LED Sensor for strip light, cabinet light

How to use Led sensor with led strip light ?

Led sensor is a very convenience led accessories for led strip light and led cabinet light. It has a DC12V and DC24V version.

It only needs to connect the input to the power supply and output connections to the led strip light.
Led sensor is widely used in cabinet, cloakroom, showroom.etc.
Lightstec can source many kinds of led sensor switch for you from China.

How many kinds of led sensor do you have?

Lightstec has many kinds of led cabinet sensor.
Touch sensitive switch (Touch Sensor)
Motion sensor switch
Hand wave sensor switch

Touch sensitive switch (Touch Sensor)

1、working wattage:12V;
2、quiescent current <30μA;
3、working current Max:2A;
4、connection:XH connector
5、working temperature:-20°-+50° 6、dimming

Touch sensitive switch LT-1630PMW
Touch sensitive switch LT-9026
Touch sensitive switch LT-9027

Motion sensor switch

1、Output= Input;
2、working wattage:12V\24v;
3、quiescent current <30μA;
4、working current Max:2A;
5、connection:XH connector
6、Input mode: human infrared induction voltage input
7、Sensing mode : passive
8、lighting time:15s;
10、sensor length:3meter;
11、working temperature:-20°-+50°

Motion sensor swicth LT-2021
Motion sensor swicth LT-2016B
Motion sensor swicth LT-2016

Hand wave sensor switch

1、working wattage:12/24V;
2、quiescent current <30μA;
3、working current Max:3A;
4、connection:XH connector
5、working temperature:-20°-+50°
7、sensor angle:35°;
10、sensor length:8cm;

Hand wave sensor switch LT-9019A
Hand wave sensor switch LT-5020

A Short Video

for how to use led touch sensor,led human sensor,led door open closed sensor.Demo in Lightstec

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