Le 10 migliori luci di striscia a LED per esterni

When we use led strip lights outdoor, there are many things we should consider, especially related to the environment. Here is an article that gives you details about what you need to think about when using led strip lights outdoor.

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    Section: Easy To Install:

    Strip lights are the perfect way to light up your home and garden. They can be used indoors or outdoors and they are easy to install. The strip lights we carry at Eurolite are available in a single color, RGB, or white/color changing.

    If you're looking for a great way to light up your home or garden, then strip lights are just what you need. These flexible LED strips are easy to install and come in a range of colors and sizes to suit any project.

    Strip lights are convenient because they can be cut into any length needed. This means that you can use them for a variety of projects such as:

    Outdoor lighting for patios, decks, and walkways

    Indoor lighting for kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways

    Decorative accent lighting on furniture such as cabinets or under countertops.

    Section: Durable and Safe to use:

    The most important thing to keep in mind when buying strip lights is that they should be durable, especially if you are looking for a long-lasting product. You don’t want to spend all that money on something that won’t last long, do you?

    Therefore, make sure that the strip lights you choose are made from durable materials such as aluminum or stainless steel. These materials not only last longer but also look more attractive than plastic ones. Also, make sure that the strip lights come with a warranty of at least one year so that you can get the best value for your money.

    Section: Different colors for your choice.

    There is a lot of different color for your choice. The main reason you should choose the color is that it can reflect the style of your house. For example, if you have a modern house, you can choose the white or black strip light. In this case, the strip lights will make your room look brighter and more spacious. If you want to highlight the natural beauty of your house, then you can choose an orange or red strip light which will be very suitable for this purpose.

    If you want to use the strip lights outdoors, then you should think about using a waterproof type of LED light. This type of LED light can be used in any kind of weather condition without any problem.

    You can select red, green, pink, blue, purple, warm white, cool white, RGB change, CCT turnable, RGBW, and RGBCCT.

    Section: 100% Waterproof and Dustproof

    The strip lights are completely waterproof. They can be used in any weather condition without being worried about them being damaged by rain or water splashes. The waterproof feature also makes them suitable for outdoor lighting. The strip lights can be installed in your backyard, garden, and patio to create a beautiful atmosphere at night. Light up the yard with these amazing lights and make it look like a fairyland!

    - Section: IP65 rated waterproof. This means they can withstand heavy rain, snow, or even a direct water jet, but they cannot be submerged in water.

    - Section: IP68-rated dustproof. This means the lights are protected against the ingress of solid particles, such as dust, dirt, and sand. However, they are not protected against liquids.

    Section: Energy Saving and Eco-friendly

    The LED light strip is a great choice for the home, office, or any other indoor or outdoor use. It can be used for lighting up your room, garden or buildings. The LED light strip is an energy-saving product that saves up to 80% of power consumption compared with other lighting products.

    In addition, it is also eco-friendly because it does not contain harmful substances such as mercury and lead. Therefore, you do not need to worry about any negative effects on health and the environment when using this product.

    Section: Flexible

    The LED Strip Lights are flexible and can be bent in any shape. They can be easily installed on the wall, ceiling, or floor and they will not cause any damage to the surface. In addition, they can be cut into any length or shape and connected together to form large-area lighting.

    Section: Easy To Cut, Connect And Operate

    The strip lights outdoor are easy to cut, connect and operate. The tape can be cut in any length and re-cut as needed. The strip lights can be connected together easily with the JST connector. It is also convenient to connect the strip lights with the power source or other devices with a male and female connector.

    The strip lights outdoor are made of silicone rubber with high-quality material, which makes them waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and anti-corrosion. They are safe to use in a wide range of environments.

    Section: Low Consumption,Super Bright But Running with Low-Temperature

    LED Strip Lights is a very good light source for decorative purpose. It can be used in all kinds of indoor and outdoor places. Such as the bar counter, counter top, staircases, gardens, swimming pools, kitchen cabinets, corridors and other places where need to light up.

    The main feature of LED Strip Light is low consumption and high brightness but running with low temperature. And it has a long life span of 50,000 hours or more than 10 years.

    Section: Power Adapter Include, provide more convenience for you to use the led strip lights.

