12 nasvetov za uporabo LED trakov

When it comes to your home's interior design, led strip light is one of the biggest players at present. Many people like using led strip light because it has a stronger quality than many other kinds of lighting. So what are some tips you should keep in mind during using led strip light? Here we listed together some problems that may happen and our answers:

1. What are led trakovi?

LED trak luči is made with led chips, FPCB/ALUMINUM PCB/FR-4/CME-3, resistance, capacitance, IC, silicon glue, silicon tube, PVC material, 3M tape, and wires.

Because of the appearance like tape, so names it led strip light /led tape/led ribbon/led light bar.

It has 3M tape backside that can be stuck to almost all surfaces. And some with clips can fix on the surface where not suitable for 3M tape.


2.How many kinds of led using in led strip light ?

There many Leds are using in led trak svetlobe.

Lightstec now have









3. How many kinds of led strip light?

Led strip light is normally classified into two categories by PCB material. One is flexible led strip light. The other one is a rigid led strip light.

And led strip light can be classified into two categories by voltage.

One is a high voltage led strip light, the voltage is AC110V and AC220V.

The other one is low voltage, DC3V/5V/6V/9V/12V/15V/24V/36V/48V/60V.

It is according to different requests.

flexible led strip light


high voltage led strip light


rigid led strip light


a. Flexible led strip light

Fleksibilen led trak svetilke is produced by flexible PCB and led. The thickness is only 1.5mm.

Normally the led type have SMD3014, 3528, 3030, 5050, 2835, 5630, 5730, 335 etc.

It have 30led/m, 60led/m, 72led/m, 96led/m, 120led/m , 240led/m, 360led/m.

According to design requests. Because of its flexibility, it can easy to make any shape, and it can be cut in any size.

b. Rigid led strip light

The rigid led strip light is produced by aluminum PCB or FR4 PCB. It is easy to install and has better heat dissipation(aluminum base).

But it can not easy to bend. Aluminum base PCB is widely used in high-power lamps.

4.How to select led strip light?

When we select the led strip light, We need to think about what kind of led?

How many led per meter?

How many wattage per meter?

5.What kind of led strip light?

Now have








For same brightness, same price

SMD2835 LED STRIP LIGHT is a very good cost performance.

SMD 5050 LED STRIP LIGHT have 3 chips in one led.

This quality will stable, if one chips broken, the other 2chips can light .

6.How many led per meter?

Now have







More led in one meter, more brightness. And the wattage will increase.

You can ask lightstec for date sheet.

7.How many wattage per meter?

Normally have









Many choose. According to your request, you can ask lightstec for detail.

8. Applications of Cool led light projects

Led strip light is used in furniture, cars decorate lighting, advertising, lighting board, airplane, train, KTV, hotels, shopping malls, etc. We also share some cool led light projects here. You can see projects using led strip lights for room lighting, and led lighting ideas for home and you can find more led projects photos here. And if you are a DIYer, our led strip light material is enough for your DIY-led lighting projects.

projects lightstec led strip light

9. How to install a led strip light?

DC12V/24V led strip light

First, connect the strip light positive and negative anodes to the power driver right anodes.

Then connect the power driver to AC110V OR AC220V.

If wrong connects, the led strip light will not be lighting.


2. AC110V/220V led strip light

Connect the strip light to the power cord, then connect the power cord to AC110V/220V.


Namestitev v zaprtih prostorih

When installing led strip light indoors, because of not raining, or not shining, it will easily install.

Lightstec low voltage strip light has 3M tape.

You only need to tear the tape and stick the led strip light where you want to install it.

Namestitev na prostem

Because of rain and sunshine, the strip light needs waterproof.

Normally the outside covers a silicon tube to protect the strip light.

And when install, use clips to fix it strong.


When you need dimming or color change, you need a led controller.

You can use a dimmer, RGB remote controller, rgbw controller, DMX512 controller, Dali controller, and 0/1-10v controller.


Normally, for the DC12V led strip light, we suggest using a 5meter roll. And DC24V led strip light, can use 10meter.

Power supplier in one end. 110v/220v led strip light can use 50 meters by one power card.

If use the strip light longer than this length, the brightness, in the end, will drop compared with the beginning.

Now lightstec has new technology for longer use led strip light.

We use IC to control the current.

This technology can improve the strip light to15-20meter use driver by one end.

Of course, this price will be higher than the normal led strip light.

10. How to know the led strip light is good quality?

Veliko jih je led factories are making led strip lights. They use the material from low level to high level. We can check in several ways.

