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UV light kill virusesCoronavirus is a human scourge. The government and society are trying to kill the virus. We have to try out best to protect ourselves.
We are using disinfectant to spray down counters, railings, tabletops, and other surface areas several times a day. That will use many protection materials. Now everywhere are the shortage of protection materials.No matter the mask or thermometer.
UV light can kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. That means you can use UV light to kill the viruses in your mask and thermometer and the place where you are living. But you can not use this on your skin surface.

If you are looking for a traditional UV lamp supplier or LED UV lamp manufacturer, whether you are using by yourself or do trading business. Lightstec will let you know more about UV light.


Lightstec UV Lamp LT-UVCO-36W

Power: 36W

Voltage: 220V


Size: Dia.190mm*H.420mm

UV tube lifetime: 8,000hours

Application area: <40m²

Application: Home/ Company/School/Kindergarten/etc.


Download UV lamp datasheet: UV light fixture


Lightstec offers a high-quality UV lamp from china.

Sterilization by light, health is surrounded you.

99.9% kill virus / 99.9% Sterilizing rate / 36W apply to 20-60m²


UV Lamp Applications:

  • Kill virus
  • Kill germs
  • Kill acarid
  • Kill scurf

Lightstec UV lamp function:

Three gear time switches

According to different districts to choose proper sterilize time. Once the lamp finishes the setup time of sterilization, it will close automatically.

Living room:10min

Bedroom: 60min

Kitchen: 30min


Lighstec UV lamp suit for multiple locations:

  • company
  • hospital
  • school
  • restaurant

Lightstec UVC lamp protects you and avoids germs.

UVC lamp make home fresh

Lightstec UV lamp makes the air at your home fresh.

You need to know more about UV lamps before you buying a UV lamp from China.

Lightstec is a UV lamp factory in China with a strict manufacturing UV lamp production process.

We use high-quality UV lamps and high-quality lighting fixtures.

What is a UV lamp?

UV(Ultraviolet) is a kind of wave. It can classify by UV, UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C.


The UV (UV) wavelength region is set between the X-ray (≤100 nm) and the visual (>400 nm) bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. As such, UV light can be classified into four wavelengths according to its interaction with molecules: vacuum UV (VUV) at 100–200 nm; UV C (UVC) at 200–280 nm; UV B (UVB) at 280–315 nm; and UV A (UVA) at 315–400 nm.21-24 The main physiologic effects, steaming from the photonic energy, can be described as:

• VUV light: including wavelengths <200 nm; is harmful due to its capability of immediate reaction with oxygen atoms and organic molecules even at low doses.

• UVC light: wavelength range lies between 200 and 280 nm; this electromagnetic spectrum has biocidal effects and generally is reported as “germicidal” or more usually “ultraviolet germicidal irradiation” (UVGI).

• UVB light: comprises wavelengths between 280 to 315 nm; these photons are known for “sunburning” of the skin and have been implicated in photocarcinogenesis and photoaging.

• UVA light: comprises wavelengths between 315 to 400 nm; it is becoming realized that the shorter UVA wavelengths (called UVA1, 315–340 nm) can have also had detrimental effects on the skin due to production of reactive oxygen species.

1, The UV light is made by the professional factory.
2, When you are using UV light, pls make sure there is no living body in the space (including animals, plants and people). Because the UV light will cause damage to human eyes and skin.
3, Operation time more than 15 min will more effective.
4, After an operation, please air the space then will remove the bad smell.

Where we can use the UV lamp?

UV lamps can use in many places. We can use UV lamps for hospital disinfection. We also can use UV lamps in the hotel, restaurants, factories, and other public place.
Now we can DIY a UV lamp to clean our mask. That is safe for us.



The principle and influencing factors of UV lamp

UV lamp principle: UV lamp is produced with special transparent UV glass. The UV light passes through the glass. This can concentrate very high energy to kill bacteria, viruses, and emblems.

Influencing factors of the UV lamp.

