LED strip light using in displays and light boxes

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LED strip light are widely using in signs and displays. Many high quality display and light boxes customer are using Lightstec’s led strip light as their lighting sources.

As a Chinese led strip light manufacturer , we offer high quality led strip light and led aluminum profile to customer all over the world.

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LED light display, light boxes, signage sometimes is using outside, so they need very high-quality led strip light. Because the display sometimes in outside , not easy to fix. If a problem happens, that is big trouble.
So Lightstec offer very high quality led strip light for lighting box. It needs waterproof, IP65 vision.
Lightstec has IP20 not waterproof led strip light, using indoor /not raining.
IP65 led strip light, where should be raining and wet.
IP67 led strip light, where should be watering in a short time.


Led strip light can be a lighting source as the following display and signs.

Window Display

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Menu box

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Project lighting box

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lightstec light display light boxes (13)
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Digital Signage

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Red Light Therapy

Red light led to use for some therapy machines and it can help lose fat.

red light therapy 2
red light therapy
red light therapy 3

Lightstec is a quality Led strip light manufacturer in China .We welcome client all over the world. Contact with us if you need any help: [email protected]

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  1. Your products on your website attracted our attention.

    We are dealers and specialist distributor
    of led lighting products and we are interested in diversifying our product
    range. We are located in Spain and in Chile.

    We are looking for other manufacturers who could supply us with a wide
    range of other led products,.

    Please, attach PRICE LIST, data sheet of every product & type of packaging, specially
    warranty, led brand, and certificates.

    And my specific question is about your profile lights: they all work 7.2W/m and 12 or 24v.

    For 24v, as model LT-1206 wich is the power supply, is it PLN and CLG of your
    catalogue 20W?

    Can i order samples to test?

    Thank you for a prompty reply. Kind regards,


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