1. Check in the test lab. We can check the chips, PCB material, brightness, color temperature, and CRI. That is a professional way.

2. Check the led strip light surface.

We can check the soldering point. If the surface is not clear, the led are not soldering in the right place.

The surface is dirty. That is not a good led strip light. Good led strip light, the surface is clear, and the led are soldering in the right place.

3. Check the PCB

Normally, the led strip light PCB has 2 kinds of technology.

Rolled copper, place polygon plane. And they also have a single-side PCB design and double-side design.

And the thickness has 1oz, 1.5oz, and 2oz.

Normally the good led strip light use Rolled copper +double side PCB design +2OZ.

The is good for heat dissipation and less voltage drop.

4. Check the package

We can check the package if the reel is recycled used or new. The recycling used may be broken and dirty.

5. Check the label

Check the label if the detail is enough led type, led qty in one meter, voltage, wattage, IP rate.

11. Repair notice:

1. Anti-static

The led chips are easily broken because of static electricity.

So when we produce the led strip light and install the led strip light, we have better wear the anti-ESD ring before handing it in.

2. Short circuit

When you repair the led strip light, you need to use an AVO meter to check if the led strip light is in a short circuit.

The short circuit is easy to damage the whole strip light.

12. Check why not lighting

1. Check the surface if the led is broken when not protected in transportation

2. Led not soldering very well or the PCB not soldering well.

3. The led is go wrong because of the anti-static.

4. The pcb quality is not good, easy broken.

5. The led is broker because of bending.

You can check our other post when you have some questions during using the led strip light:

FAQ of Led Strip Light

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  1. Dear Lightstec, hello are Gabrie are from Italian
    We would like to buy directly from the manufacturer.
    We are interested in strip led CRI 90 9lm / le 17 or 15w / m
    2700 / 2900K dc 24V
    168led / m approx
    do you have a product with these features?
    You can make us an offer of 500 meters.
    Waiting for your response.

  2. Our company have more than 7 years’ experience in making LED strips.
    We have diversity kinds of strips with different LED chips 3528/5050/2835/5630/3014/335.
    We can also do the high voltage 110V/220V strips that can directly used and low voltage strips 12V/24V that is safety for use.

  3. Thanks to send me your best price and delivery time for

    5050 Silicone Sleeved
    IP67 , 300LED / 5Meter , DC:24V , Power:14.4/m
    Silicone high quality for temperature and UV protection
    White led Color & 60 leds / meters
    Flux:: 1200Lm / meter
    Temperature : -20 + 60°c
    White led angle : 120°

    White board & 3M sticker at backside
    Clipper included
    Important : Packing must be by 5.5Meter / roll So 330 led/ 5.5 Meter

    Quantity : Market is 30 km / year for 2012 and shipment is around 2 or 3 km

    Thanks to update your offer and send me price for 5.5meter /roll

    Franck JOURJON

  4. Please send me your best price for 3528 strip light /blue/warm/white/yellow/RGB/Red/green/white/waterproof 1210(3528) SMD LED flexible strip with IC, 120 LEDs/MRegards,

  5. Please send mee your price list of product : flexibile led strip – 5050 120 led / m 24 V
    Flexibile led strip – 5050 144 led / m 24 V

    Thank you !

    Best regards, heavy nice day !

  6. This is soheil hadji from decolight company, Iran,
    I have visited your web site and I am interested in your Flexible Strip light product(3528’5050)
    You are kindly request to let me have your valuable price list for thisproducts,
    If you have smd5050 with IC, please let me know its prices to,
    Thank you so much indeedand i will remain

  7. I need to have a quotation for a flexible strip led with 5050 smd led , cool white about 6000°K, and warm white about 3000°K, strip width 8mm, 60 led/m, voltage 24 Vdc, pcb color white (the same that i used in Promotech), and for another led strip with 3528 smd led, color temperatur blu, strip width 8mm, 60 led/m, voltage 24 Vdc, pcb color white, (the same that i used in Promotech), and the quotation for the rgb version, 60 led/m, strip width 8mm, voltage 24 Vdc, pcb in white color.
    I need also the price for the touch rgb controller.
    Thank you in advance and i waiting your answer.

  8. Živjo Jerry,
    This blog is really interesting. The applications of LED strips are on the rise these days as everyone is more concerned with home decors and other business purposes. Here also we have many LED strip suppliers in Saudi who offer reliable and durable LED light strips. Thank you for giving an overview on LED strips, especially for mentioning how to check whether the LED strips are of good quality.
    Keep writing!
    Expecting similar articles in the future too.


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