1, Different biological time effect. During the daytime the bacteria's "photoreactivation enzymes" gain energy, allowing damaged DNA to repair. So the effect of sterilizing will better at night.
2, The quality of the UV lamp. You need to buy a quality UV lamp from China manufacturer.
3, Cleanliness. The UV lamp cleaner the effect will better.
4, Distance. More close to the UV lamp, the effect will better.

The efficiency of the UV lamp against common bacteria and viruses table:

Destroy the object Time(s>) Destroy the object Time (s>)
Bacteria bacillus anthracis 0.3 Spore
aspergillus niger 0. 3-6. 7
Clostridium tetani 0.3 mucor mucedo 4.6
dysentery bacilli 1.5 penicillium 0. 9-3. 0
roqueforti 0. 9-3. 0
escherichia coli 0.4 Algae blue-green algae 10-40
staphy lococcus albus 1.3 nematode eggs 3.4
micrococcus 0.4 green algae 1.2
Virus bacteiophage 0.2 protozoa 4. 0-6. 7
influenza 0.3 Fish disease leukoderma 2.7
poliovirus 1 0.8 Infectious pancreatic necrosis 4
hepatitis B virus 0.8 Viral hemorrhage 1.6

The advance of LED UV lamp

1, Less heat than the traditional lamp. It can solve the problem of UV lamp equipment heat.
2, High efficient. The LED UV lamp wave can focus on the Ultraviolet spectrum. The traditional lamp has more other wave light.
3, Long life. LED UV lamp is 10 times longer used than the traditional lamp.
4, Instant switch. The maximum power UV light output can be achieved without preheating, and the machine can be restarted instantly after being closed.
5, Low energy consumption. Power consumption is only 10% of the traditional lamp. It can save 90% of the power.

The disadvantage of LED UV lamp

1, Due to the limitation of technical characteristics, the light intensity of current UV LED lamps is not high, which affects the application of large flow scenarios to a certain extent.
2, the UV LED lamp price now still higher than the traditional UV lamp.


We hope everyone is good health and good business.

I hope our post can help you find the best UV LED lamp manufacturer from China.

Manager Director-Jerry

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Founder of Lightstec.Engineering degree.More than 13 years working experience in led lighting business.Familiar with producing led lighting products.This blog share you knowledge and solution in led lighting.Welcome sourcing led lights from China.

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    for companies and individuals in East Africa. We do have a buyer
    urgently in search of Led lamp..If you have ,could you please quote
    me CIF.
    Payment :100%O/A 45days from B/L date covered by sinosure
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  2. Dear Manufaturer

    I am looking for mini UV black light strips or bulbs to put in our mini falsh lights.

    Can you help us.

    Dick Sijmons

  3. Here would like to recommend a hot selling items: UV Germicidal Lamp, it’s one lamp can clean/kill virus in the room, against virus, help the world get back to health soon.

    Please find below some details and photos, if any interesting, please kindly feel free contact with me.
    OEM are available.
    Samples are available.

    Material:PVC Plastic (550mm)
    Color: white/black
    Power: 36W (20-40square meter room)
    60W (40-60square meter room)
    Input: DC 12V
    Sterilization Mode: 253.7nm UV + Ozone
    Power Supply: war supply 110-230V
    Service Life: >8000h
    Working Time: 15min-30mins
    UV Wave Length: 185-253.7nm
    Product color: black/white
    Packing: color box 56*20*20cm

  4. We have been updated the function of the UV germicidal air purifier, please check the picture below

    We had added three UVC strips on the metal plate that can reach the better sterilizing effect and separate control the fan and UVC light with remote control. do you interested in it?

    By the way, we also updated the size to 2*4ft, please check the pictures as attached.

    Size: 2*4ft with two designs, one is for troffer design with UV air Purifier, another is for panel design with UV air purifier, both designs can be supported with recessed mount installation. and we still adopting two ways for sterilization which one is Nano-tech coating for surface sterilization, another is UV light for air sterilization.

    Our engineers will work on it because this is a new design we are under on the developing
    So welcome more suggestions or ideas on 2*2ft and 2*4ft UV air purifiers.


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