Kako priključiti LED trakove brez vtiča

The use of LED light strips is very wide, and we sometimes can't plug in directly for some environments. For example, outdoor use, or the use of the environment can not be powered, then we must consider the use of battery power.


Vodnik po člankih

    To achieve battery-powered LED strips instead of direct plug-in usage, several methods can be considered:

    1. Dry or Rechargeable Batteries for Low-Voltage LED Strips:

    • For LED strips rated at DC3V or DC5V, using dry batteries or rechargeable batteries is a practical solution.
    • By connecting two 1.5V dry batteries in series, a 3V voltage can be achieved. Similarly, four 1.2V rechargeable batteries can be arranged to produce nearly 5V, suitable for a 5V LED strip.
      Dry batteries for led strip light

    2. Storage Batteries for Higher-Voltage LED Strips:

    • For LED strips requiring DC12V or DC24V, storage batteries like lead-acid or lithium-ion are ideal.
    • These batteries offer higher voltages and capacities, ensuring extended usage times.
      storage battery for led strips

    3. Battery Adapters for Voltage Conversion:

    • If available batteries don't match the LED strip's voltage, adapters can be used.
    • Step-up or step-down converters efficiently adjust battery output to meet the strip's voltage requirements.
      battery adapters for led strips

    4. USB Power for Convenience:

    • Low-voltage LED strips, especially 5V ones, can conveniently be powered via USB.
    • Power banks or high-capacity portable chargers with USB ports provide a simple and portable solution. However, they're limited to 5V output.
      usb power bank for led strips

    Additional Considerations:

    • When selecting a battery-powered setup, it's crucial to consider the LED strip's power consumption and the battery's capacity.
    • This ensures the battery can supply adequate power for an extended period.
    • Safety should always be a priority, avoiding battery overcharge, over-discharge, or misuse.

    Connecting it All with DC Connectors:

    • DC connectors play a pivotal role in securely linking the power source to the LED strips.
    • Choosing a connector compatible with both the battery and the LED strip ensures stable and safe power transmission.

    We sometimes use batteries to light up LED strip lights, which operate at DC12V and 10w/m. But how do we calculate how long the battery can keep these lights on?

    Calculating Battery Life for LED Strip Lights

    To determine the battery life when powering LED strip lights, we need to consider two main factors: the total battery capacity and the power consumption of the LED strips.

    Key Factors in the Calculation

    • Battery Capacity: Usually measured in mAh (milliamp hours) or Wh (watt hours), this indicates how much energy the battery can store.
    • LED Strip Power Consumption: Measured in watts per meter (w/m), this determines how much energy the LED strip consumes.

    The Mathematical Model

    Assuming the battery capacity is Q mAh (or Q×3.7 Wh, with a battery voltage of 3.7V) and the power consumption of the LED strip is P w/m, the operating time T of the LED strip can be calculated using the formula:

    (T = \frac{{\text{Total battery capacity (Wh)}}{{\text{LED strip power consumption (W)}})

    Example Calculation

    Considering a 1-meter LED strip consuming 10W and a battery with a capacity of 10000mAh (equivalent to 37Wh, as 1mAh*3.7V=0.0037Wh), the LED strip can stay on for:

    (T = \frac{{37 \text{ Wh}}}{{10 \text{ W}}} = 3.7 \text{ hours})

    This translates to approximately 3 hours and 42 minutes.


    Therefore, with a 10000mAh battery, a 1-meter long LED strip consuming 10w/m can be powered for approximately 3 hours and 42 minutes. This calculation provides a useful estimate for planning the usage of battery-powered LED strip lights.

    In conclusion, various battery-powered options are available for LED strips, depending on voltage requirements and battery specifications. Selecting the most suitable method ensures efficient and safe operation without the need for a direct power outlet.

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