LED Closet Light Buying Guide

Why do you need a LED closet light?

In 2021, after the lighting without the main light was warmly sought after by domestic home improvement lighting designers, there has also been a fashion trend in the field of local lighting and cabinet lighting.

In the design of lighting scenes without main lights, the installation of cabinet lights in the kitchen is the most popular, and the second is to install intelligent sensor closet lights in the bedroom wardrobe.

I believe there are still many friends who are wondering what is the use of installing lights in the wardrobe. Today, let Lightstec share with you why you should install induction closet lights .


The wardrobe is the most frequently used furniture in the bedroom after the bed. Although the wardrobe occupies a relatively small area in the bedroom, even if only the main light is illuminated in a good lighting environment, it will not affect the use, but once it is cloudy and rainy, or When it is inconvenient to turn on the main light to find clothes, the experience of using the wardrobe will become very poor. In addition, the wardrobes or cloakrooms of most families are closed, and the wardrobes have high storage density, small space, and high frequency of use, so the demand for lighting is even stronger.

The installation of intelligent induction closet lights is also the development trend of modern custom wardrobes. Its realization is based on wireless control systems and intelligent induction switches. The lamps generally choose profile lamps with anti-glare light strips and special clothes pole lamps.

closet with led light

According to market demand, Lightstec even launched its own wardrobe light, which has been widely praised by the market, and the sales volume is very considerable. Smart lighting makes people's lives safer and more comfortable, and most wardrobes now have glass cabinet doors. After installing the lamps, the display of the wardrobe can be seen from the outside, and the clothes look fresher and more beautiful, highlighting the exquisite life taste of the hostess. Therefore, people like to install wardrobe lights in wardrobes not only to pursue practicality and functionality but also to reflect a modern concept of quality life.

Is it necessary to install closet lights in the wardrobe?

1. According to the depth of the wardrobe. If your closet is relatively deep, even if there is a main light in the home, it is recommended to install a closet light, which can facilitate the organization and storage of clothes.

2, according to personal preference. If you like the design of the closet lights, you can choose the style you like to install. The partial lighting of the wardrobe lights can make the wardrobe look brighter and improve the overall decorative effect.

LED wardrobe light

In addition, most owners choose to install closet lights, a large part of the reason is because of its decorative nature. There are various types and colors of wardrobe lights on the market. With the embellishment of wardrobe lights, the house also becomes quality and sentimental! Many homeowners feel the same way.

led closet light install

It is very practical to install closet lights. It can maximize the lighting function to the greatest extent. Generally, the wardrobe will be placed in a corner, and the light is relatively dim. If the family is sleeping, it is inconvenient to turn on the main light. At this time, there is a wardrobe light, which is convenient for taking clothes and will not get there is a lot of movement, which affects the family's sleep.

choose led closet light

But the general closet lights are divided into two types: door control switch closet lights and automatic induction closet lights. There are three types of automatic sensing closet lights: hand sweeping, touch, and human body sensing.
In short, whether to install closet lights or not depends on the actual situation of your home and your personal preferences. For owners, it is recommended to install closet lights. If they must be installed, they must choose high-quality closet lights and install them under the condition of ensuring safety.

How to install the LED closet light?

Step 1: Cut a grooving in the wardrobe board

Install LED closet light 1

Step 2: Cut a grooving in the side of the wardrobe board for the cable

Install LED closet light 2

Step 3: Fix the closet light with glue and fix the cable

Install LED closet light 3

Step 4: Cutting a hole for the cable

Install LED closet light 4

Step 5: Connect the cable to the power supply

Install LED closet light 5



LED closet light is more and more popular in the market. It gives the kitchen more light, safe, easy to install, and fashionable design.

So if you are sourcing LED closet light in the market, Lightstec will always give you good suggestions. Welcome contact us!


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