LED Aluminum Profile Buying Guide

If you are considering buying an LED aluminum profile for business, You’re in the right place. This article will let you know the structures of the led channel, how to choose the right led profile, how to find the right led aluminum profile supplier.

When you go round the city, shopping mall, showrooms, automobile shops, private clubs, etc. You will see all these places use LED channel profile lights there more or less.

That is a big business. So if you want to do this business or no matter you want to design your own house. You need to understand the led profile extrusion more clearly. Then you can make your home lighting better or rocket-like grow your business.

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    surface mount led strip light aluminum channel project 3

    What Is The LED Profile?

    The LED profile is also calling LED aluminum profile, led channel, channel profile, led channel housing, led extrusion, led strip light profile, strip light profile, etc. Many names, but all of this we talk about is the same item.


    LED aluminum profiles are including several parts, including aluminum extrusion, PC diffuser, end caps, clips, hanging wires, etc.
    LED profiles are becoming popular for both residential and commercial areas.
    The best partner of the LED profiles is the LED strip light. LED profile best looking and good for heat dissipation. They are the best partner for lighting design.

    What Are The Usual LED Profiles On The Market?

    After few years of development, LED profiles already come in a variety of styles. This can fit any request in lighting design. We will list the most common types of the LED profiles as follows:

    1. Surface Mounted LED Extrusion

    Surface-mounted LED profiles also call U-shaped extrusions.
    They are the most common types of LED profile extrusion. Surface mount led profiles to have mounting clips and caps. This is easy to install on any flat surface. Just like under kitchen cabinets, living room ceiling, closets, etc.
    It has many sizes of surface-mounted extrusion that can fit any different request.

    Surface Mounted LED Extrusion
    Surface mounted profile 1
    Surface mounted profile 2
    Surface mounted profile 4
    Surface mounted profile 5
    Surface mounted profile 6
    Surface mounted profile 3

    2. Recessed Mounted LED Profile

    The recessed-mounted led profile has an edge in profile, it looks T-shaped.
    You have to recess the surface before installing a recessed profile. The profile also comes with clips and end caps. After you install the recessed profile, the lighting surface is flat same as the surface you mounted.
    The recessed mounted led profile can be mounted in-wall, ceiling surface, cabinet surface.

    Recessed Mounted LED Profile
    Recessed series
    Recessed series 2

    3. Corner Profile Channel

    Cornet-mounted profiles come with a perpendicular angle and with a perpendicular diffuser or semicircle diffuser.
    It has several designs can fit for slim or big angle. You can install it in the corner of the ceiling, shelf, cabinet, wall, stairs, etc.
    Cornet mounted profile light can fit the place where the surface-mounted profile is not easy to install.

    Corner Profile Channel
    Corner light series

    4. Architectural LED Profile

    The architectural led profile is installed in the building as part of the building. It needs professional design and professional installation.
    Some function like the recessed mount led profile, but this architectural led profile can not be disassembled easily like the surface mount profile.
    We should slot the wood or wall. And fix the profile with a screw. Careful painting the surface of the profile. After that, we can install the strip light and driver.

    Architectural LED Profile
    Recessed series 3

    5. Suspension Profile Light

    The suspension-led profile also calls hanging profile extrusion.
    It is very good for the higher place. The suspension profile light always comes with a cable or long screw pole. It is installed in the ceiling and brings lighting closer to the surface.
    Suspension profile light is very popular in some big malls, office lighting, supermarket lighting.

    Suspension Profile Light
    Suspended series
    Suspended series 2

    6. Cabinet and furniture series

    This profile use in cabinet and furniture lighting.
    Cabinet and furniture normally are made of wood. The thick of the wood normally is 16-17mm. So we make the profile size can fit the wood. No matter if you want to recess the wood or get stuck in the wood. This type of profile channel is a good selection.

    Cabinet and furniture series profile
    Cabinet and furniture series

    6. Magnetic track light and Anti-glare series

    This is our new office lighting series. Magnetic track, track light, magnetic power supply.

