Strategies in Light

San Diego Lighting Expo, Strategies in Light

San Diego Lighting Expo, Strategies in LightDevelopment time2020.02.11 ~ 2020.02.13

Exhibition industry:
Holding period:
Once a year
Hosting address:
US - San Diego -San Diego Convention Center SAN DIEGO
Opening Hours: 09:00 - 18:00
Exhibition area:
6000 square meters
Number of viewers:
5,500 people
Number of exhibitors:
200 homes

Exhibition introduction

The Anaheim International Lighting Show is dedicated to the fast-growing professional exhibition of luminaire design and technology in the LED industry. The companies and brands in the LED field are gathered here and co-sponsored by OSRAM and Seoul Semiconductor. The exhibition consists of a new exhibition of STTRAEGLES in LIGHT and THE LED SHOW. The two exhibitions have a history of 17 years and 4 years respectively. The American International LED Lighting Exhibition is hosted by the famous American media group Pennwell. The organizers own the market research company Strategies Unlimited and the "LEDs Magazine" distribution group. At the same time, the exhibition also showcases the world's latest products and the promotion of new technologies and services. Exhibitors can take the opportunity to present their products and the latest fashion designs to architects, engineering and professional designers from all over the world. And technology, and can communicate with the world's most advanced technical designers at the show to effectively solve design and technical problems.

The exhibition covers a total area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters, bringing together more than 400 companies from 73 countries around the world, mainly from Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, China, and some lighting companies in the United States. There were 22 conference forums and more than 100 industry-leading speakers during the exhibition. It has attracted more than 8,000 lighting manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, architects, electrical engineers, house builders, hotel engineers and designers. During the exhibition, it also attracted reports and publicity from some well-known media in the United States, which increased the effect of the exhibition and promoted more traffic.

Note: The exhibition is a professional B2B trade show, open only to the industry, non-industry and people under the age of 18 declined to visit. No retail activities are available on site.

Exhibition criteria

LED and related: various LED lighting products and systems; commercial and decorative lighting, LED and green lighting, outdoor lighting, street lighting, decorative lighting; LED semiconductor lighting, LED packaging / modules, LED components and materials, LED manufacturing / testing Equipment, accessories and parts; lighting control and measurement technology.

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