Custom-made LED PCB

Lightstec have many many special led pcb for projects. Some of the projects need some very special design lighting fixture.And you can not find the right lighting source in the market. Then we need to design a new pcb for the products. Lightstec have long time experience for design new led pcb for products.If you can not find the right lighting source in the market ,pls email us and let us know your request.

Here show you some custom-made led pcb design .(All this are belong to Lightstec products.)

lightstec-pcb-for-car Custom-made led pcb
lightstec-panel-led-pcb Custom-made led pcb
lightstec-leaf-led-pcb Custom-made led pcb
lightstec-half-round-led-pcb Custom-made led pcb
lightstec-circle-led-pcb Custom-made led pcb
lightstec-2835-60-24v-pcb Custom-made led pcb
lightstec-3-led-cut-pcb Custom-made led pcb
lightstec-2-led-pcb Custom-made led pcb
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Founder of Lightstec.Engineering degree.More than 13 years working experience in led lighting business.Familiar with producing led lighting products.This blog share you knowledge and solution in led lighting.Welcome sourcing led lights from China.

2 thoughts on “Custom-made LED PCB”

  1. My name is Dmitro, and I’m from LTD TD Vatra-Pivdennuj Region company
    (Ukraine). I’d like to know if your company can produse such LED lights
    as in the pictures, which you can find in attached. The features of this
    LED lighting fixture must be: Size – 1280x110x95mm or 1585x110x95mm,
    Voltage – 100-240V, Power – 36-50W, IP 65. Please let me know


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