    And we have a new design for anti-glare.

    Magnetic track light and Anti-glare series light
    Magnetic track light and Anti-glare series

    7. Skirting light series

    Skirting led aluminum profile also calls foot line profile.
    It is installed at the foot of the wall.
    The aluminum extrusion foot line profile is high class. We can offer different finishes of the foot line profile.

    foot line series
    Skirting light series 1

    8. Stairs and inground light series

    In some places, like the ground, bathroom, kitchen, outdoor, etc, you have better use a waterproof inground led profile.
    The inground profile has better seal covers and end caps. Waterproof profiles normally come in IP65.So you can not install the profile in a place where easy soaking. Using a waterproof led strip light will be good for that profile.

    Floor LED Channel
    Stairs and inground light series

    9.Three-sided light series

    Three-sided light series

    10.Tri-proof light series

    Tri-proof light series

    What Types Of PC Diffuser Available For LED Aluminum profiles?

    There are many kinds of diffusers on the market. But the common one is a frosted, opal, or milky diffuser. Different markets do not have the same calling. We also can offer a clear and black diffuser. This type of diffuser has MOQ, contact us for more detail.

    Check the following types of PC cover.

    Types Of PC Diffuser
    Clear Diffuser

    Clear Diffuser
    90-98% transmittance rate
    Clear diffusers offer the best light output. But it can see the led inside.

    Frosted Diffuser

    Frosted Diffuser
    80-90% transmittance rate
    This is the most common PC diffuser used for aluminum profiles. This reduces the led dot visibility.

    Frosted Diffuser

    Opal Diffuser
    60-70% transmittance rate
    An Opal diffuser is not more white than a milky diffuser. The led dot visibility is less than a frosted diffuser.

    Milky Diffuser
    50-60% transmittance rate
    Milky diffuser difficult to see the led dot, but this is less transmittance rate, so it is useless. Some economics-led aluminum profiles will use this material.

    Opal Diffuser
    Black Diffuser

    Black Diffuser
    40-50% transmittance rate
    This is a new design. When turning off the light, the diffuser color is black. When you turn on the light, it is like the normal diffuser, light can come out. A very good material for special lighting design.

    What Are Finishes Available For LED Channel?

    LED aluminum extrusions come in mostly anodized finishes. Most of our stock is this color.
    We also can offer powder coating white and black color. They are acceptable in most requests. We also accept another color request, but this will be more expensive and long time delivery than the normal one.

    Silver Anodized

    Most of the led aluminum profiles are silver anodized color.

    White Powder coating

    Powder coating in white color is the other most welcome color.

    Black Powder coating

    Powder coating in the black color is welcome for office lighting, commercial lighting, etc.


    What Materials are The Aluminum LED Channels?

    LED aluminum profile light is not just made of aluminum. It has some parts, including aluminum extrusion, PC diffuser, end caps, clips, hanging wires. Let’s check them as following.

    Aluminum extrusion
    We use high-quality 6063-T5 aluminum. This aluminum profile has a strong structure. They are easy machining, have good heat dissipation, good finish looking.

    Lightstec led aluminum profile material

    PC Diffuser
    PC is a good material as a diffuser. It has good lighting transmittance. Different lengths and different sizes for you to choose from.

    lt-3813 pc cover

    End Caps
    End caps have plastic and metal types. This will make the aluminum profile hold finish items.


    Suspension Cable
    Hanging wires is a part of suspension channel light. This uses most in traditional lighting.

    pendant wires 1

    Stainless Steel Clips
    Clips will fix the led lighting channel on any surface you want to fix. Normally it uses stainless steel material.

    lt-1608 led clips


    LED aluminum profile channel is a very popular lighting material. Choose a good material extrusion and competitive price product to help you enlarge your business.
    Lightstec is a reliable led aluminum profile factory. Welcome, contact us when you are sourcing led aluminum profile manufacturers from China.

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