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Why do you need a LED closet light? In 2021, after the lighting without the main light was warmly sought after by domestic home improvement lighting designers, there has also been a fashion trend in the field of local lighting and cabinet lighting. In the design of lighting scenes without main lights, the installation of cabinet lights in the kitchen is the most popular, and the second is to install intelligent sensor closet lights in the bedroom wardrobe. I believe there are still many friends who are wondering … Hamaky bebe kokoa

Inona ny Cabinet Light?


What is LED Cabinet Light? From the general definition, the lamps and lanterns used in the cabinet are called cabinet lamps, which was first applied in its works by Bentley Mike, master of American lamplight lighting design. Mike has been advocating that different lamplight has different functions, which can bring different lighting effects to the space. This concept, Lightstec lighting in the domestic use of 12 years to promote, just finally “lamps and lanterns and furniture perfect combination” this concept conducted to the public, cabinet lamp this special … Hamaky bebe kokoa

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When you are using the LED strip lights, you need a LED power supply. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the right LED power for LED strips and how to connect the strip lights to the power supply. When you are doing a lighting project or DIY for your home lighting, you need to consider choosing the perfect LED power supply. Waterproof driver or indoor driver, DC12V OR DC24V driver, big wattage driver or small driver, etc. The correct power supply offer you safety … Hamaky bebe kokoa

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When we are using led light,the most import is using the good best quality led power supply. So if you are sourcing the top quality led power supply, here is the right place. We will show the best top quality led power supply brand here. Let’s check it. Philips Lighting – LED & Conventional lighting solutions Philips Lighting is a global market leader with recognized expertise in the development, manufacturing application of innovative LED lighting solutions 2. The New OSRAM | Light is OSRAM TheNewOSRAM Osram offers … Hamaky bebe kokoa

Ahoana no hanamaivanana ny jiro LED? (Ultra Dimmable Guide)

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In many lighting projects, it needs a dimming function. So when we using led strip light, we need to think about the dimmable led strip light, dimmable power supply, dimmable controller, and dimmer. This post will show you how many ways we can dim the led strip light. And how to use the dimmer with a dimmable controller/driver to dim the led strip light. 1,Which kind of led strip light can dim? Some clients will ask, It’s your strip light dimmable? It’s your cabinet light dimmable? In this … Hamaky bebe kokoa

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Now days, many lighting project need control the led light.Just like RGB color change,CCT color temperature from 2400K to 6500K,RGB+W color change , RGB+CCT color change and addressable IC magic led strip light color change. Many different kinds of request need different led controller. This led controller guide will let you know more about led controller and how to use in lighting projects. What is led controller? LED controller is a special chip processing control LED lights display function of the switch.The controller will control the driver circuit … Hamaky bebe kokoa

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What is led driver for led strip light? When we using led strip light , Can we connect the led strip light directly to the AC110V or AC220V ?The answer is “no”. Normally the low voltage led strip light is DC12V or DC24V . Actually , led strip light also have DC3V, 5V ,36V,48V led strip light. But they are use in very special projects. Now we are talking about DC12V/24V led strip light. Led strip light driver is transformer . It change the high voltage AC110V/220V to … Hamaky bebe kokoa