LED Strip Light Buying Guide (2022 update)

LED LINEAR LIGHT LIGHTING SOURCEWhen you are sourcing led strip light in the market,you need to know this products clearly.

We don’t want complex theory,we just want to show you what you need to know.When you read this post step by step,then you will an expert in led strip light business.

Here are top 12 considerations you need to care about before buying led strip lights.

What does the number of an LED mean?

What is SMD3528,SMD5050,SMD2835,SMD2216 mean?This is the size/dimension of the led.Just like SMD3528 dimension is 3.5mm x2.8mm, SMD5050 dimension is 5.0mm x 5.0mm

1.Led strip light type

LED Chip Size


SMD3528-led lighting source

0.08w/pcs,6-7lm/pcs,30LED/M,60LED/M,120LED/M,240LED/M.Suitable using for decorative illumination,local lighting. Long history used. But the cost performance is not as good as SMD2835 now.

SMD3528 led dimension is 3.5mm x2.8mm,this led is smaller than SMD5050.Normally we have 60led/m,4.8w/m,DC12V and 120led/m,9.6w/m. The strip light output for 60led/m is around 360lm/meter and 120led/m is around 720lm/meter.

Lightstec as a top led strip light factory have many different color SMD3528,RED,GREEN,BLUE,AMBER,YELLOW,PINK,PUPER. And different color temperature led.

SMD3528 led strip light can use for coving lights, in homes, bars, restaurants, hotels and other locations.

The cut point of 60led/m dc12v is 50mm.The 120 led strip light,dc12v,cut point is 25mm.And you can easy see the cut mark in the PCB surface.

Now many chips brands in the market. Lightstec using EPISTAR chips.


0.2W/PCS,brightness from 20lm/pcs to 30lm/pcs.This have lot of type.Good cost performance.Lumen output better than SMD5050 and price lower.Now using in many lighting products.Have 60led/m,120led/m,168led/m,196led/m,240led/m.

SMD2835 0.2W/PCS,20-30LM/PCS.Many different color available and different color temperature for choose.

SMD2835 Led Strip Lights

SMD2835 cost performance is very good. So now SMD2835 led strip light is the biggest selling in the market.SMD2835 LED chips are using to make the brightest led light strips.

SMD2835 led strip light to have many types.


And many of them can custom made.Many client make the lighting strip according to their project request.

For the CRI,SMD2835 have CRI>80 and CRI>90.It is good for project choose.




3 chips in one led,0.2w/pcs,18-20lm/pcs.Have single color chips and RGB/RGBW/RGBCCT chips.Long history using and stable performance.One chips damage the other 2 chips can working.Ideal for commercial using.

SMD5050 size is bigger than SMD3528.Dimension is 5.0mm x 5.0mm.This is 3 chips in one led housing.0.2w/pcs,18-20lm/pcs.

Normally,SMD5050 led strip light have 30led/m,60led/m,120led/m.Have DC12V,24V vision.

5050 led strip lightLightstec have many different color SMD5050,RED,GREEN,BLUE,AMBER,YELLOW,PINK,PUPER. And different color temperature led.Color temperature from2000k to 10,000k.

SMD 5050 have single color and RGB,RGBW,RGBCCT types.This can use with controller.

SMD5050 LED strip lights are typically used for general lighting applications, such as corridor lighting, replacing fluorescent tube lighting, in homes, bars, restaurants, hotels and other locations.



Size smaller than SMD3528,sometimes can design smaller size illumination products.0.1w/pcs,10lm/pcs.60led/m,120led/m.now less client use this chips unless they have special requirement.



SMD3014 size is 3.0mm x 1.4mm.3014 SMD LED chips are much smaller and much more efficient than many earlier SMD models.Smaller size means can put more led in one meter.

Because of the cost performance,SMD3014 is using less and less in lighting application.

2216 Led strip light

2216-ledNew design led.Size smaller than SMD3528,2835,3014.Can put more led in one meter.Using in led linear light can have dot less vision.Of course,because of one meter have more led,then the price is higher than the SMD2835.




