Natural White LED Strip Light Manufacturer

  • Custom led light strips on CCT 4000-5000K
  • 4000K-4500K-5000K neutral white strips
  • Custom-made different size nature white strips
  • Custom waterproof pure white strips


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    Professional Neutral White LED strip light manufacturer in China

    4000K to 5000K LED strip light we call natural white led strips. They are also called neutral white strips, nature white strips, pure white strip lights, and daylight strip lights.

    Natural white LED strip lights are not as yellowish as warm white led strip lights, and not blue as cool white led strip lights. Daylight led strip lights are used more in offices, working place, commercial spaces, etc.


    Lightstec Natural White Led Light Strips Services

    • Customizable natural white led strip lights
    • Custom length of daylight led strip lights
    • Custom cut the size of nature led strip lights
    • Custom pure white led strip light colors


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      SMD2835 60Leds strip light 12V (1)
      warm white 2835-192-24-led-strip-light


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        warm white 2835-120-24-led-strip-light


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            warm white 2835-60-12-led-strip-light


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              warm white 3528-240-24-led-strip-light


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                dimmable led strip light SMD5630-Led-strip-light-12v-1


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                  warm white led-strip-light-5050-60-24


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                      2835 led light strip

                      2835 natural white led strip light


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                        SMD5630 Led strip light 12v

                        ROHS 5630 white led light strip


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                            warm white 5630-60-12-led-strip-light

                            Custom pure white led light strip


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                              LED STRIP LIGHT 3528

                              SMD3528 nature white led light strip


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                                smd 5050 led light strip

                                SMD5050 natural white led light strip


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                                  SMD2835 led light strip

                                  SMD2835 natural white led light strip


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                                    Natural White LED Strip Lights Used In a Wide Range Of Applications

                                    White LED light strips have been very popular for their low heat emissions, eco-friendliness, and higher efficiency. You can use these popular LED light strips for indoor, outdoor, residential, and commercial purposes. Let’s see some popular applications of custom LED strips.


                                    White Sports Fitness Club Strip Light

                                    The strip light is flexible. It can give designers more rooms to design amazing sports environments for sports fitness clubs. Better lighting will let clients feel free and they are happy to sport in a good place.


                                    Pure Outdoor Strip Lights

                                    Waterproof LED strips are good for outdoor applications. Our custom LED light strips have higher ingress ratings and so you can use them in harsh outdoor lighting. You can use our custom LED strips for decorating any outdoor parties.


                                    Custom LED Strip For Car Lighting

                                    Customize the interior lighting of your cars like your personal rooms and make them more appealing to your family members. Our plug-and-play LED strips facilitate your lighting in the shortest period of time.


                                    Custom LED Neon Sign

                                    We offer different kinds led neon strip lights. It has different colors such as white, red, green, blue, purple, pink, yellow, amber colors. Neon lights are widely used as bedroom signs, wall signs, coffee signs, etc.


                                    Neutral Indoor LED Strip Light

                                    We provide a wide variety of strip light colors and brightness intensities to help you illuminate your home and highlight its best features. You can use them to set the mood in your bedroom, kitchen, living room, and others


                                    Nature Hotel Strip Lights

                                    Strip lights are low wattage, eco-friendly, power-saving, free design. It uses more and more in hotel lighting.No matter for wall lighting, ceiling lighting, bedroom lighting, or furniture lighting. And it can custom many different designs.


                                    Neutral White Commercial LED Light Strips

                                    We provide custom lighting solutions for illuminating shelves and display cases of your businesses. Our custom strips will highlight your products to the customers with different lighting effects.


                                    Custom LED Christmas Tree Light

                                    Make your holidays more exciting and unique by using our LED strips to decorate your doors, roofs, ceilings, walls, and others. You can use them as Christmas or Halloween lights to generate your desired mood.


                                    Pure Architectural Led Light Strips

                                    Lightstec offers white architectural strips lights. Our architectural series of custom LED light strips to meet any architectural lighting requirements. You can use them for coves, eaves, sculptures, and other architectural creations.

                                    Custom Your LED Strip Light Step by Step At Lightstec

                                    When you are ordering custom-made LED stirps, there are many factors you need to confirm. Following are some custom features we provide for any LED strip lights custom order:

                                    Size of LED Tape

                                    The size means the width of PCB. LED strip lights can make different widths to satisfy designers' special requirements, such as super-slim lighting, wide addressable design, etc.

                                    Lightstec provides a vast array of LED tape lights ranging from different widths and lengths. Our LED strip lights are available in widths ranging from 4mm to 50mm for selection:

                                    4mm PCB
                                    5mm PCB
                                    8mm PCB
                                    10mm PCB
                                    12mm PCB
                                    15mm PCB

                                    LED STRIP LIGHT SIZE

                                    Custom Logo Printing on PCB

                                    Lightstec allows its users to decide if they want a logo printed on PCBs. And we also print production dates on all PCB back, which will help us track orders and minimize the risk of any potential drawback in the future. We provide logo or batch code printing on orders with a minimum quantity of 1000 meters.

