LED Strip Light CRI VS Brightness

One of our customers required us to customized CRI>90 Strips. while he receives the samples, he compares our CRI>80 Strip with CRI>90 strips, then he changes his mind to choose CRI>80 strip.

So what is the relationship between CRI and Lumen? Will CRI>90 be more suitable for led strip application?

Now we are sharing our led strip base knowledge with you.

led-criColor rendering index (CRI), is the degree of reduction of the light color of an object. Highest CRI is up to 100, the lowest is 0

Sunlight color rendering index is 100, but As the characteristics of the light source, the illumination light determines the degree of reduction of the color of an object.

Take LED as the LED mainstream is that the white light is made from blue chips program is mixed yellow phosphor, so the LED spectrum is mainly blue and yellow.

We all know the three primary colors are red, green, light blue, the mixed color of red and green get yellow. So  The blue color is mixed with yellow light, which forms white light.

However, due to the spectral characteristics, For white color, red ingredients is relatively small, so the LED color rendering index is generally less than 100, usually between 70-80 or so.

To improve LED color rendering index, The LED is added into the red phosphor or green phosphor, but due to the excitation efficiency of the red phosphor and green phosphor is relatively low, after adding Pink or green powder, LED CRI is improved, but the overall lumen is decreased a lot.

lumens-brightness-chartIn the mainstream industry, the LED color rendering index gets higher, then the luminous flux will be lower. In the LED industry, there is no better method to improve CRI while the luminous flux is also improved.

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