How to Source Led Lights from China?

What is product sourcing?

China-product-sourcingProduct sourcing is a part of business.means you have to find the products meet market requirements and negotiate with the factory offer the quality products on time.

China is a huge country and there are many factors making many different kinds of products. When you are sourcing products from the world, you can not avoid China market. Led lights are big business in our life, we can sourcing many kinds of led lighting from China.

Sourcing led lights from China is not an easy job. You need to avoid some common mistakes then you can easily find the right manufacturer and can make more profit from the right products.

We are a led light factory in China. Here are some of our experiences when we are sourcing suppliers from China market. Hope helpful for you.

1. Research Your Local Market

How to do your research on the led light in your local market?

If you are a new player in this area, you need to do product research first.

Some ways you can do for research. Such go to the professional market. Find from an online website.

From the local market, it is easy for you to know the product. You can check the real products and see what is selling in the market. But this you not easy to know which one is the best selling in the market.

The second way is you can check from Amazon. You can put the keyword in the search bar on the Amazon website. The drop-down list will show you the hot search items.

Such as we are searching the keyword” Led Light”. The drop-down list will show “led light bulbs”,” led light strip”,” led light bar”.

amazon - led light

And from the Category, we can check the focus item we what to research.Then you can see the items from the “Featured categories”,”Featured deals”,” Best sellers”,”Top rated”,”Most wished for”,”Most gifted”.There are many useful information for you.

best sale amazon

In this way, you can easily know the products in your focus business. Which is the best selling in the market? How is the market price? How is the new design?

If the item doesn’t show in the top 100 of Amazon list, then it means not selling well in the market. Of course, some of the industrial products not selling well in Amazon and some of them not sell in Amazon.

You can use the same way to find products on another online market website, such as Alibaba,eBay.

You can make a list of the items you are interesting. That will helpful for you to find a supplier.

1. Contact Your Chinese Factory

How to contact with your China led light supplier?

After you are doing research the products from the local market.You have to know where the products made from.

Some of the products is made in the local market.You can find the factory from your country.The first choose is search informational from Google.Using the keyword+location.Find if there factory in your country and ask for cooperation.For example,if you are searching led strip light.You can use keyword “led strip light factory”+”location”(your country name).Then you can find some information.If don’t have factory in your country then your country then you can find if this produce in China.

google led strip light china

Language is one of the important factor you need to face.As I know,most of the manufacturers in China have sales can speak English.If you mother tongue is not English that is little for you.Because many of the Chinese colleague teach less language.When I am in colleague,our school teach English.And Japanese.But less people learn that.I think the same things in other colleague.

People don’t contact manufacturers from China for many different reason.They afraid troublesome.They prefer to source supplier from local market.From importer,wholesales.That will not have much profits.

  When you are sourcing China manufacturer,what you have to do is searching supplier in Google.That is a powerful tools for you.You can search what ever you want.

First you go to .And you need to do is using your keyword+China.Then you can find many supplier from China.And some tips for you.What we want is searching factory/supplier/manufacturer.So we have to add this to your searching keyword.For example,if you want to source led strip light supplier,what you have to do is using keyword “led strip light”+”factory”+”China”,then you can searching some manufacturer from China.What you have to avoid is using wholesales/dealer/trading as keyword.Most of this they don’t have factory.

After you are find some company website.You need to check if the product fit for your request.And you need to check from their “About” web page to know where is the company,when they start doing this business,How many worker they have,how is the factory location.You need to make sure clearly their is a believable factory.

All you need to do is go to Alibaba, a huge website that connects you with thousands of qualified manufacturers in China for any product you could imagine. You can chat with them, search for different criteria (such as years they have been in business, their quality rating, payment options, and more). You should narrow it down to three or four manufacturers that have images of similar products to what you want.

Then you have to find their email in “Contact us” website.You have better sending to their official mail.That will be save for your future business.

You can send a simple mail first as following:


My name is xxx.Our company name xxx is in xxx(country).