    The power adapter includes, provides more convenience for you to use the led strip lights. The power adapter is US standard voltage with 5V/2A and 9V/1.5A. You can charge your device with the power adapter.

    The power adapter is a must-have accessory for using LED strip lights, it is convenient to use, safe and reliable.

    Section: Installation, provide more convenience for you to use the led strip lights.

    The installation of the strip light is very easy, only need to peel off the protective film on each end of the strip light, and plug it into any USB port or wall outlet (make sure both ends of the strips are plugged in). And then connect to your phone or tablet PC with a USB cable (not included).

    Section: Widely Application and Provide Extra High Brightness

    Strip lights are widely used in many places, such as residential and commercial buildings, outdoor areas, etc. The strip lights with LED chips can provide extra high brightness and long lifespan. At the same time, they are more energy-efficient than other lights.

    Widely Application

    Strip lights are widely used in many places. They are mainly used in residential and commercial buildings, such as hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. In addition to indoor use, they can be used outdoors as well. For example, you can install this kind of light on your yard or garden for decoration purposes or safety reasons.

    Provide Extra High Brightness

    The strip lights with LED chips can provide extra high brightness that is up to 15000lm per meter (4000lm per inch). This kind of product has a long lifespan of up to 100000 hours which means that it will work for more than 10 years if you turn it on 8 hours every day!

    Takeaway: Here is a list of all the considerations you should think about before buying led strip lights for outdoor

    What are the best LED outdoor strip lights?

    There are many types of outdoor led strip light, the best one is according to your purpose.

    For example, if you need a lot of light but don't want to spend a large amount of money, you can choose cheap led strip lights. If you need a very specific color range, such as green or blue, you can choose the RGB color-changing led strip lights.

    If you want to put it above a garden or yard and make it look like a beautiful fairyland, then you should choose the warm white light strips or cold white light strips which will not affect plants and trees in any way. If you just want to decorate your home with some cool lighting effects, then you can go for some colorful LED strips which will give your house an elegant appearance at night.

    The best LED outdoor strip lights can be used for many things such as:

    Decorating gardens and yards with beautiful lighting effects

    Creating cool lighting effects on walls and ceilings inside houses

    Creating colorful nighttime displays at parties or festivals

    Can LED strip lights be used outside?

    There are many types of outdoor led strip light , but the most common is a waterproof variety. It is designed to be used in areas where there is moisture and water. These include patios, decks, and pool surrounds. The main difference between these lights and regular indoor ones is that they have a protective coating that prevents moisture from entering the housing. This makes them more durable than other versions and suitable for use outdoors.

    LEDs are great for a wide range of applications including home décor, holiday lighting, commercial displays, safety signs and more. They can be used in any area where you want to save energy or add some color to your surroundings. You can also count on them to last up to 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs so they're an excellent investment if you want long-lasting lighting without having to change it often

    Are RGB strip lights waterproof?

    There are many types of outdoor led strip light, such as RGB LED strip lights, waterproof LED strip lights and so on. And it is the hottest topic for most people, especially for those who like to DIY a lot. But do you know if these kinds of LED strip lights can be used outdoors?

    Here we will talk about this problem from two aspects, and give you some answers.

    First of all, the waterproof rating of each type of LED strip light is different. For example, if you want to use an IP65 rated RGB LED strip light outdoors, then you need to select one that has a waterproof rating higher than 65 (such as IP68).

    Secondly, not all kinds of RGB LED strip lights can be used outdoors. If you want to install it on the wall or ceiling in your home or garden, then choose a normal RGB LED strip light instead of an IP65 rated RGB LED strip light (because they will not be able to withstand direct sunlight).

    Which company LED strip lights are the best?

    Lightstec is one of the most professional led strip light factories in China, which can offer you high performance, low price and good quality.

    The LED strip lights from Lightstec are made with SMD 5050 LED chips. They have a very long lifespan, about 60,000 hours. They are waterproof, heatproof and anti-corrosion. The LED strips are also easy to install and come with an adhesive backing for easy mounting.


    If you choose led strip lights outdoors, you need to think about the advantages and disadvantages, then you can make the right choice.You can contact us Qui.


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