                                    Custom LED Light Color

                                    The next thing we provide customization for is the LED light color. We manufacture LED strip lights with a wide range of single colors as well as multi-colors. The colors include:

                                    colors of led strips
                                    • Cool white
                                    • Warm white
                                    • Natural white
                                    • Green
                                    • Blue
                                    • Yellow
                                    • Orange
                                    • RGB
                                    • RGBW
                                    • CCT
                                    • RGB+CCT

                                    Custom Made Color Temperature(CCT) and Color Rendering Index(CRI)

                                    The two most important metrics for measuring color’s quality are Color temperature and Color Rendering Index.

                                    LED CRI


                                    measures the accuracy of light’s color under the light source. An LED strip light with low CRI(<90) produces distorted colors. Whereas the high CRI(>90) LED produces high-quality illumination, you can view natural daylight things.

                                    色温度 metric measures how warm or cool a light’s color is. Lightstec provides color temperatures ranging from 2000K to 10,000K. Here are some color temperature ranges we provide:

                                    • 2100-2400K: For soft, relaxing light suitable for a light glow in dining rooms or bedrooms.
                                    • 2700-3000K: This is a comfortable, cozy glowing light that is commonly used for lighting wooden furniture.
                                    • 3000-4000K: This color temperature produces a warm glow in white color for office rooms or kitchens.
                                    • 4000-4500K: For a neutral shade in white color used mostly in offices or schools. This shade is best for reducing eye strain.
                                    • 5000-6500K: Produces a bright white light and works best for areas that require high illumination in commercial displays.
                                    CCT OF STRIPS

                                    Custom LED Strip Voltage

                                    There are two types of light strips available in terms of voltage:

                                    DC12V – LED strips with 12V have a maximum run-length of 5 meters;
                                    DC24V – 24V LED tapes have run-length ranging from 5m to 10m.

                                    Many consumers face a common issue with DC circuits, that’s the voltage gradually decreases along the strip’s length. This issue leads to a lumen decay at the other end of your strip light. We suggest our customers use 24V LED strips lighting or Constant Current LED tapes.

                                    Custom Lumen Output and Wattage

                                    What Is Wattage?
                                    The Wattage of light is the amount of energy it takes to produce a certain amount of light. The higher the wattage, the brighter the light, but also the more power it uses. With the push for LED lighting, there are others that take into consideration lighting levels. One of the biggest arguments is Wattage versus the Lumens to determine brightness. For incandescent lamps, the higher the wattage the lamp is, the brighter it is; but we focus on the Lumens when it comes to LEDs light.

                                    What Is Lumens?
                                    Lumen refers to the amount of light emitted by a lamp, which is what we usually call brightness. The reason why the LED lamp is so popular is that its high lumen can play a role in environmental protection and energy-saving. If you replace a standard 150-watt bulb that emits about 2600 lumens, a 25-watt LED is roughly the same.LED strips’ lumen output level varies depending upon the usage of your strips. Here is Lightstec’s wide range of Lumen output per meter:

                                    • 510-1150 lm/m: best for mood or accent lighting
                                    • 570-1700 lm/m: mostly used for cabinet lighting
                                    • 910-1430 lm/m: produces best task lighting which is close to the light source
                                    • 1120-2250 lm/m: best used for task lighting that is away from its light source
                                    • 1230-1840 lm/m: mostly used for indirect lighting in bedrooms or hotels
                                    • 1640-3220 lm/m: for commercial usage or industrial lighting such as signage, linear lighting

                                    Custom IP Rating

                                    LED strip's IP rating is the level of waterproof. Led strip lights have different waterproof levels.The following is for your reference:

                                    LED STRIPS IP20-without-waterproof


                                    They are non-waterproof, best for indoor rooms only, such as bedrooms, furniture, cabinets.

                                    LED STRIPS IP55-silicon-glue


                                    LED strips with IP55 come with silicon glue added on top of the strip. They are suitable for damp areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

                                    LED STRIPS IP65-silicon-sleeve


                                    IP65 strips come with a wrapping protective silicone sleeve. They are best for damp areas or outdoors but aren’t entirely waterproof.

                                    LED STRIPS IP67-Silicon-gluesilicon-case


                                    The IP67 LED strips are sealed with a silicone sleeve strip with silicone glue injection. They are completely waterproof and are for underwater applications such as pools, harbors, or docks.

                                    Questions About Custom LED Strip Lights

                                    Are you searching for a flexible lighting solution for your project? If yes, a custom LED light strip is for you. Choosing the right LED strips and finding a reliable manufacturer are also important. In the FAQ guide, you will get all the necessary information that you need to know before purchasing in bulk.

                                    Custom LED strip lights are perfect for any indoor and outdoor lighting project. But, different lighting projects require particular customizations. You can customize the following features.

                                    • Color Rendering Index ( CRI)
                                    • LED strip kit options
                                    • dimming options
                                    • 輝度
                                    • IP ratings.
                                    • 光線角度
                                    • Lighting Direction
                                    • Light strip control method: wifi control, Bluetooth control, remote control, intelligent control


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