0.5w/pcs,40-60lm/pcs.Better for high wattage lighting products.For higher wattage the strip light need aluminum profile for cooling.

SMD5630,0.5W/PCS,lumen output 40-60lm/pcs.


smd5630 led strip exporter in chinaNormally SMD5630 using for high wattage lighting products.60led/m,24w/m.This need aluminum extrusion for cooling.If you are using SMD5630 led strip light, you need to care about the strip light heat.Many of this 5630 led are using with aluminum heat shrink.This is better for long time used.

Here is a video for How to choose the best led strip light:

2.Led Color Temperature

led color temperature

What is Warm white color led light?

The warm white is a name of color temperature. Normally we name the color temperature from 1800-3500K as warm white. This color lets people fell warm. Warm white led strip lights are ideal form home lighting applications, especially for bedrooms and living rooms.

What is Cool white color led light?

The cool white is a name of color temperature. Normally we name the color temperature from 6000-10,000K as cool white. This color lets people fell cool. Cool white strip light will give you a brighter, clearer light. Think of the lighting in a hospital or a professional kitchen, where clear bright light is essential in order to see what you are doing. This light has a slight blue tint to it, producing an icy effect, and is usually found in professional working areas. Domestically, it can look striking in clinical white bathrooms or kitchens.

What is Neutral white color led light?

The nature white is a name of color temperature. Normally we name the color temperature from 3500-5000K as nature white. Neutral White is found right in the middle of the space between warm and cool white LED light. Neutral white can be an excellent choice for office buildings, commercial lighting, and home installations as well.

what color temperature we can make

3.Waterproof protection rating

IP33/20 (not waterproof)


Dry indoor areas only, such as bedrooms, living rooms, cabinets.

IP55 (silicon glue surface)


Potentially damp areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

IP65 (silicon tube)


Damp or outdoor areas with no water immersion.

IP67 (silicon glue fitting)


 Applications such as swimming pools or bathroom.But don’t drop into water.

4.Led strip light dimension

Lightstec offers LED strip lights from 5 mm to 15 mm wide to fit all kinds of lighting applications

5 MM

Ceiling light,cabinet lighting, cove lighting

8-12 MM

Normal lumen output for commercial or domestic used

15MM-custom made length

super high lumen output for task lighting, large profiles, etc.

5.Lumen Output

This have a simple count.Now the led lumen output approx 100lm/w. So it is easy for you to count how many strip light you need to use.

For example,if the project need 400lm/meter,then you need a strip light around 4w/m. Such as SMD3528-60LED/M-DC12V-4.8W/M.


In DC circuits, voltage will drop as it travels along a length of wire.The result is the strip light brightness in the end will lower than the beginning.

If you want long run application,we recommend you to use DC24V strip light or constant current strip light.

7.Maximum running length of led strip light

DC12V: 5meter

DC24V: 10meter.If the wattage of the strip light more than 20w.We suggest using 5meter max.Because the heat will much than short one.

Constant current: 10meter to 15 meter

8.PCB Logo and other painting

We can offer custom make printing on the pcb.The order MOQ is 1200meter.

9.Led strip length

Our standard length is 5meter/roll.We can custom make lengths according to your request.Normally ,DC12V max length is 5meter,DC24V strip light max length is 10meter.

10.Led strip light color

Lightstec offer wide range of single colors like white,warm white ,nature white, green, blue, yellow, and orange, as well as multi color strips such as RGB,RGBW,RGBCCT.

11.Led connectors

Lightstec offer wide range of connectors, clips, and end caps suitable for our led tapes.

12.Led aluminum profiles

We offer wide range of LED profiles fit for our strip light.


Many of customers found this post helpful for choosing their LED strip lights.Not matter you are buying led strip for your DIY use or sourcing tape light for project.You need to clearly the product you are buying then you buy right products.

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