Led Light Strip Mounting Fixture

Installing LED STRIP LIGHT:Mounting methods

Flexible led strip light are more popular in family lighting and it accepted by more and more people.Because it is used to very easy and install to easy.People can do it by himself.The led strip light has very simple design,it is very flexible to use and it is very save energy.He has a 3M tape on the back.And it can be DIY by yourself.So,many people like it and hope to use the led strip light to decorate their home.Like other traditional lamp,the led strip light is a only a part in most time.At least,most of people are think so.Of course,every product has his advantage and every product has his defect.The led strip light is no exception.He’ s failure for his adhesive 3M tape.Of course,it is not only himself,the surface on which he is attachment is very important.The different surface should use different 3M.but most time,many people is not understand,but he chooses a mounting clips to increase the firmness.So,the mounting clips is appear.led light strip with 3m tape

Use 3M tape on the led strip light back is not stick!

Usually,we use the led strip light is too long that the 3M tape is more stronger.But most times,the people find the 3M tape is not stick at first.Why?Most people think,the 3M is not good.We are not comment the 3M.First,Let’s check the surface of the object with 3M tape.The surface of the object is wood,tile,aluminum,iron,wall....?The surface is smooth,concave-convex,oil stain,dust,we need judgment and processing the problem.These thing will drop the 3M tape’s stronger.

So in this situation,we should deal with the problem,clean the surface,deal with the glossy and oily surface,but sometimes we can’t do it at all.but we must let the led strip more stronger.So,we need find a method that let the led strip light is very stick.

strip light with tape

There has an another problem will effect the 3M tape’s stronger,that is environment.Different environment will to produce some trouble to led strip light.When the hot environment can also make the 3M tape is drop.because the adhesive material is fail.Of course,at first,when the environment is normal,the 3M tape is stronger,as time goes on,the led strip is hotter an hotter,the surface temperature will rises,the 3M tape will drop.We need a method to let the strip light more stronger.There have some effect from Moisture and Humidity,they are will let the 3M tape will fail.

Mounting Methods for LED Flex Strips

How to mounting the led strip light

Sometimes we received the complaints from the customers.They said the led strip light is falling down and let their distress.Luckily,we have few of methods to share.

mounting clips for strip lightMounting clips

This mounting clips,it’s not only simple but also is very cheap.I think people like this method.Use this mounting clips,you can not consider the 3M tape.You can see the picture,the clips have a screw hole,we can use a screw,the screw is very normally,φ5,when the screw into the screw hole,you can secure screw.it’s very easy.these clips are very cheap.You purchase 15PCS that you only pay USD1.5 and It’s enough for 5m one roll led strip light.It will let the strip light very strong,he will not fail down.It’s a funny thing.

Led aluminum profile instead of the mounting clips

mounting profile for strip lightThe aluminum profile is apply to led strip light more popular.He has many different appearance and he has many kinds of.People can choose who like type and choose which type can suit the scene.Normally,the aluminum profile we can supply 3m length,the customer can according the different length to make DIY product.The aluminum profile have a cover,the cover can protect against UV and the spread of light.More and more people like them.

The surface of this aluminum profile is very smooth,when we face the strip light insidl the profile,we need to use ethyl alcohol to clean the surface.Then choose suit the profile 3M tape.(This is VHB 3M tape,the tape is red)the 3M tape is suit to aluminum profile.When the led strip light is more bright,the 3M tape is very stronger.And the whole product is very beautiful.When people see the profile light,we are not feel the glare of the light.We only see a beam of light.he is very comfortable.To the whole aluminum profile light ,we see not only a light,but also an art.We are not see a led strip light inside the aluminum profile.

3M TAPE Summary

adhesive-tape-for-led-strip-light1、9080 is well suited to bonding together a wide variety of similar and dissimilar materials ,such as wood,metals,glass,papers,paints and many plastic and fabrics.It shows a high level of adhesion to LSE materials such as Polypropylene and some Polyethylenes as well as coated papers and varnishes.

2、3M™ VHB™ Tapes are a family of double-sided foam tapes made from high performance acrylic adhesives. These tapes are able to form bonds of exceptional strength and have greater durability and elasticity than conventional double-sided foam tapes. The VHB Tape product range includes tapes with different core constructions and a variety of adhesives. All 3M VHB Tapes use closed cell technology, and provide outstanding environmental resistance and durability. The superior performance of 3M VHB Tapes means they can often be used to replace mechanical fasteners for joining a wide range of materials.

Refer to the Surface Preparation Suggestions below, or to the Surface Preparation for 3M VHB Tape Applications Technical Bulletin.  Most substrates common to VHB Tape applications are best prepared by wiping (in one direction) with a 50:50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and water. Where heavy oils or greases are present there may be a need to first cut the oil with a “degreasing” solvent, e.g. 3M Citrus Cleaner or white spirits, but this should always be followed with IPA/water cleaning to remove any residue. Abrasion or scuffing* of the surface will in many instances enhance adhesion by increasing the surface area available for bonding. Scuffing must be followed by cleaning with IPA/water mixture.  The surface must be dry. A good way to assess cleanliness is that a surface prepared for VHB Tape application should be as clean as one being prepared for painting.

Apply the tape to one surface leaving the liner in place. Apply pressure using a ScotchTM brand PA-1 applicator or a roller. This ensures contact and removes air bubbles. Remove the liner, fit the two surfaces together carefully, and using a suitable roller apply sufficient pressure to ensure the tape experiences 1 kg/cm2 (100 kPa) pressure.

using 3M tape mathods

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