220V LED Strip Lights

If you are looking for AC 220V LED Strip Lights Manufacturer from China, You are in the right place. We can offer you high voltage strips.

  • 220V led strip for wall and ceiling lighting
  • 220V led strips for stairs and handrails lighting
  • 230V led strip light for kitchen and cabinet lighting
  • 240V led light bar for bathroom and office lighting
  • AC 220V led strips for furniture and display lighting

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    AC 220V Led Light Strips

    • Not need LED power supply
    • IP65 safe protect
    • Better for a small place illumination
    • Ultra-long led strips

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      Professional AC 220V LED Strip Lights Manufacturer

      Lightstec is a professional high voltage led strips manufacturer. We design new 220V AC led strips with ac IC. The high voltage led strip light is 120led/m, 12w/m, every 12led cuttable,100mm cuttable. This is easy use for some small spaces which can not use led napajanje.It is hard wiring to the AC220V. It can use for wall lighting , ceiling lighting, furniture lighting ,etc.

      Model br LT-2835WW120R-AC220
      Vrsta SMD Epistar 2835
      Ulazni napon AC220V
      LED Kol 120 LED dioda/m
      Snaga/m (MAX) 12W/M
      Maksimalna struja / LED (MAX) 0.005mA
      SMD LED razmak 8,3 mm
      Lumen / m (maks.) 1000-1200 lm
      CRI(Ra) >80Ra
      Minimalna duljina za rezanje 100mm (12LEDs)
      PCB širina 10 mm
      Energetski stupanj A
      Jamstvo 3 godine
      Radni sat 30000h
      Kut osvjetljenja 120°
      Radna temperatura .-20℃~+45℃

      Size of AC 220V LED Strip Lights

      Size of 220v led strips

      Datasheet of AC 220V LED Strip Lights

      Photos of AC 220V LED Strip Lights


      2835 Dodaci za svjetlo za LED trake

      Nevodootporni tipovi konektora LED trake za svjetlo

      + 2pin-Corner-jednobojni konektor


      L-2pin-kutni konektor u jednoj boji

      T-2pin-kutni konektor u jednoj boji

      2pin-dvostruki-konektor jednobojni


      2pin-Wireless-konektor n8bb

      Stezaljke za držanje LED trake

      Vodootporne vrste konektora za svjetlo s LED trakom

      Jednobojni vodootporan dvopinski bežični konektor

      2pin-konektor s jednom glavom-vodootporan

      LED-vodootporan-DC-konektor vodootporan

      Silikonske kopče

      Questions You May Ask About Our 220V Led Light Strips

      1, Does your 220V LED strip light need a led power supply?

      Our led strip light is driverless. This AC 220V led strip light don't need led power supply. You can hard ware the strip light to AC 220V.

      2, How long does these AC220V led strip continue?

      We can make different wattages of the AC 220V led strip lights. The length of the AC led strip light is according to the total wattage of the strips.

      We suggest not more than 300W of the total wattage.

      For example, if we make 12w/m, then 300/12=25meter. That means this strip light can continue 25 meter.

      If we make 5w/m, then 300/5=60meter. That means this AC strip light can continue 60 meter.

      Max length we suggest not more than 50 meter.

      3, Can we use this AC led strip light in any different voltage?

      The AC led strip light can use input voltage from 200-240VAC.

      4, Question about the led strip light flicker.

      That is no problem. Because of the video is taken by mobile phone. Human eyes can not see the flicker.

      5, Can you custom make AC110V led strip light?

      Yes, we can custom make AC110V / AC120V led strip light. MOQ 1000meter.

      6, Does these AC led strips need a transformer?

      This AC led strip light don't need transformer. It can easy for using in lighting projects.

      7, AC 220V led strips vs DC 12V led strips.

      AC 220v LED strip light doesn't need a driver, but it has IC in the PCB.

      That means the cost will be higher than DC12V led strip light.

      AC 220V led strip light continues longer than DC12V led strips.

      DC 12V led strip light is safe. You can touch the led strip light.

      AC 220V led strip have silicon tube protect.Pls touch if not any tube protect.

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