Different Kinds of Waterproof Led Strip Light,IP20,IP33,IP55,IP65,IP67

Lightstec Offer many kinds of waterproof products.We have No Waterproof -IP20/33 led strip light.Silicon glue dropped waterproof -IP55 led strip light.Silicon tube waterproof -IP65 led strip light.And Silicon tube with silicon glue filling waterproof -IP67 led strip light.

Let's check what is the different between them .



1,IP20 IP33 not waterproof led strip light

IP20 IP33 not waterproof led strip light

2,IP55 waterproof led strip light silicon glue dropped

IP55 waterproof led strip light silicon glue dropped

3,IP65 waterproof led strip light silicon tube proof 

IP65 waterproof led strip light silicon tube proof

4,IP67 waterproof led strip light silicone tube with silicone glue filling 

IP67 waterproof led strip light silicone tube with silicone glue filling

For the Waterproof material,there are 3 kinds of material in the market.Silicon glue,PU glue and epoxy resin,which kind of mater is the better for led strip light? You can check the following post then you will know which one is better.

Silicon waterproof led strip light VS Epoxy resin glue led strip light

You can check this posit then you can find many amazing ideas for using led stirp light all round us.

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34 thoughts on “Different Kinds of Waterproof Led Strip Light,IP20,IP33,IP55,IP65,IP67”

  1. I had been interested in your products and were promoting it heavily to our clients.
    It came as a great news to receive queries from our client. Hence, we would like to seek your advice on the below :-
    1. What is the length of this fitting? Is it customizable to 2000mm? My client is interested to install it at a length of 4000mm.
    2. Does this fitting comes with LED strip pre-installed? Do you offer 4200K color temperature LED?
    3. What is the extending connector accessories for?

  2. Dear Sirs,
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    Primarily we work with our partners as a direct importer and distributor. We are open for new partnerships and highly interested in cooperation with your respected company and would be proud to present your products to our existing and future clients.
    Could you please send the price list for the whole range of your products, sales conditions, lead times.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

  3. Good day everyone,

    We have find your company through google search and very interested in your products.

    Could you please send us pricelist for your LED products with terms of payment and other relative information? It is really important for us to get your pricelist, because we should present your goods and price to our clients.

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    • Dear Amooh, Nice you can find us!
      I am not sure Russia market.I will send you our price list of led strip light and led aluminum profile.
      You can check and give feedback to us. Hope we can coopearation in Russian market.

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  6. I wanted to inquire about your RGB Flexible LEDs and Pricing please. I will be looking for 500-1000M.

    I am also looking for a 24 Channel DMX Dimmer as well.

    • Hi Willain, small order such as 2000-3000meter, then we can use one bin. Big order we need to use 2 bin code led. And we keep the record.Next time you are ordering the same item ,then we can use the same bin for your order.

  7. Better for us to know IP level .
    we have using cheap epoxy strip light before .Bad quality.
    we will use silicon waterproof led strip light from your company.


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