playing with a mobile phone and reading a book before going to bed.

This lamp should pay special attention to comfort and color temperature. Generally, a lamp with a color temperature of 3000k is recommended. The lower the strobe, the better

wine cabinet lights

6. bed sensor lights
The sensor light at the bottom of the bed can hold the pillow when you wake up at night and don't bump your feet when looking for slippers.
On the other hand, because it is still an ambient light, it has some decorative functions.

bed sensor lights

Final Words

LED cabinet light is more and more popular in the market. It gives the kitchen more light, safe, easy to install, and fashionable design.

So if you are sourcing LED cabinet light in the market, Lightstec will always give you good suggestions. Welcome contact us!


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