I am interesting in your xxx products.Can you provide me with a price quote your products?

Wait for your news .Thank you.

Xxx(your name)

Company information.

In first mail,you can let the company know some detail of your company then they will pay attention on your request.Because sometimes,one day many mail if the mail not show more detail of what you want and who are you.Sometimes the factory will late reply your mail.They will think that is a low value mail.So you have to let me feel your professional in your first mail.

 Communication is very important.we have an other post for you how to find the right supplier.

From the mail reply.The professional factory will reply you quickly and professional.Can send the date sheet /catalog /price list in official way to you.

If you can find a professional guy to contact with you that is luck for you.It will very helpful for your business.A right person is very powerful for helping your business.He can solve many many troublesome for you when you are sourcing products from China.

3. Negotiate With Your Supplier

How to talk with your China led light factory?

From the first time,You have to talk with your supplier. For every detail of your business.

1,Products detail

For example, you are sourcing led lights from China.The same led product have many different specification.Led chips,color temperature,CRI,brightness.Sometimes,the specification is normal for the industry but some of the client not understand,they will said why you do that.So you have to talk with your supplier about your products detail first.And you have know more clearly about the products you are sourcing.Then will little troublesome in the future business.

2,Quality request

 And quality is a frequently questions when we are sourcing products.You have to talk with supplier about the quality request of the products.Different material the quality is different. And some material also will need to check the quality.We have better order samples before batch orders.

3,Packing design

Many clients have their own packing design.That will helpful for them to show their professional and show their own brand in the market.Some factory offer OEM service about packing.

4,Delivery way

We know shipping goods have some ways. Express,such as DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT.By air,by sea,by train.You can find the best way for delivery your goods.Safe and less cost.If you are new to import goods to your country,you can ask your China sourcing factory to look after all the delivery.They can compare all ways and you can choose the best for you.

4. Order Sample Products

How to order led lights from your China supplier?

Before batch order,you have better order sample first.

From the sample,you can check the product detail.Sometimes,the product you talk with the factory is not exactly with the samples.From the sample, you can easy see if the product meet your request.

When you order samples,you can let the factory send their catalog,product date sheet,test report along with the goods.In this way,you can check the professional level of the factory.

5. Plan well your order

Why you should plan well of your orders?

International trading is not like the local market trading.Plan well your order will help your get the products on time.Especially manufacturing enterprises.Because produce have many process and many different factory working together.Sometimes one process delay then all the process will delay.We have to plan well our order.Normally,if the order produce time need 7 days,then we have to plan 10 days to 14 days. In this way we can have time when something unexpected happening.

7. Benefit of China sourcing agent

What benefit you can have from your China sourcing agent?

From above,you see imports is not very easy.I think you have focus in marketing and new product develop.You can find a sourcing agent in China to do some work for you.

China sourcing agent know the local products market.He/She do this job day by day.So he know which factory make what kind of product and how is the quality of the products.

China sourcing agent can help you for the delivery.

China sourcing agent can as your hand and eyes in China.They can help you check the products quality before shipment.Avoid undesirable products。

A professional China sourcing agent can help you manager supply chain.You just pay not more free but will have professional services.



As a professional led light sourcing factory in China,Lightstec welcome you to visit our factory.

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  1. For example, a warm white bulb or striplight will typically claim a 3200 Kelvin color temperature, which is exactly what you get from a standard, old household bulb. A cheaper, low CRI warm white LED bulb or striplight will have impurities, like a magenta or green cast that can stand out next to natural light sources or standard tungsten bulbs. These become more apparent as you dim the light.

    • Dear,You are right. The led light color is not exactly the same as the tradition light. The high CRI and right color temperature led light is better than the cheap one. First,you need to use the high CRI led bulb,such as CRI>90. And the CCT color must use the same. Some cheap one the CRI<60,and the cct is different in one lot. So this is the key point you can find the high quality led bulb. And some material you have to notice, driver and housing .


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